More On Provo Craft Suing Make the Cut

ETA 4/9/10: Article deleted – please go see Scrapbook

Another great update by Nancy Nalley ~ love that girl! She writes about it in a way that even this techno-challenged scrapper can understand and remains objective in her reporting.

Since my FIRST POST on this issue last night, I’ve been thinking about and changing my opinion slightly thanks to discussions at 2PEAS and SCRAP SISTERS. Also, check out the comments on each of Nancy’s posts. There is WAY more to this than I could imagine!

Basically, what I’ve learned is that I don’t know enough about the technicalities and legalities to have an informed opinion, LOL! But I still feel, at a gut level, that what Make the Cut did was morally wrong and possibly illegal. I’ve been set straight on SCAL (thank you, Nancy!) and it sounds like a whole different set of circumstances.

Any comments from you?

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