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Guest Post: I’m on the “Scrapbook Q&A” Blog Today!

Last month, I was contacted by a very nice blogger named Mary.

{Check out her ABOUT page; she and I are kindred spirits fo’ sho’}

She was starting a new series on her blog – SCRAPBOOK Q&A – called “Blogger Q&A”. Well, I’m a blogger and I like my Q’s and A’s so I was a natural for this, lol.

So ‘my’ post is up today. I hope you’ll go check it out RIGHT HERE!

And while you’re there, give the whole blog a stroll through. Mary is doing a great job posting scrapbook-related questions, sharing her own thoughts, and inviting your answers for some interesting discussions. She accompanies her posts with great photos and layouts. I think you’ll really enjoy “Scrapbook Q&A”.

And please leave Comments on the Scrapbook Obsession post, would ya’? I want her to think I’m really popular ;)

Peace out.

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