A Scrap Toot for Jenn, A Blog Toot for Moi

I discovered from THIS AMR MB THREAD, that the fabulous layout below by JENN EMCH


was posted on TERESA COLLINS’ BLOG today! Here’s THE LINK to the post.


As you know, I only hang with the Rich and Famous of the Scrap World. For instance, just last week I had lunch with ALI, TIM, LISA, and ELIZABETH (actually, I call her Liz because we’re tight like that). And yesterday I met up with BECKY and KARLA at the salon for mani/pedis. So it’s no surprise that my friend from the AMR MESSAGE BOARD, Jenn, would be featured on Teresa’s blog. Heck, if I remember right, I was the one who introduced them at a cocktail party in the Hamptons last summer (sheesh…can you tell I watch too much of Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo?). So anyways, Jenn is a mondo-talented scrapbooker on STACEY’s DESIGN TEAM and we always oogle and aahh over her work. We’re so proud “one of our own” had a layout featured on Teresa Collins’ blog. Do you like how I’ve made a large portion of this toot about ME and US on AMR? It’s really about Jenn ~~ that girl rocks! Congrats times 20, Miss Jenn! You deserve the recognition and I adore your layout (and all your work, for that matter). Thanks for all the inspiration you constantly provide!

Now, for this next toot….to quote country singer Toby Keith, “I want to talk about ME!”. Totally kidding, my peeps. I really want to brag about another online scrapper friend, EILEEN (known on CKMB as CKReader). She recently wrote the nicest post on her blog about my blog (see it HERE). She doesn’t know how much she TOTALLY made my day, my week, my month, my year! I just thought it was so kind of her to write what she did, and I hope you will all become regulars on her blog because she’s wicked funny. I mean, did you dig the part about her dating the late 70’s musician who jammed the Journey tunes? Good, good stuff. And she seems to have quite the sense of humor about living in “the sandpit,” which I imagine takes quite a woman! So, Eileen, a big honkin hue-MONGO thank you from me to you!

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