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With the Holidays around the corner. Are you planning on making your Holiday Cards? If so when do you plan to start so you can get them all done?

Usually I buy pre-made cards because I write the oh-so-dreaded Christmas letter. But I decided to make cards this year too. I’m not much of a card maker but figured I’d give it a whirl because I so love to receive handmade cards from others. At Tuesday Morning a couple weeks ago, I found the perfect thing. It was one of the 400 bazillion piece kits that CK had on QVC. It’s the red one with all holiday goodies inside including gift bags and tags. And tons of stuff to make holiday cards.

ck xmas kit

Oh, and did I mention that the original cost was over $50 and I paid $20??? {Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me….}. If I’m really going to do this, I need to start making my cards soon. First I need to find some card sketches online. I’m going to a crop next Saturday but don’t know if I want to “waste” my crop time making cards….hmmmmm. How about you – making your cards this year? Do you usually make them? When do you start?

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    I LOVE making cards!! They’re like little LOs, but with almost instant gratification. I am going to start my x-mas cards this weekend. Since joining the CKMB x-mas swap, I have quite a few to make!! Give it a whirl. You’ll love it, honest!!

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    I have a kit like that, my little chest thingy is blue though.
    And no, I do not make cards for Christmas or otherwise. I have tried and I suck at it.


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    Yes, I make my cards every year. Have been for about 6 years now. I usually start in October so I am done well before the “rush”.

    This year I am feeling adventurous and I am doing Halloween and Thanksgiving cards too.

    Usually throughout the year I will make various birthday, get well, or just because cards too :)

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    Christie (cme37) says:

    I got that same kit from Tuesday Morning! It was such a great deal.
    I bet you heard about this on the CKMB!! They are such enablers!
    And to answer your original ?, I have made my own Christmas cards for the last 3 – 4 years. I usually come up with my own design but this year I think I will use the ones that came in this kit.

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    I never make my cards at Christmas… I tried a couple of years back but I just couldnt get finished. I write a letter….its kind of like the anti-letter. I think its hysterical…my friends say it is too…but they just might be pulling my leg. I do love that kit you got…very cool! I might have to go by tuesday morning today.

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    I made them myself year before last. I took a card making class that did embossing and stamping and was hooked. I think I may have started in Oct/Nov but I was pregnant at the time I was having bouts where I could not sleep so I was up late at night making my cards which was the only way I was able to get them done. But at least it occupied those late nights.

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    Erika Hayes says:

    I have almost completed my cards for the year including envelopes. I have made 200 the list must stop growing.. every year I add like 10 more people… soon I will need to start in January

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    yep, i actually started making them this month :) I don’t buy my cards anymore, i prefer to make them :)

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