How would you like to win a copy of a BRAND NEW scrapbooking mystery novel signed by the author?!?!!

Yeah, I know, right? Pretty exciting. Here’s your chance to win this book:

GILT TRIP (A Scrapbooking Mystery) by Laura Childs

Here is some information about the book and the author:

Scrapbook Store Owner Moonlights as Amateur Sleuth in Gilt Trip

Carmela Bertrand, heroine of the New York Times bestselling Scrapbooking Mysteries series, is one busy lady. Her scrapbook store, Memory Mine, is not only a haven for papercrafters but also a destination for New Orleans’ elite looking for custom cards and announcements for their society events. She has a handsome police officer boyfriend, and a social calendar filled with the city’s best social events. And, as if that weren’t enough, in her spare time – Carmela solves crimes!

For her accomplishments, the Romantic Times awarded Carmela Bertrand their Reviewers’ Choice “Best Amateur Sleuth” award for 2012, for the 10th book in the Scrapbooking Mysteries series, Postcards from the Dead.

In the newest installment in the series, Gilt Trip, Carmela attends a fancy ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ party for New Orleans business tycoon Jerry Earl Leland. But in the swirl of champagne, Zydeco music, and bad behavior, poor Jerry Earl is murdered and stuffed inside a clothes dryer. Since Carmela discovered the body, the grieving widow latches onto her and begs for help in solving the crime.

Halfway between a cozy and a thriller, Gilt Trip offers mystery and romance, in a setting peppered with scrapbooking references, and steeped in the sights, sounds, and smells of the French Quarter and its intriguing residents. In case all of the book’s decadent cajun meals make you hungry, there’s recipes for Big Easy Brownies, Cajun Chicken, and Crockpot Meatloaf.

Gilt Trip, the 11th book in the New York Times bestselling Scrapbooking Mysteries series, was released in hardcover by Berkeley Prime Crime Books on October 1st (2013). Postcards from the Dead, the series’ 10th book, was released the same day in paperback.

About the Author: Laura Childs is the author of the New York Times bestselling Tea Shop Mysteries, Cackleberry Club Mysteries, and Scrapbooking Mysteries series. She’s been making scrapbooks, cards, memory boxes and collaged cigar box purses for 15 years and describes her creative style as varying from conservative to funky. She’s also a believer that “the more layers the better” in her projects.

I’ll have the opportunity to interview the author, Laura Childs, which is also very exciting! I want to ask her questions that YOU want to know the answers to so I figured – why not tie the contest and interview together?

HOW TO ENTER BOOK GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment below with a question that you would like to ask of “Gilt Trip” author Laura Childs. That’s it, easy as pie. No Twitter, no Rafflecopter helicopter stuff, just a comment. For reals.

DEADLINE: Sunday, November 10, 2013 at midnight PST
*Open to mailing addresses in the US only

Please make sure when leaving a comment that it includes a way to reach you if you win – a link to your blog, your e-mail, etc. Winner will be selected by random draw. Thanks and good luck!

PS: If you’re too anxious to wait for the giveaway (or would prefer a Kindle version instead of a hard copy), the book is available NOW for sale RIGHT HERE. If you’d like to check out the 10 other Scrapbooking Mysteries by Laura Childs, you can find them all HERE. Happy Scrappy Reading!!

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  1. avatar

    I would love to win! I just recently discovered that there are books about scrappers. Seems like kind of a duh moment, huh?

  2. avatar
    Kathy Freeman says:

    I would like to know if you try all of the different projects that your heroine does, or if someone else tells you about them. They’re all so complex-sounding, but I’d love to do them!

  3. avatar
    judi moore says:

    Sounds wonderful… Had no idea there were scrapbooking novels out there. I’d love to know how you thought about starting a series of books involving scrapbookers.

  4. avatar
    Carol in the Land of Oz says:

    You are my source of inspiration. I love to read and have loved reading all the suggestions you have made about these scrapbooking novels. I just completed a page titled “I love to read” and talked about how my reading began with reading lots of Nancy Drew books, then Stephen King (in college), then romance books until I had children, and I have come full circle to reading Nancy-Drew-esk type books with these scrapbook murder mysteries combing two things I enjoy! so keep them coming, I might have to buy the whole series (I am kind of anal like that—this is the tenth book). Thanks

  5. avatar
    Meredith says:

    I love your scrapbook series as I’ve read a few so far. I would like to know what you like to scrap about? Thanks for the chance to win. I can’t wait to get reading!

  6. avatar
    Carol in the Land of Oz says:

    correction this is the 11th book

  7. avatar

    Since you are a writer, is there a lot of journaling in your scrapbooks – or – do you let the photos tell the story? Thx for the chance!

  8. avatar
    Amy G. says:

    I have read several of Laura’s scrapbook mystery novels. I love all of the details in the books about New Orleans – food, history, celebrations, etc. So my question for the author is has she ever lived in New Orleans? Also, how does she determine what scrapbook project the ladies will work on in the book?

  9. avatar
    Teri Pannesi says:

    How did you get started writing mysteries around scrapbooking and what you’re favorite type of scrapbooking? Digital, hydrid, all paper, Project life? Do you go to crops?
    Keep the stories coming, I’ve read them ALL!

  10. avatar
    Cindy Jones says:

    Do you have to research details of crimes or is it something that comes naturally for you?

  11. avatar
    Vicki J says:

    I have only read two of her books but love them.. something comforting about reading about our favorite hobby. I would love to know if she actually has time to scrap since she writes and if there is a certain type of page she enjoys creating (travel, holiday, daily life etc)

  12. avatar
    Alma-Marie says:

    I love the book series and I am awaiting the 11th book! Please ask if Carmela’s lovely beauty winning best friend Ava Gruiex will ever find a steady Beau? I think it would be fun to see them pal around as a foursome, as they solve these mysteries. I don’t think it would change the dynamics if the make him a cop or detective too. Laura have meant another cop that likes Ava, but she hasn’t developed that relationship. Thanks I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  13. avatar
    Kelly W says:

    I love Laura Childs! I’ve been reading her books since the first one came out. She always writes about new & interesting techniques. I would love to know what her “can’t do without!” Item is!

  14. avatar

    I have read all of these books and her tea room series, too, and I would love to win one. Thanks for this opportunity!

  15. avatar
    Merrilee W. says:

    I’d love to know if she gets time to scrapbook since this book series took off.

  16. avatar
    Colleen O says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one! I love to read and I love scrapping so this is right up my alley!

  17. avatar

    Guilt Trip sounds like a great read! I would like to know if she considers cooking another creative outlet of hers?

  18. avatar
    Julie S. says:

    I have been following Laura Childs since I first heard her interview with the Diva Danielle Forsgren from San Diego! I have every one of her books and even a few from the tea mystery series too! Love Carmela and Ava. Never a dull moment with those two on the loose and love the history of New Orleans in your books.

    I would like to know how Laura finds the time to scrap, research and write such wonderful stories? What is her secret to finding this balance in her life? And what is her favorite embellishment she loves to use on her layouts!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an autograph copy! Scapbookers paradise!

  19. avatar
    jackie says:

    love her books! I have her first 3/4 and need to get the ones that came after that..and would love to win this one! thanks for giving us a chance.
    jackie from beautiful southwest Virginia

  20. avatar
    Alison says:

    Ooh, SnY has gotten me addicted to reading scrapping mysteries. I would love to win a copy! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  21. avatar
    peggy dannel says:

    love to have another one

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