I just heard from a scrappy friend in Southern Cal that her Tuesday Morning has a BUNCH of BASIC GREY! Lots of embellishments: brads, ephemera, toothpick flags, resins, stamp stickers, die cuts, journal pads, etc. Most are 99 cents. No paper though, boo! I haven’t bought much BG lately (most of my scrappy dough has been going to AMERICAN CRAFTS paper, storage items, and WRMK albums) – so now I have to make ANOTHER trip to Tuesday AM, darn! ;)

Sorry, I don’t have any photos of the Basic Grey to share but it reminded me that I never posted all these Tuesday Morning scrappy pics I took last month.





EMBELLIES plus that cute little HEART BURLAP BOX caught my eye


SO MUCH PAPER that it was overwhelming. I couldn’t even look at it all!




Don’t forget to look on the top shelf – all that PAPER and CARDSTOCK!

Look in the other craft-y areas too. There are scrapbooking items mixed in.


Great price on a set of WRMK PUNCHES

The glare is terrible but those are American Crafts Flutterbys on the top left.



Be careful. Lots of crooked embellishments! I wanted those wine ones but they were horrible! :(



And, just for my Peep friends, BIRDY BLANKETS!

I have even MORE photos from Tuesday Morning from a more recent visit to their scrapbook section. I need to get them uploaded, then I’ll blog those too so stay tuned! Remember when I said that Tuesday Morning had a NEW CRAFTS BUYER? Well, I’d say she’s doing a great job, wouldn’t you?

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    You are bad…..a gal after my own heart. I’m a hoarder of 7 Gypsies and TH too! We need to talk. ;-))

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hee hee . . .

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    lol, oh my. I see some of the same things here at our TM, my local “feel-good-happy” place. But of course I hone in right on the 3 things I saw in your photos that we don’t have here, so now I’m on a mission, ha! And yes, I love the birdie blanket and think one of them must be mine, especially since I have birds, have a rescue and well, it gets cold here! How’s that for justification? ;)

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Oh, Angie, you have TOTALLY justified the birdie blanket. Nobody deserves one more than you ;)

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