Come on over and join us! Info is in THIS post.

The crop started tonight, went from 6pm-12am PST; it’s now 11:30pm PST and there’s still some ladies over there chatting. Which is really impressive considering it’s 2:30am for those East Coast girls still going! Wow, SO much fun and crazy stuff going on @ AMR. All kinds of prizes being given away, challenges being posted by AMR “staff” and members, classes, and a HYBRID MINI ALBUM provided by KARLA DUDLEY. I invited JOANNA CAMPBELL SLAN – she wrote Paper, Scissors, Death (a scrapbooking mystery) – to visit the AMR message board, as she has in the past. She might come by tomorrow. Stacey posted all the new stuff that will be happening in 2009. I talked to my AMR Scrap Pal on the phone for over an hour during the crop. There is a Scrubby (Scrapbookers Hubby) who has joined us and is entering his work in the challenges. I’d tell you more but my eyes are blurry from staring at the screen. Just come over and check it out. AMR is the “friendliest message board anywhere online” {says so right here on SCRAP SCENE!}. So what have you got to lose? Just click on the Scrap Scene link and it will take you where you need to go. See you there! Look me up…I’m “journeyfan.”

Just because I want to make you smile….a Karla Dudley layout….Enjoy.

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    newtn says:

    What a bummer! I’m trying to sign up, but it’s telling me that doesn’t have a valid MX record. What a bunch of baloney! Oh well, thanks for the heads-up, anyway!

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    Hi newtn ~ Stacey must’ve gotten ya fixed up because I see you chatting over there, LOL! And already entered one challenge – you GO, girl! So glad you joined us.

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    I too tried to register but go the same message “no valid MX record”

    what should I do? thanks!

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    I tried to come by the AMR crop! Really I did! And I even posted a “hello,” but I never got a response…. so I guess next time I’ll need an AMR coach to help me!

    Any hoot, Happy New Year to all my AMR friends. My new book is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon—it’s Cut, Crop & Die, release date June 2009.

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