HA! Love it :) For the Sopranos of Scrapbooking …

ETA: It’s from CAFE PRESS.

Just a quick entry to say hi and let you know I’m still alive. So much going on this time of year. I haven’t scrapped lately, have you? I’ve done a bit of scrap-shopping though (somehow, there always seems to be time for that, huh? strange …). I’ll post pics soon.

Hope all is well with you. Check in and say HI!

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    Hey girlie! Hope u are well! Nice t-shirt! Where did u find it? Did I not pre-order some of the destinations line
    in my last e-mail? Let me know….haven’t personally scrapped much either. just been working on my shop creations. I think we always find time to shop bec/we don’t have to leave the house or bed for that matter to do it! Raise your hand if you love on-line scrapbook shopping! (HAND RAISED!) Let’s catch up soon!

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    Love the t-shirt, you must tell us where you found it! Also, I’ve been scrapping, but I’ve had to push myself. Making surprise book for my son’s college travel abroad trip, so I want to get it done before he’s an AARP member!
    JODI: Love on-line scrapbook shopping, and my credit card company loves it even more!!

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    Hey girl, cute T. I sent you a big long email, hope you got it. Hope all is well.

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    LOL, I love this t-shirt, how fun.
    Yes, there is always time for shopping for supplies ;)

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    What a great tee!!

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    LOL! Great T shirt! And there’s no such thing as no time for scrapbook shopping! Shopping is half the fun of the whole creative process!

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    My crew and I bought these shirts a couple of years ago and now refer to ourselves as the Scrapbook Mafia!

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