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Troy Dunn on the “Oprah” Show TODAY!


I record Oprah every day, and watch the ones I like, delete the ones I don’t. But I’ll be watching today’s FO SHO! I have already gotten 3 e-mails letting me know that Mah Boy Troy will be on Oprah today (well, not like, physically sitting on her, but on her show. Geesh, do I really have to explain these things, people!)

I don’t know why people notify of me of these things. What? Do they think I’m obsessed with Troy Dunn or something? Cuz I’m not. See the title of the blog: “SCRAPBOOK Obsession.” Not “TROY Obsession.” I mean, I’ve only blogged about him, erm, (six) times. Is that a problem? Is that an obsession?



Okay, well maybe they’ve got a point. Regardless. Or it it irregardless? Bah, I have an English degree and I still have to look that one up. Regardless! You should watch Troy Dunn on The Oprah Winfrey Show today. One of the e-mails I got is from a publicity company (yeah, they’re watching what you blog about, ladies…) and it said:
Witness one desperate mother’s desperate search for the daughter she gave up 42 years ago. Then, meet “The Locator.” High-profile investigator Troy Dunn says he’s helped bring almost 40,000 people back together, including a terminally ill woman looking for her long lost father.

See? Sounds good, huh? I hope you watch, whether you’re a Locator/Troy Dunn fan or not. Because after you watch and see his sweet smile and tallness and hear his soft voice and … oh wait, I mean … when you see the reunions he does, you’ll become a fan. He loves scrapbookers, btw. Go down to the Search box on the right side of my blog, enter Troy Dunn, and read my past entries on him. Good stuff, there.

I am NOT obsessed! I am not, I am not, I am NOT! (Hee, okay, maybe a tad bit … )

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