The Beginning Scrapbooker

Okay, I’m sitting here waiting for the insurance company to call back, so here is a quick entry, LOL!

A very nice lady, Jan, left this comment in the About Me section of my blog:

Comment: I need the information you are providing. New to this whole thing….it’s overwhelming! Need help just getting started. I find myself buying, buying and buying some more and not producing. Taken 2 basic classes. Appreciate your contribution and the different style of blog you have available to us. Keep up the good job…it’s endless the possibilities.
Thanks, Jan
Here is the answer I e-mailed to her:

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your comment. It IS overwhelming at first! I found it that way too. The best advice I got was to just grab 6-8 current photos (don’t worry about organizing them all first and being “in order”) and scrap a layout. Keep it simple. Doesn’t have to be artwork on your first try. Heck, if you hate the page later, you can add to it, or just have a “do over.” But you have to start, right?

Have you seen Becky Higgins’ Sketches series or Brenda Arnall’s Easy Patterns book? Those are very helpful, giving you a layout (with measurements!) to copy for starters until you feel like you can do it on your own. My other suggestion is to join a scrapbook message board if you haven’t already. The ladies are so helpful to new scrappers, so you won’t regret it. Try or I’m known as “journeyfan” on both boards so come by and say hi, okay?

Wishing you all the best in your scrapping adventures,
~Erika from ScrapbookObsession

For all you experienced scrapbookers out there, do you remember what it was like to be “a newbie”? I sure do! I was beyond overwhelmed. Luckily, I had a good friend to guide me but if I hadn’t, I probably would’ve given up. Oh, shudder to think! Where would my life be without scrapbooking? (Uh, maybe….somewhere NORMAL???) Anyway, I just wanted to post this to remind us all that everyone has to start somewhere. I hope we always extend a hand out to help those who are just coming into this hobby. I admire Jan for leaving the comment, as even that can be scary when you’re new. But, Miss Jan, please hang in there. It will all make sense sometime soon, I promise. Hope to see you on the message boards, and don’t hesitate to post here or e-mail me if I can be of more help.

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