A fellow blogger posted this question over on the 2peas message board (thread is HERE). I thought I’d share my answer, well, on my blog! Here is what my answer was:
I started my scrapbook blog over 3 years ago because I am truly obsessed with scrapbooking and I wanted someone to “talk to” who would understand. I have IRL friends who scrapbook but I only see them at crops every few months, and we talk about scrapbooking for hours while we scrap. But I got tired of holding all my good info for crops, LOL! DH calls it “crap-booking,” so you can see I get no support at home, lol …

So I started my blog as a place where I could write down all the thoughts I was having on the industry (which was much more hoppin’ and not quite so depressing at the time). I also wanted to share the deals I found, talk about SB events I went to, what was going on at my LSS’s (used to have 7, now have none), drool over new products, tell scrappers what TV shows and movies featured scrapping, etc.

About a year ago, I started incorporating my thoughts and experiences about being a scrapbook consultant, in the hopes that I can save others from making any mistakes I did, share what’s been successful for me, and again … drool over all the new products Also, I’m often asked questions about becoming a consultant and it’s nice to have one place I can refer people to for information.

Due to the economy, I’ve had to work a lot more hours and I don’t get to blog as much as I used to, and I REALLY REALLY miss it. I so enjoy the comments people leave … even just looking at my blog stats and seeing that people do read what I’m sharing. It makes me feel really good inside. I truly enjoy the exchanges I have there about scrapbooking and I think I’ll keep doing my blog forevah!
So, why do YOU blog?

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    Well, I’m sure glad u blog b/c yours is one of my faves. I blog for similar reasons…to share my creations, ideas, and to inspire and help others. I don’t know that I’m the best at it, but I pretty satisfied, especially after seeing my sis get a little mojo & create several pages using elements I had blogged about after she read my blog.

    Keep up the great work, Erika!

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    I started blogging to help keep me out of the pantry while I was trying to diet…lol. Then I got addicted to the comments. We have lived in our little country town for almost 5 years, but I am just now getting out and making new friends. I had 2 babies under the age of 1 when we first moved here and it was the beginning of winter. I was getting lonely and the bloggy friendships really helped. I cherish all the friendships I have made while blogging and on the SSS message board. I like to share my scrapbook creations, funny things that happen, and just recently…RECIPES. I love reading back through my blog and seeing how I have evolved.

    PS…I am glad you blog too…I get excited to see what great things you are going to show us or tell us about scrappin’.

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    Karen Gibson ( KMG) says:

    I don’t – so I am glad you do! Seriously, I am new to this part of scrapping (reading blogs) and really appreciate what you share and a place to go to read about all the scrappy stuff I enjoy. Thank You
    (just for the record your my first and only- well for now at least!)

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    Good Question
    My daughter, let me explain….
    I have always kept a journal. So this is a replacement for that. Plus.
    I love to create and teach others how to do it. Luckily I do have a couple friends that like me to show them how I make my projects.
    I get praised on alot of the projects I do make. My 20 yr old daughter encouraged me to start a blog so share my passion.She also encouraged me to do YouTube videos. I am so glad she did, I am now addicted to my blog checking out if I have comments teehee, I am also addicted to checking out every blog I come across.
    Now my daughter is trying to get me to open up an etsy shop, that I am not too sure about.

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    I blog to basically keep track of my creations. I am a cardmaker primarily so I give mine away and this is a nice way to keep track of them. Also as a newbie, I can see my progress and eventually track my tastes and development. It will be fun to see in a couple of years how much my style will change and if/how I improved. I generally welcome comments, but do not expect them. Finally, and I’ll be brutally honest, you need a blog for blog candy purposes. Many other bloggers want you to link back to them, or post in your sidebar or whatever, so that is part of the reason, but certainly not THE reason I blog.

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    jodi says:

    i don’t blog….i just think about how i would love to, but would probably end up just talking to myself…so, i read other people’s witty and funny blogs like yours and laugh (out loud) and think to myself, yep, she gets it…..and then only sometimes leave comments. But, since you now said how important it is to you to know that people actually read your blog, i will comment more often. cuz, i read all your entries! i especially love your michaels entries WITH photos as it makes me feel like i am actually in the store walking down the aisles. or, on those days that i can’t get there, at least i get to pretend i went. lol. keep up the great work, erika!

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    Love your blog Erika, that’s why I always keep coming back for more. :) Hmmm, why do I blog? Well, I love to have a place to keep my creative stuff organized, show off my beautiful children and keep in touch with family and friends. Do I love the excitement from seeing that someone has left a comment? Why…yes! It makes me happy. My boys think they’re on TV, too! lol

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