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I Feel a Cute Puppy Layout Coming On…

Mr. LANDRY is our 9-month-old puppy. He is an outdoor ranch dog, and too big to bathe in the tub like we did in the early months. So we got brave and gave him a bath on the front lawn the other day. It’s in the 100s here so don’t feel sorry for him about being cold or anything. I’m sure the water felt good, but he does not seem to particularly care for water. Well, he’s pretty ornery in general so I think it’s more that he doesn’t care for 1. being told what to do, 2. being held down, and 3. being laughed at.

What??? Of course, we laughed at him. We couldn’t help it. You understand since you can see the photos below, right? I mean, what else are we gonna’ do??

First, let me illustrate one of the many ways Landry gets so dirty.

Here is a post hole my husband dug, which happens to be in Landry’s pen. It’s muddy from being soaked to soften the ground for more digging.


Here is Landry in the hole. He curls up and sleeps in it during the day. “Ahhh…so cool,” he tells us.


So let’s get some dirt off the kid. Here he is partially hosed off when we were done washing.


Landry walks away. “Uh, we weren’t quite done yet, dude.” Couldn’t care a lick.


Lying on the porch looking pathetic. “I’m so very put upon. Why must you bathe me?”


Partially dried, as much as he would let us. Lookin’ kind of snazzy there, Lands…


See why we call him Rat Boy? LOL


He is a holy terror so don’t you dare feel sorry for him. I keep telling him that it’s a good thing he’s so darn cute….

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