Scrapbook Shopping: WRMK 12×12 D-ring Albums at Michaels

That, at least, is word on the street.

There have been sightings at MICHAELS of 6×6 and 12×12 WRMK D-ring albums along with some of the 12×12 WRMK page protectors. Album colors seen so far: yellow, light green, aqua, and pink.


This could either be very GOOD for my budget or very BAD for my budget.

GOOD because WRMK at Michaels means I can use 40% and 50% off coupons to knock down that $20-30 retail price per album. Now that I’m doing some much scrapping with SIMPLE STORIES and SN@P and WRMK PAGE PROTECTORS, I’m needing more and more of these albums. I refuse to say I’ve made the actual switch away from my beloved postbound albums . . . but I definitely use them quite a bit now.

BAD because . . . well, I will want LOTS! And even with coupons, these are not cheapie items like the 2 rolls of Christmas washi tape I just got at Walmart for 97 cents each.

Shooks. At the coupon price, I can see buying a few per month and using them in all kinds of ways, like photo storage, page protector storage, albums in progress before I move the pages to a postbound, etc. Have you ever seen the WRMK albums lined up on a shelf? They are so purdy.

Here are Becky Higgins’ kids’ albums:

See? I could totally envision lots of WRMK albums lined up on my bookshelves in all the candy colors <3 Until I can get to Michaels and confirm the rumor firsthand, will you please post a comment here if you've had a sighting at your store? Please let us know what size and colors of albums. Also size and type of page protectors. Prices would be great too :) I really don't ask for much, right? YAYYYYYYY! WRMK at Michaels! Happy day happy day!

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