Pinterest: How Has It Affected Your Scrapbooking?

I came across this article “Why Pinterest Has NOT Reimagined Scrapbooking” and found it so interesting.

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I left my opinion in the comments (copied here):

I’m a purely paper scrapper and don’t have a Pinterest account (although images from my blog are often linked there and I look at the backlinks). But I’m a scrapbook blogger and see that many of us are on Pinterest. I don’t think it’s become “the new scrapbooking” for most (if any) scrapbookers. I do think it’s a way that many of them keep loads of inspiration in one place … lots and lots of eye candy and ideas. I also see scrapbookers using it to keep scrapbook organizational ideas (we scrappers can have lots of “stuff” and keeping it organized is half the fun, LOL).

One of the so-called downsides I see to Pinterest is the time-suck it’s become and I hear from many that it has cut into their actual scrapbooking time. The internet in general is full of free inspiration and it’s easy to get sucked in for hours … time that MAY have been spent at the scrap table in the past. Collecting inspiration, for some, may be replacing actually creating.

But there are other online influences – like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and message boards – that have had the same effect. Have these mediums impacted the world of scrapbooking? Sure have. Have they made scrapbooking go away to any great extent? No, I don’t think so. It seems there have been recent declines in our hobby but I attribute them to other things, like the economy, the digital camera impact, changing trends, and over-saturation of the market in the early 2000’s.

One thing I wonder about Pinterest: Has it created new scrapbookers? The scrapbookers’ Pinterest boards I’ve looked at seem to also have pins for homeschooling, organization, “mommy blogs”, home decor, fashion, quilting, etc. So perhaps it’s led homeschoolers, organizational gurus, fashionistas, etc. to try scrapbooking once they see it around Pinterest? Hmmm…

Thanks for the article. Thought-provoking and well-written!

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I keep hearing Facebook Timeline and Pinterest being called “the new scrapbook.” I guess for those who never scrapbooked before, sure. Now they create a digital “scrapbook” on Pinterest or Facebook. But for actual scrapbookers, I’m not seeing it. Are you? Maybe I’m totally off base.

What do you think? Has Pinterest “reimagined” (whatever the flock that means) scrapbooking for you? Has it affected your scrapbooking in any way, good or bad? Are you scrapping more with the inspiration, or less with the Time Suck that is Pinterest?

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