Scrapbooking Apparel: I Just Want to Drink Coffee, Scrap, and Take Naps

Um, yayup, that about sums it up! Those are 3 of the best things life has to offer :)

You can see the shirt and order it HERE. Jump soon though as the sale ends Wednesday 04-06-16.

It comes in about a zillion different colors; this aqua was my favorite and I think it looks great with the brown print. Me? I’m passing on this tee because it’s too pricey.

Speaking of which, let’s do some math: As of this posting, they show 2508 shirts sold at $24 each. That comes to …. $60,192. Wowzers! Even if you figure the shirt costs them $10 (and I’m probably being generous there), they’re still making $35,122 minus shipping costs.

Seems like a good business to be in, LOL. I know they’re paying to run Facebook ads because that’s how I found about this shirt but those aren’t terribly expensive. Their simple website is called a lead page – also not much cost.

Oh. Sorry. I went off into online bidness La La Land. But I’m back.

Cute shirt, huh? :P

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