The Life magazine circular in my newspaper this week had a small feature on Martha Stewart. It said that “She’ll debut a line of craft products – including paper, scrapbooking, and storage items – at Michaels Stores this spring.” I tried to research more about this but I couldn’t find the products on her website. I did find an old Craftrends article from April 2006 that she was partnering with EK Success. As you know, EK Success is one of the top producers of scrapbooking and papercrafting products. Anyway, I can’t wait to see her stuff. I’ve always liked her furniture and home products. Although I don’t own a lot of her things, I have always looked to her for home decor ideas. She uses a lot of the colors and color combos that I like. One of the favorite inspirations I got from her is the use of clean white furniture and white moldings with deep pastel colored walls. For example, my bedroom has an ocean theme. The door moldings and baseboards are white as is some of the furniture. The walls are painted an ocean blue/green color that looks wicked cool against the white. I just love it. Hey, I should try to translate that to a scrapbook layout! Well, I look forward to seeing Martha’s scrapbook products and, like someone on the CKMB said, we can always use our 40% off coupons if her stuff is pricey! The word is that her products will be at Michaels Stores starting this April. My Mike’s is always slow to get new things, so please let me know if you see any “Martha” stuff at your Mike’s, k?

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    I’ve never been a fan of Martha. I like her magazine, but she’s so expensive and her stuff never goes on sale (I used to work at Joanns back in college)

    We shall see what her new products look like though. EK Success is really good

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    Omigosh! If I worked at Joann’s, I’d never bring a paycheck home. It would all be spent on you-know-what.

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    Jackie says:

    My Michael’s said her stuff arrives on the 28th of April!

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    Hi Jackie – That is the official date I’ve heard too, but some Mike’s are putting their Martha Stewart stuff out as of last Sat/Sun. Cheaters! I was enjoying the suspense, LOL.

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    Sandy says:

    The Michael’s in our neighborhood began putting out the Martha Stewart SB items today. They are beautiful. They are for really serious scrapbookers…no cutesy stuff.

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