Pssst! Word on the street (and by that I mean “scrapbook message boards”) is that MICHAELS now carries the ever-so-popular COPIC markers!

While you can apparently get them for a cheaper price at some online stores, at Michaels you can (at least at this point) use a 40% coupon not to mention the instant gratification. Plus you don’t have that pesky shipping charge. {I notice they have some Copic tips on their website HERE}.

I don’t know nuthin’ about Copics myself. I’m not a cardmaker (oh, the cards I’ve attempted are just dreadful … you should see them … a crime against humanity, I tell ya’).

I’m just a scrapper. Who tries to avoid getting hooked on new things like Copics which anyone can plainly see are a slippery slope of wanting more and more in every color then needing a place to store them and a book to record all your colors and … PHEW! Before you know it, they’ve taken over your life and Copics are all you can think about. Mmmmm … pretty colors …

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

It’s just something I’ve purposely tried to avoid. See, the thing is, okay, well, erm … confession time:

My name is Erika and I’ve been addicted to Stickles.
My name is Erika and I’ve been addicted to acrylic stamps.
My name is Erika and I’ve been addicted to paper stacks.

My name is Erika and I *AM* addicted to Basic Grey …
… and October Afternoon
… and Simple Stories
… and THICKERS {Lordy, lordy, Thickers, why can’t I QUIT ya’???}

So. I am trying to be older and wiser here with the Copics. I’m trying to be all Maya Angelou and say, “When you know better, you do better.” Well, I know I have Scrap-Addictive Personality Disorder so the last thing I need to do is latch on to another new thang like these here Copics.

But for the rest of ya’alls?? Pssst … word on the street is that Michaels now sells Copics … ;)

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    Paula says:

    I am just using colored pencils and water color pencils for now

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    Tanz says:

    Your blog is so funny, but how true is it – I have the same scrapbooking addictive disorder as you and as far as I know there is no cruer other then to buy more to stop the shakes that develop when you have gone a week without a scrapbooking purchase.

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    Erika, repeat after me…”I will not buy Copics, I will not buy Copics.”

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    Beth says:

    I, too, have resisted the Copics craze. I never really liked to color, even as a child! But Basic Grey…that is another story…

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    Gigi says:

    Erika, I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one with a scrap-addictive personality! I have been curious about Copics for a while now, but I have resisted because, like you, I know if I start, I will not be able to stop until I have them all! Plus, you’re right. I need to remember that I’m not a card-maker… I’m a scrapper, and I don’t need these! Thanks for the reminder!

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    Love this…. You crack me up and I so needed that this morning… thanks for the word and thanks for the chuckle.


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    Momster says:

    Don’t have a Michael’s close by, but they have been available at my Hobby Lobby for some time. They have allowed me to use my 40% off coupon on the packs. I have used them on some art journaling, and not scrapbooking, per se.

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    Hilarious…..I too am trying to stay away from the Copics! I also have a Thicker addiction and patterned paper for that matter!! Good luck resisting those lovely pens….because you know….once you buy one there’s never going back :)

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    Thank you for diagnosing my disorder, lol.
    But it was a bit late, as I am loving my copics and of course wanting more :)
    Doubt if Michaels here will ever get them though.

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    These markers really are fabulous. The colors don’t fade and are easy to work with and mark on most surfaces…even photos…but let the ink dry before you place anything on it especially if it is on a pic.

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    How much?

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