I see in the comments section of a past post, and in THIS post on her blog, that a dear internet friend has given me this award. Her name is PATTI aka PattiMartin aka Patti’s Passion. I’m so grateful to receive awards like this. They do nothing to damage the ego, I tell ya. What they really do is remind me that I have made some really nice and generous friends through this blog and through my favorite message boards, AMR and CKMB.

Patti, I hope you don’t mind, but since I just handed out 7 awards {of another kind} recently, I’m going to just gratefully accept this one and then, I’m going to tell everyone about YOU. Okay, Everyone, here’s about Patti. She is one of THE most kindest persons I’ve ever ‘met.’ I consider her the Welcome Wagon lady of AMR (do you younger homies out there even know what a Welcome Wagon is??}. Every time we get a new member over there {and we just hit 500 members…yeah!}, Patti takes the time to post a welcome message, telling them all about the kit, the nice ladies, the Flickr gallery, etc. Her ‘Stacey Name’ is ‘Sweetest AMR Cheerleader,’ if that tells you anything. Patti is generous with her time and with RAK’s. She truly cares about everyone on the board and we all look up to her. Not to mention, she is a fabulously talented scrapper. So I hope you’ll add her blog to your list of Must Reads and, if you haven’t already, come join us on the AMR MESSAGE BOARD. I guarantee…you’ll get a welcome from Miss Patti herself!

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