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Scrapbook Obsession Blog: Blogging Challenge – April 2016

Hey, long time, no seeeee … but I’m back!

novelrobinson / Pixabay

In a scrapbooking forum I’m on, there’s a blogging challenge starting April 1, 2016. The challenge is to post at least 21 times in the month. It can be just quick posts, sharing a video or meme or whatever. You just have to post at least 21 times.

There is a prize at stake (a Paper Issues gift certificate) but that’s not why I’m playing. I just want to get some bloggin’ done! So pray with me that my work schedule allows me to have some fun and get my 21 posts done.

And call it cheating if you want to, but this is POST NUMBER ONE :)


PS: Help me out and throw some post ideas in the comments, won’t ya’? What do you want to read about? What’s the news? What’s the scrapbook haps these days?

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