Why oh why must they tempt me so? I’m such a sucker for Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps. These are next on my list:

I love how you can use the top stamps to date your event, by circling the date and you can use the blank box for the year stamp or just write something cute in there. For the bottom ones, the possibilities are endless. You like?

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    I love those. I bet you can buy the digital brushes/stamps… from designer digitals.

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    Wow oh WOW!!! I am liking these.

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    Oh Erika…. everytime I come here lately, I find something else I want! :) Thanks for sharing them (and enabling me!). LOL

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    Thos stamps are awesome… I am definitely going to have to get some of those..

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    Kelly says:

    Is it just me, or do the stamps have 2 dates for the 21st and no date for the 22nd? Or is it just the low res pic that is tricking me? :P

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