Available May 11, 2010, there’s a new special issue by Creating Keepsakes called “Fast and Fresh Scrapbooks”.

HERE is where you can buy it online, and get a sneak peek inside. HERE is a free shipping code offer that ends MAY 16, 2010. You can also go to Lisa Bearnson’s BLOG and enter a comment to win a free copy (do this by THURSDAY, May 13, 2010). She also has a shipping code to get 20% OFF (must use by May 31, 2010)!

I took the peek inside and I spy some work by one of my favorite scrappers, ELIZABETH KARTCHNER. Did you know she’s pregnant with BEBE #3? And in other happy news, so is EMILIE! She told her family in the most FUN WAY. Congrats to both of these beautiful moms. It would be totally typical of me to say something like, “Yeah! More scrapbooking material!” so I totally won’t say that. I don’t like to be typical :)

Anyway … back to my original topic: The new CK special issue. If you get it, you MUST come back and give us a review. I’m sure I’ll be buying it as soon as I see it in the store. Yeah, I can’t seem to resist even though I have every scrapbooking magazine and idea book known to man. “Wait, you say that like it’s a BAD thing?” {I could have worse vices …}

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    I’d love to hear some reviews, too. I’ve been worrying less about my pages and able to get more done.

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    Rosa says:

    I got the issue at Michaels in Clifton, NJ this week on wednesday. It is awesome. I loved the articles on a much simpler approach, especially when you are back logged on pictures like I am, and especially the “phot-album scrapbooking” tips. I reccomend it. The layouts are colorful and easy to scraplift. I was happy to see Erin Lincoln’s layout.

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    I wrote up a review of the issue here- https://scrappyjedi.blogspot.com/2010/05/ck-special-issue-review-fast-and-fresh.html

    Hope it’s okay that I linked to my blog, but the review is kind of long.

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