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Troy Dunn “The Locator” on Scrapbooking

Troy left this comment lastnight on another post, and I wanted to make sure you saw it, so I got his permission to make it a separate blog entry. He said I was just looking for excuses not to write a blog entry, LOL.

Without further adieu…

Hello Scrapbook Princess!

Gosh my name pops up on this blog enough to make me feel like we are family! :-) I sure do appreciate the support you give me.

I have TWO scrapbook stories to share with you and your readers:

First of all, my crew knows how much I appreciate scrapbooking (No, I am not good at doing it, but LOVE to get scrapbooks as gifts!!)
So at the end of each year, they present me with a scrapbook of the previous season. I just got my season 3 scrapbook from the crew and it is AMAZING! They secretly gather stuff from each city I travel to in the show, take pics I never see them take, and then it all comes together in the scrapbook they gift to me. For me, it is an emotional journey flipping thru the pages (each weighing like a pound each!) and revisiting the extraordinary families and towns I have been blessed to meet and pass thru. When guests visit my home, the table in the livingroom has these magical scrapbooks proudly displayed, and everyone sits with them and flips slowly thru their memory-packed pages, asking questions with every page turn. it is such a great way to share my journey with others.

My second scrapbooking story just occured a couple of hours ago. As I type this, I am sitting in the Sky Club at LAX airport, having just taped another appearance on Bonnie Hunt Show. Off camera, she and I were talking about how much we love our tv crews, how they are like family, etc and she told me how so many people on the crew are scrapbookers that are capturing precious moments from the show, backstage experiences and candid shots of every loved crew member. Of course I share with her the story above about how my crew gifts me with scrapbooks and we both just sat and marveled at how much power is contained between the covers of a simple scrapbook. We agreed that if our offices or homes ever caught fire, our scrapbooks would be the first things we grabbed! (Other than family members and pets of course).

Remember, scrapbooks never forget anything! So ‘tell’ them everything important!

My best wishes and respect to all of you gifted scrapbookers, AKA the historians of our families.
“The Locator”

{Sigh!} Do you see why I love him so?? Erm, I mean, LIKE him so …

I wrote back to Troy and told him that I’m also a HUGE fan of BONNIE HUNT‘s and I watch her show every day. She is one rockin’ chick. I love her sense of humor and she has great guests on her show. Did you know she used to be an oncology nurse? Gawd, anyone who can do THAT for a living deserves a special place in Heaven, imho. Anyhow, I really enjoyed the story Troy shared about how they both love scrapbooks and scrapbookers. For all the times we’ve been maligned and made fun of and HATED ON, hearing those nice thoughts from Troy and Bonnie erases all that bad juju from before, don’t you think?

I have to thank one of my favorite readers, “Jill T.”, who left this comment prior to Troy’s:

Not on topic BUT I watched “The Locator” for the first time last night. We don’t get the channel it is normally on but last night there was some special marathon thingy on the Style Network (which obviously we do get). I think I made it through 3 epis before falling asleep. After seeing the show and seeing him on Oprah, I understand your obsession! Neat show and he seems to be a really nice guy.

I think Troy must’ve Googled “Locator” and found my blog again, thanks to Jill leaving that comment. I sent Jill a big ol’ THANK YOU e-mail, LOL. She always leaves great comments here, so I owed her a big ol’ thank you anyway.

Just in case there is anyone left out there who hasn’t read about Troy and his amazing show, “The Locator,” I’ve written about them before a time or ten: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. See why he feels like family??

The new season of THE LOCATOR is running right now, and there are past shows re-run all the time on WeTV so check ’em out. Again, I stress, bring the tissues. If you don’t cry at least once per episode, you are lacking a heart, my friend.

I don’t see Troy Dunn on the Bonnie Hunt show schedule yet, but keep an eye out for him there. I record her show every day and will try to give a heads up if I see when he’ll be on.

Thanks Jill! Thanks Troy!

I hope everyone has a meaningful Good Friday and a Blessed Easter …

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