For some unknown reason, THIS old post was extremely popular today. Mind you, I usually get about 700-900 hits on my entire blog, per day. But today I had 1,141 total hits and the above post accounted for 392 of those. Huh. Usually I can account for “big days” by the fact that someone has posted a link to it on a popular message board (Haaayyy-ayyyy! Shout out to Split Coast Stampers, Willow Traders, CKMB, my PEAs, all you chatty girzzzzzzzz!!). But not today. No linkee I can find to account for it. Herm….maybe it’s gremlins….

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    Well, that’s interesting….700-900 hits???? Wow.

    Hey, I scored at Mike’s. Big Kick for $50! Included platform and plates. Jo’s was selling them for the same price, but only the machine. The platform and plates were extra.

    Can’t help it…..I still love them.

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