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Friday Night Scrapbook Randoms #3

It’s the Friday night before a Saturday of cropping, yahoo! Yeppers, I’m going to crop with some friends tomorrow, from about noon to 9pm. I’m working now, and I haven’t even packed yet so it’ll be the usual, me scrambling to pack my crop bags late the night before, hoping I’m remember everything and putting together some semblance of things I can use to make actual layouts with, lol! I am the WORST about packing ahead for crops. The magic package I talked about HERE did indeed arrive today, and I’m so excited to look through it all. Since I’m busy anyway, I’m saving it to look through with the girls tomorrow. If I can resist…

One of the new things I got was the “AMBER ROAD” theme set from PINK PAISLEE. I saw something today that made me love it even more…CHECK IT OUT! And THIS TOO. Isn’t she amazing and ever-so-talented? Love what she did with Amber Road…

Saw this over on 2peas and wanted to share it with you. I had bookmarked this link a long time ago but forgot all about it, so I’m glad it was posted again….Free printable graph paper, ledger paper, binder paper etc. for your scrapbooks ~ you can make some super cool journaling spots, for one! LOOKIE HERE

This useful computer tool was also posted by a Pea: SCRAP BY COLOR color matching tool It takes the colors from your photos and gives you color swatch matches to use in your scrapbooking. Love it. Thank you, ROSALYNN!

About THIS, all I can say is WTH?

I will leave you with THIS. Talk about a scrapbooker’s dream trip! Ali, Karen, and Jenni plus that amazing place. Wow. Wish I could go…

Before my crop tomorrow, I’m going to the beach ~ it’s a family tradition, Coastal Cleanup day ~ so it’s my two favorite things in one day. No, not litter and cigarette butts, silly! The ocean and scrapbooking. Hope you have a great weekend and get some time to scrapbook to your heart’s content.

Online Crop Today @ All Moments Remembered

If you’re not already a member, you needta’ go register at RIGHT NOW!! Tell Stacey that Erika from Scrapbook Obsession sent you. Yeah, I’ll vouch for ya’, just don’t embarrass me, K? HERE’s the link. And here are some details about the crop, taken from THIS post at AMR:

It’s on July 12th from 4pm-12am EST {for you other PST girlz, that’s 1-9pm}.

Our Guest Designer – Danielle Flanders will join us at 9pm EST {6pm PST} for a Q & A – we will contain the questions in one thread.

Crop supplies (taken from THIS post) needed to do all the challenges are:

Christmas paper or stickers, etc.
non-scrappy magazine {I’m intrigued by this one, aren’t you?}

I think THIS is the forum where the crop will be set up, but if I’m wrong (entirely possible!), just look for a forum that says July Crop or similar. Hope you can join us! Like with all AMR online crops, you can jump in anytime, complete any or all challenges, and we usually have until Monday to post our layouts (or a link) to the challenge thread(s). Online crops are so fun, and will definitely get you scrapping outside your comfort zone. If you’re a DANIELLE FLANDERS fan, you also have the chance to chat with her. How kewl is that?

Just check out this girl’s mad talent – some work using the AMR July monthly kit:

Yeah, you gotta come to the crop today…

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