Check out the awesome scrapbook space of Katie Tate as posted to the create: blog HERE.

If I could build my perfect desk – with all the white cubes and huge workspace – that would be it. I love her cheerful rug, huge space, and how she says it’s often the center of “real life” activity.

What’s your favorite part of Katie’s space?

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    ok, I can only dream of such a room….indeed gorgeous!!

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    Oh do I love her organization! Love the scrap station in the middle of the room. I have a nice large room, it’s just brown and black…yuck!

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    I love her jars of Primas! So pretty! The room is fabulously organized.

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    Pamelaj says:

    This is my dream room – I just love the organisation of the space – oneday.x

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    Ever wonder why scrap rooms are always all white? Why not black or an actual color? Just wondering, lol :-)

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