And because I’m never all pink unicorns and blowin’ sunshine up yo’ azz, come see what the Peas have to say about it (and I agree with, especially Shimelle, whom I adore!).

Ah, it was fun to reminisce about brighter days … and the video style and music made me smile. Here’s hoping at least a percentage of it is still true :) Great job, Eric!

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    Teri says:

    Loved the video, bright and happy and hopeful. I agree that the industry is likely not as bright today, but we are still out there scrapping and coming up with new product ideas, clearly the market remains.
    The golf comparison…Hmm, both my parents golf and while I agree the biggest outlay is a ‘one time’ purchase of equipment, golf is EXPENSIVE. I don’t have to spend 50 bucks for one day of scrapping, but my parents pay 50 bucks EACH for one round of golf. The discount at THEIR course is decent, but to play another, the price goes up.
    He might have used another hobby to compare, cuz despite my spendng ,I still don’t spend nearly as much as my folks do! I prefer to chase a brad around a 12×12 piece of paper than a little ball around 18 holes of golf!

    I agree the shear NUMBER of scrappers is prolly dead on…we are vast in numbers and let’s face it, making a gift rather than buying it is so much better. So yeah, we could do a whole West Side Story thing and really kick some golfer butt!!!

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