Psst! Yeah, YOU. C’mere.

Word on the street is that TARGET has some cool new scrapbook supplies!

Yeah, I’m sure it’s Target.

Yeah, the same store that has been phasing out scrappy stuff over the last few years.

Yeah, the same Target that hasn’t gotten anything new and trendy since 2006 except for the K&Co. SMASH BOOK STUFF.

I understand why you’re skeptical. I am too. But I’m going to check it out for myself soon and see if it’s fuh-real or just a cruel joke.

SUPPOSUBLY . . . Target now has NEW:

THICKERS (!!! my favorite addiction)

WRMK 8×8 and 12×12 albums in 5 colors, a variety of page protectors, and small paper pads


– 6×6 paper pads by CRATE PAPER and American Crafts DEAR LIZZY “Neapolitan”

As of this writing, sightings have been made in Texas and Tennessee. {Oh snap! I’m in California}.

Huggy Bear also told me that Target is getting HERO ARTS stamps. I’m not allowed to buy stamps anymore but, hey, good news for those of you who can! It’s called DECORATE IT!

None of this stuff is on the Target WEBSITE so I’ll believe it when I see it . . . in person. If you can verify this rumor, please submit a report below IMMEDIATELY! Your fellow scrappers are depending on you.

ETA 10/24/12: According to SCRAPBOOK UPDATE:

The [DECORATE IT!] products are gradually being stocked in Target stores across the country all this week, so keep your eye out for them in a store near you! (If you are an online shopper, the new line will be available at in a few weeks.)

So . . . YAY!! Even if my lame Target doesn’t carry the line, I’ll be able to get it online.

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    I’m on a “wait and see” mode with my Target. Don’t want to get my hopes up too high! LOL!! Thanks for the head’s up – knew about Hero but not the others.

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    Target is a dangerous place…just saying! ;)

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    Wow I might have to make a run across the border to Target soon :)

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    As happy I am for all of you Target shoppers, I don’t have a Target here in Canada :)
    Enjoy your shopping ;)
    Oh ya, why can’t you buy stamps..that is so sad to me ;)

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    LindaHAZ says:

    Its true, its true. SOme really fun and current stuff is out at my Target in Phoenix AZ. They were still putting new stock out so I am going to wait another day before really shopping the new stuff. I spotted THICKERS, American Crafts Holiday crafts and cards, 6X6 Crate Paper Peppermint line, WRMemories new binders in 2 sizes with a variety of Page protectors and 4X6 cards to mimic the Becky Higgins Project Life concept. Can’t wait until everything is put out.

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    Reporting in from orange city, southern ca.
    It is here! Only in our target greatland so far. American Crafts, a lot of different things, stamps, ribbons, paper, dear lizzy, thickers, wrmk albums & refills, sew easy. So much stuff!
    Couldnt believe it! They just got rid of everything!
    Thanks for the heads up!

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