I’m in the midst of a MAJOR scrapbook room / home office / play room switcheroonie and reorganization and purge. I’m taking pics along the way and will post a series of blog entries coming up….

This may be old news for some of you, but my Michaels just started carrying DISTRESS STICKLES by Tim Holtz. Yeah, finally! I’ve been a huge fan of STICKLES forevah! {Although, as scrappers wanting to finish a project, “waiting for the Stickles to dry” has become our version of watching paint dry…}. Anyhow, have been wanting to try these. I got a 3-pack; I think they were around $6 but I had a 1/2 off coupon. Sweeeeeet….

ETA 9-11-09: Found the LINK to Distress Stickles at Mike’s, and here is the pack that I got. This is the only choice they had, but the website shows a total of 4 combo packs so hopefully my Mike’s will get the other 3 eventually…

Also, the Peas are talking HERE about some Tuesday Morning finds. Let’s just say Making Memories “Whimsey,” Pink Paislee “POP FASHION,” and lots of other stuff.

I finally found the new issue of Scrapbooks Etc…you know, the first issue with the CHANGES I talked about before. I’ve been thumbing through it the last couple nights and I’m taking note of the changes I like and don’t like for a future post. What do you think of the new format?

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    lboregon says:

    I’ll be interested to see what you think of the SBEtc. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the changes but it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it might be. Still a good magazine but not as good as the previous issue IMHO.

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    I have some Distress Stickles and I love them, but be prepared for something quite different than the originals! As far as SB, ETC. goes…I LOVE THE NEW FORMAT! There was so much in this issue that made me want to just run into my studio and create! I can’t wait for this weekend!

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    Jill T says:

    I stopped by TM last night, looking for a new suitcase since the zipper tore on mine this weekend. Didn’t find a suitcase but I did score a pack of 8×8 Pink Paislee Vintage Moon pattern paper (12 sheets – 2 each of 6 designs) for $1.99. Not sure why I feel the need to buy more since I got the Pink P grab box a few months ago. Must be an “obsession”!!

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    looking forward to seeing your switcheroo pics. Also, how do you keep track of your hits? Thanks!

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    I saw some of these the other day but they were more fall-type colors. Almost bought them too but put them back. Now I have seen them talked about online a bit and wonder if I should go back and buy some.

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    Jenny McGee says:

    OOOOH more fun stickles to play with and distress with. FUn, fun.

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