I’ve got ’em and it’s not just me. I’ve noticed the following in the last week or so:
– The scrapbook message boards are slow. Like watching pain dry. This pains me.
– The CK Media “reorganization” news is harshing everyone’s mellow.
– Either the new CHA products do not excite, or if they do, no one can afford to buy them. Manufacturers are desperately calling/e-mailing retailers, who can’t afford to buy much.
– Erin Lincoln says she’s not been paid in awhile….where does that leave CKMB?
– 2peas boards have been down all night

For me personally, there’s this kinda stuff:
– I posted a restaurant rant on 2peas, expecting about 90% support, and got much less than that. Didn’t ‘splain myself well enough, for one thing. And beyond that, it’s just cranky time, I guess.
– Landry was overnight at the vet hospital getting his manly bits removed. It was practically unbearable how much I missed him.
– DH and I got our first paychecks today since pay cuts….major ouch. How do you cut hundreds more dollars from a budget that is already bare bones? {Yes, I would get rid of my internet but I need it for work, natch}.
– Lastnight to cheer myself up, I decided to cash in a $15 product credit I’ve had for 6+ months at MEMORY WORKS (it was a consultant referral reward). Got all twitterpated over the Jenni Bowlin “Farmer’s Wife” and die cut calendar cards I had in my cart. Went to cash out and it declined my card. Found out today from the bank… they closed my scrapbook spendy account back in December…due to lack of activity. What in the HAY-ELL is that about??
– Just plain tired and feeling the blues…

As for my scrapping, I’m actually kinda’ re-energized after my crop last weekend, yet there has been no TIME or ENERGY to get to it.

How can we turn this around, ladies?
– Stacey at AMR had the right idea. She started a HAPPY THREAD with a little prize. That cheered me a bit :)
SASSAFRASS LASS and new BAZZILL cardstock packs at Mike’s!!!!! And a coupon this week!!!!!
– Would a couple Landry photos help? Well, here ya go…Could he BE any cuter?!?!



Are you having the Scrapbooker Blahs? Lie right down on my couch and tell me all about it…..

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    I’ve got the blahs too. I even blogged about them. Mine has to do with several things too, including having to pay bills instead of buying products, having so many things in this house that need doing instead of me getting to be creative, being so busy that I have time to come home from work, fix dinner, do the dishes and go to bed…

    I hope everything gets back to normal soon :)

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    Great post, girl! It’s been easy for me to get the blahs, but I’ve tried to remain optimist about things in the midst of all the stress and chaos. I think I’d go insane if I didn’t. Keep your head up and maybe we can think of a way to blow past all this mess!

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    You are much better than I am! That product credit woulda been gone in like 30 seconds. Glad you finally used it! Here’s to hoping everything will get better soon.

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    Okay, I’m a perfect couch candidate. I haven’t had a paycut, I haven’t had my hours cut, it’s business as usual. But because of all the doom and gloom out there I’m scared to death of losing my job and having nothing to fall back on. Nada. Zip. My IRA is less than 50% of what it used to be, my company is very slooow in funding these days….it tends to give one pause. My only luxury is scrap supplies and mocha latte’s….I buy the latte’s at the Coffee Bean now because they’re a tad cheaper than Starbuck’s. During the week I settle Cappacino out of a machine, mixed with real coffee.

    I want to retire at 62 but if the economy doesn’t turn around quickly, I won’t be able to. I want to stay home and scrap…watch HGTV…and hang out on the internet. But everyone’s disappearing….CKMB feels like everyone is desperate to keep it alive, and just adding fuel to the fire while they’re at it.

    And then there’s my good friend Erika…you might know her. She’s always so upbeat and I love reading her blog. because it’s filled with all the newest gossip, supplies, and humor. But now she has the blah’s…and that makes me sad.

    I hate what’s happening in the scrap world, but mostly what’s happeing in the world in general. Blah.

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    Let me get comfy on the couch..LOL…I did LOAD again this year, if it had not been for it nada on the SB layouts or MOJO…they are continuing by doing a Layout a week, gonna join as my nephew turns ummmm 14 and I do not have his babyhood started (blame it on digital pics of the newest nieces faster and easier)

    Job well it stinks, but other schools are cutting big time, so holding on to mine (unless win lottery) add to it we are finally getting around to painting entire inside of house (about 8 years late) so house is in constant shambles(more than usual LOL) and I have yet to even tackle the den/SB room to get it ready..as OMG where did all this stuff come from….

    CK well, love the MB but life is so busy do not get on there (or AMR) as much as would like…but CK has been on this road for awhile esp with poor customer service….

    OK next person is ready for the couch…TTYL

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