I guess I heard about this a while back, but it didn’t really register in my scrapbrain because I wasn’t looking for any particular publication at the time. But now it has really hit me….You can’t use your Mike’s COUPON on books and magazines anymore. WTF?

Prediction: This will put a big hurt on the sales of scrapbooking idea books and magazines. A great number of us have been using our Mike’s coupons for years to purchase them at a price we can afford. And like I said HERE, I make a special trip to Mike’s when I hear that a new scrap mag issue or book has come out. While I’m there I always hit the scrapbooking aisle to grab 1 item…or 10. So, not only did they just lose my book/magazine purchase, but they lost all my extra trips into their store where I purchased other items every.single.time. Dumb, PEOPLE, just dumb. I have it on good authority {okay, it’s just the 2peas girlz, but pretend I have really good, TMZ-type underground connections}, that there is a rather large mark-up on books and magazines. So even if they’re selling them to us at 40% or 50% off with our coupons, they’re still making money. C’mon, Michaels, drop the stupid “no publications” policy. Just say “no returns” on the coupon instead (so we can’t color copy our favorite pages, then return them to the store for a refund) and everyone is happy.

God, who runs these companies anyway? I need a promotion. If ScrapbookObsession ran the world, it would be a MUCH better place, don’t you think? Let’s seeeeee….I would make EILEEN my Vice President because she is a rockin’ scrapper and appreciates fine MUSIC. I would make ALI EDWARDS my Secretary of State, because that chick could sell grungeboard to TIM HOLTZ. Anything she says or does….sells HUGE. Um, I would make KRISTINA CONTES my Chief of Staff because she takes shit from no one. It gets rowdy up in the hizzy sometimes, so I need someone with her huevos. And I would appoint STACY JULIAN as the Foreign Ambassador of Scrapbooking because she’s Altogether Too Happy; her sunny smile and cute shoes would spread the scrapbook joy across the world in record time. Yep, that’s a winning ticket!

{YES. It’s Friday night. NO. I have


been drinking}.

What do you think…no, not about my Presidential cabinet, silly! About the stinky new Mike’s policy?

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    What to I think of the Mike’s new coupon policy? It sucks buckets. Now I’ll never get another issue of Card Trends. (I had this problem a couple of weeks ago and it really torqued me! I’m still not over it. Now I need a drink)

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    Michelle says:

    I discovered this the hard way (by going to the register with a coupon & a book) a month or two ago. I was bummed, but both the clerk and I figured, once it hurts their sales of books and mags enough, it will be changed, just as the Martha Stewart ban was. She did tell me, though, that it was a decision made by the folks who supply their books and mags, and not Michaels.

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    Yeah, Joanne’s stopped with letting us use coupons, too. Bummer. Sometimes they put pubs on sale but it’s only 10% off. If you’re a Sam’s club member, I’ve gotten my SB Etc there… nice amount off the price, too. :)

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    Frankie says:

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Michael’s just seems to like doing dumb stuff . . . it stinks, and hopefully they’ll figure it out. Like you’ve said, not only have the lost the $$ we’d have spent on the magazine/book, but also the extra $$ from whatever else we found while in there getting the magzine. I don’t know who made the decision, but it’s a dumb move especially when scrappers are being more careful about their $$ these days.

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    I haven’t bought a mag at Mike’s since they started that. The size of the mags are shrinking….the price is going up…and now, no discount. No thanks. I still have my subscriptions though to CK and Scrapbook Trends. A few good emails to CK got me 2 years for the price of one, which they only offer to newbies.

    I LOVE your cabinet choices! Ali Edwards selling grungeboard to Tim Holtz…..LOL!! Stacy Julian…LOL! That other one scares me but she’s suppose to, huh? Yeah, you’re nobody’s fool.

    You know I’ll never be able to go to Mike’s again without thinking of you. I’ll never buy Bazzill again without thinking of you. And I NEVER, EVER, hear a Journey tune without thinking of you.

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    That’s a shame! I’ve already taken most of my business elsewhere. Now they’ve lost even more :(. So many of their items are ridiculously overpriced. For example, a cuttlebug machine is 109.99 at Michaels, and only 67 and change at Walmart. So guess where I bought mine…..

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