I’m going to buy a new laptop in the next week or so.  Okay, this IS part of my Scrapbook Obsession, because I use my computer to journal and store/print photos (and to blog, ha!).  I’d like to use the new one for my Memory Works business and possibly try digital scrapbooking.  I’ve been thinking about what to buy for some time, but I really need to JUST DO IT!  I researched things like dependability, customer service (from an English-speaking country, please?), speed, and memory.  I had settled on a Lenovo laptop and was just waiting for the money (which has arrived).  Well, then I’m scrapping at a friend’s house one day and she has a beautiful Apple desktop with the 20 inch monitor.  It was gorgeous, and seemed so easy to use.  My friend said that, when she was recently computer shopping, a mutual friend recommended Apple because of their user-friendliness, security, and they don’t crash as often as PC’s do.  I really trust his opinion because he’s one of my “go to” guys on techie issues.  (Me = so far from a techie I can barely spell it).  Now, I’m pretty much sold on a MacBook Pro, Pro because I want the larger screen.  I’m thrilled that Macs can now run Windows and all the MS programs I’m used to, like Excel and Word.  They also run every type of software I’ve checked so far, like Photoshop and programs I’d need for work.  Now it seems like wherever I look, everyone’s got an Apple.  The local Mac store was way busier than the other computer stores I went to (no, it wasn’t because of the Ipod’s, those were in a separate section next door).  Is it just me, or is some big switchover happening?  Is Apple the way to go? 

I’ve been asking around and no one has had anything bad to say about Macs.  Ooohh!  And I want that iPhone that comes out in June 2007, too btw.  I guess my only remaining concern is that going with an Apple might hamstring me somehow down the road, and not run a crucial program or download that I need.  I won’t have a PC to back me up, because the laptop I have now (an HP Pavilion) is borrowed.  I’m sure the rightful owner will be happy to have it back.  Also, Macs are definitely more expensive – are they worth it?  I wish the computer fairy would descend from the clouds and tell me what to do.  Anybody got an Apple, and some advice??

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    I’m typing this now on a 17″ MacBook Pro, and all I can say is…GO FOR IT, GIRL! Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back. I’m both a graphic designer and an avid scrapbooker, and have always used a Mac for my creative work. Actually, most creatives use a Mac, and programs like Photoshop and Dreamweaver were available for the Mac platform several years before they were available for Windows. You’ll never find a program you MUST have that’s not either available for the Mac or has a much better alternative.

    Buy that Mac! You won’t be sorry!

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    As I read your post I thought I had written it! I’ve been researching laptops myself…….also part of my new obsessions….digital scrapbooking and blogging. That’s interesting about the Macs. I don’t know anyone who has one and I always ASSUMED the Macs didn’t have as much software but sounds like that may not be the case. Good luck with your decision and I’d be curious to see what you get and how you like it.

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