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52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #2

Hey there, hi there, ho there! It’s time for a listy list!!

{Okay, Erika, put down the triple latte’ … that may have been a bit much for 9pm on a Sunday. Just sayin’.}

If you need to read my explanation of 52 Lists in 52 Weeks, it’s right HERE. And HERE is the prompt from Kellie for List #2: What are your New Years Resolutions?

Now I don’t normally *make* resolutions because they usually involve making commitments to yourself and ~ while I’m superb and stupendous about honoring commitments to others ~ I’m quite crap at keeping them to myself.

But Kellie says to make this list, so I will. Begrudgingly :P


1. Speak with Kellie. Nicely but firmly.*

2. When downloading books on your new Kindle, only download 362 times more books than you have time to read. If you do any more than that, it will be too stressful.


3. Buy more scrapbook supplies. You do not have nearly enough. I will tell you when to stop.

4. Keep up your SMASH BOOK aka fitness journal. And only lie about your weight when you have a bad week. The rest of the time, tell the total, honest-to-God, 100% truth. Except about the Reese’s dark chocolate cups. Those are exempt from this resolution as well.

smash book

5. Do not give up on your Project 12. If you can’t manage to take 7-8 photos a month about everyday life and journal about them, you’re a bigger loser than I thought. And I say that with love <3. Okay, can I stop now???!?!??! This resolution-listing is making me cranky. And I want to enjoy this coffee high while I have it, so I'm outie. Oh, except I need to demand ... erm, ask very nicely and super sweetly to please see your list for this week. Please. Thank you :) *TOTALLY kidding, Kellie! Luvs ya, gurl...

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