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A Troy Dunn Teaser….You Know, “The Locator”…

I spoke with Troy Dunn from The Locator (WeTV) on a conference call this morning with some other bloggers! LOOOOONNNNNGGGG blog post coming up, probably tonight. We dished scrapbooking and photos, and he has a proposal for scrapbooking companies. Yes, I’m a tease! You’ll have to come back and read all about it….

ETA: Well, change of plans. I ended up at a last-minute 4-H meeting tonight which took 3 hours. And this is a busy weekend, so I’ll work on the article (it’ll be a long one) and post it Tuesday after Labor Day. Hopefully, you’ll be in the mood to grab a cuppa Joe and snuggle in for a good long read.

PS: My scrap buddy JULIE from the AMR board sent me some scrap goodies for winning her challenge at our last online crop. One of the items was a desktop weekly calendar that has this saying on it (although its a retro chick instead of a retro dude):

I adore this! Truer words were never spoken. I mean, decaffeinated coffee??? What’s the point?

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