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52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #7

HERE is Kelli’s list prompt.


listening: to Adele Live at Royal Albert Hall

adele live at royal albert hall

eating: nothing yet today … and it’s almost 11; I’d better get a Skinny Muffin and some coffee going
drinking: iced herbal tea
wearing: Old Navy black sweats and a long-sleeved red tee from Kohl’s
weather: cool and clear
wanting: some free time for a book, a fire, and a glass of wine (see my last list)
needing: to do some transcribing that’s due in the morning
thinking: I can’t wait for my family to get home
enjoying: blogging again … finally :)

What are you eating, drinking, wearing … these days? Would love to see your list! Link it in Comments :)

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