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Scrapbooking on “Grey’s Anatomy” … Love It :)

I’m watching my favorite TV show, GREY’S ANATOMY, and they just mentioned my favorite hobby … scrapbooking!

Mark and Arizona are getting a room in the hospital ready for Callie’s baby shower. Mark has Meredith and Christina setting up a table for a scrapbook station, LOL!

Mark: Put it next to the box with the glitter pens.
Arizona: Don’t put it anywhere. We’re not having a scrapbook station.
Mark: You heard Callie this morning. She wants us to go all out. Move the table.
AZ: No, don’t move the table. Mark, this isn’t a scrapbook station kind of shower.
Mark: You’re wrong. Yang, tell her. Torres wants all the girlie stuff.

Later, Callie walks in and sees the table.

Callie: What’s going on? Are you guys fighting again?
AZ: Did you want a scrapbook station?
Callie: Oh, yeah, of course. It’s not a real shower if you don’t get to take home a scrapbook. Ooh! We should have glitter pens!

Mark gives a knowing smile :)

Later in the episode, the shower is in full force. They show scrapbook pages and Lexi putting a page together while Mark talks to her.

Okay, here is a picture of shower thrower Mark aka “McSteamy” …

And here is a photo of Derek aka “McDreamy” …

{Derek had absolutely nothing to do with the baby shower/scrapbooking scene. I just think he’s wicked adorable … ROWR}.

I love it when “the mainstream” gives a shout out to scrapbooking. Actually, it always amazes me it’s not mentioned more often, given how popular it is. And, hey, we’re a target demographic, for gosh sakes! We’re female, we have money, and we make a lot of the family purchasing decisions, hee.

I’ve posted about scrapbooking in TV and movies before HERE, HERE, and HERE. If you ever see scrapbooking mentioned in the “real world,” drop me a line … I’d love to blog about it :)

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