Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian

I picked up Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian on Thursday with a 40% off coupon at my local craft store, BEVERLY’s.

I’ve been interested in reading both of Stacy’s photo organization books because, as I’ve talked about HERE, I’m in a constant struggle with how to best organize my photos. I wish I could’ve found her first book ~ The Big Picture: Scrapbook Your Life ~ and read it first.

But…que sera, I found Photo Freedom first and wasn’t going to pass it up. I’ve heard so much discussion about these books and her non-traditional approach to photo organization, that I grabbed the book when I saw it, LOL!

I went into reading it knowing I probably wouldn’t agree with much of what she advocates. Yes, I’m a chronological scrapper. Not in the sense that I use strap-hinge albums and MUST scrap in order since pages aren’t moveable, but in the sense that I use post albums with drop in pages but I keep my albums in chronological order. I’ve converted most of my albums to this cool SNAP LOAD system by Pioneer, so I can add and move pages as quickly as can those braggy 3-ring-album girls! {And my 2-page layouts aren’t split in the middle with 3-rings…to quote Stacy herself…”So there!”).

I’ve admitted before to being somewhat….er, um….extremely anal in most aspects of my life. {All those years I worked as a governmental budget and program analyst, I told people ‘I put the ANAL in ANALyst.’}. So, nope, even Miss STACEY JULIAN isn’t going to convince me to scrap out of order or to slap photos from different events onto one page. Maybe once in a while on a tribute page or something, but not as regular practice. But I’ve also always believed that you have to look at all sides of a story, to be willing to research other options, before you give a firm NO. Hence, me seeking out Stacey’s photo organization books.

I’m about halfway through Photo Freedom now and here’s where I stand so far. 1. Nope, I’m staying with chronological scrapping and, therefore, I don’t see myself putting all of her ideas into practice. 2. Her system is intense! But I mean that in a good way. She has really thought it all through, has found the best storage items (and suggested alternates to the reader) for each component of her system, and she obviously walks the walk, i.e. really USES her system. 3. I agree with her that ‘the kids aren’t walking out of here someday with all my albums,’ so she has a School of Life album for each child that they can abscond with someday. It’s a good compromise. 4. I love how, when she set up her system, she ‘pre-flighted’ tabs, boxes and such for upcoming months/years. You think ‘that time’ will never come, but then it’s actually here and you’re not prepared, have nowhere to sort your photos and memorabilia, and so it just stacks up. I’m with Stacy…pre-label your shizzle! 5. I love the way she does her school files for each child and will probably implement that idea (sorry, you have to read the book to see what I’m talking about).

So there’s my review so far. I’ll probably finish the book this weekend and will post more thoughts if I remember to (remember….ooh, look, sparklies….I’m easily distracted).

Do you have either of these books? What did you think? Have you implemented her system or any of her ideas? Are your photos organized and how? I want to know it all! Feel free to link to a blog post of yours if you’ve outlined your system on your blog already…

New Basic Grey for CHA 2008 Chicago

Please bear with me…I know the posts have been lagging lately. I’ve finally been in the mood to write again, but now work is slammin’…a mixed blessing :) While you patiently wait for me to get my act together, please enjoy the NEW BASIC GREY {click on Products; in the drop down, click on everything that says *New*}. I have to say I’m loving all of it. Not as much as I did in the days of Lucky and Baby Boy and Lollipop Shoppe, etc. But, yes, loving BG again. Like any long-term relationship, you love them, you hate them, you love them, you go lukewarm…You love them again. Like I said in THIS POST on AMR, I have to put Basic Grey on my Hot Tamale Train!! Whoo hoo!

What do you think…are you in a love or hate mode with BG with this new release?

New Dress Code at Michael’s??

I couldn’t find an official press release, but the rumor is that Michael’s Craft Store will soon be implementing a uniform for it’s employees. Now, with Michael’s being a hub of creativity (yeah, right!), wouldn’t you expect something kind of jazzy? Well, not to be, my friends. The uniform will consist of a black shirt and khaki pants. Creative expression aside, let me speak up here for the wide of hip like myself. You couldn’t PUT me a more unflattering pair of pants than khakis. I mean, not even if you got the dorky guy with the weird haircut from Design Star to make me sumthin’. Just….ewwwww! So, to my sistas who work in the trenches of retail craftdom that is Mike’s, God Bless ya. Now, some message boarders are finding this a welcome concept, as they are tired of seeing all manner of skin, tattoos, and general unprofessional-ness by Mike’s employees. Read all about those and other issues HERE and HERE. Well, I have to say, I’ve never paid attention to what my Mike’s gals are wearing. Guess I’m more worried about what percentage my coupon is, or how much cash I have in my wallet to cover the rad clearance item I just found. I hope they don’t do away with the red aprons, though. Now, THOSE are jazzy!

Online Crop Today @ All Moments Remembered

If you’re not already a member, you needta’ go register at RIGHT NOW!! Tell Stacey that Erika from Scrapbook Obsession sent you. Yeah, I’ll vouch for ya’, just don’t embarrass me, K? HERE’s the link. And here are some details about the crop, taken from THIS post at AMR:

It’s on July 12th from 4pm-12am EST {for you other PST girlz, that’s 1-9pm}.

Our Guest Designer – Danielle Flanders will join us at 9pm EST {6pm PST} for a Q & A – we will contain the questions in one thread.

Crop supplies (taken from THIS post) needed to do all the challenges are:

Christmas paper or stickers, etc.
non-scrappy magazine {I’m intrigued by this one, aren’t you?}

I think THIS is the forum where the crop will be set up, but if I’m wrong (entirely possible!), just look for a forum that says July Crop or similar. Hope you can join us! Like with all AMR online crops, you can jump in anytime, complete any or all challenges, and we usually have until Monday to post our layouts (or a link) to the challenge thread(s). Online crops are so fun, and will definitely get you scrapping outside your comfort zone. If you’re a DANIELLE FLANDERS fan, you also have the chance to chat with her. How kewl is that?

Just check out this girl’s mad talent – some work using the AMR July monthly kit:

Yeah, you gotta come to the crop today…

So Much To Say…So Little Time…

I have SO much to tell you! I went *shopping* today and have pics of my great finds at Mike’s and Target. I have some blog awards to accept. There’s a couple new scrap scandals brewing. I have some friends to congratulate for being pubbed. Some MB friend to thank. Lotsa exciting stuff. Alas, it’s 11pm here and I need to grab my Memory Makers Idea Gallery ’08 mag and hit the sack. DH got the day off (schweet!) and we’re all headed to the water park tomorrow!!! Yahooey! I’m sure I’ll come home sunburned, tired, and much, much poorer. TTFN…

Target…and Scrapbooking a New Hobby

In THIS recent post, I talked about the new storage system coming to Tar-jay called ITSO. Well, I just got around to checking my Target ad from last Sunday and there ITSO was! It’s on sale this week, so guess where I’m going tomorrow?? WALMART! Just kidding. It works out well, I have a prescription sitting @ Target that they’re about to put back because I haven’t picked it up. And I’m going to try out their photo developing kiosk. Someone told me you can do the 2×3 photos on there, of two different shots. When I tried it at Longs Drugs, you had to do 2 of the same shot which was mucho aggravating. Luckily, it was a school event so I gave the extra photos to the school. It’s seriously way past time to develop all these photos on my digital card. We went letterboxing yesterday (more about that later), and I actually *GASP!* ran out of room on my memory card. Shizzle! Luckily, I had my little Kodak Advantix in the car, but just not the same, ya know? Tonight I’ve been squinting at the tiny window on my digi cam, going through and deleting unneeded photos {weirdly, there were tons of pix of scrapbooking supplies…hrmmm}. So I feel better now, I reduced my number of photos on my card (taken from Feb. til now) from 1145 to 993 (deleted 152, whoo! See, while a good effort, that deserves just a whoo, not a full whoo hoo}. SO…now I can take pix tomorrow of all the stuff I want/need to Craigslist for my own Get Rid of Your Crap…I mean, Cool Scrap Stuff challenge on AMR. Speaking of which {sorry folks, my mind is like a hamster’s…I’m running along on the wheel then all of a sudden…ooh, look, shiny stuff!}, NICOLE started a cool scrapbook garage sale BLOG for everyone to advertise their wares. Whether you’re shopping or selling, go give it a peep. Yeah, so I need to take my photos, get them posted to Craigslist, and to that blog. I’m vending my Memory Works things at a crop on August 8 & 9, so maybe I’ll sell some stuff there. But like a dummy, I made the deadline for my Challenge 8-8-08. Dork.

Now, for letterboxing…have you done this??? How come no one told me?!??! Sheesh, I thought I could count on you girls. I give you the scrappin gossip and enabling, you give me the latest trends and fun stuff in the rest of the world. Thanks to Janis/JANOBEAN, I first heard of letterboxing from THIS post on AMR. I’m home with the kids all week so what better time to get them out of the house and try this thang? In a nutshell, you go to, find your region or community, and find out where letterboxes have been hidden. Then grab a map and go find ’em! A lot of them have a story that goes along with the box, so it’s fun to read that and it gets the kids more involved. I printed out 6 from a beach town near us, since it was so hot here and the coast sounded lovely. Most of them are outdoors, but our first try was to begin inside a business establishment. However, when we got there, it had closed for the day. Strike Out #1. We found the next one, tied to the exposed roots of a tree at the water line. We opened the waterproof box, found all the messages from other letterbox-ers, and ~ oopsie ~ apparently, we were supposed to have our own special stamp to leave with our message. Ah well, we’ll bring one next time. We wrote our message, put the box back where it was, and high fives all around. Success #1!

The next one began at a coastal hotel, took us on a walk near a bird sanctuary, looking for “stars” on the ends of tree trunks, and finally digging through eucalyptus leaves under a fallen tree. I don’t know if the box wasn’t there, or if there were just too many leaves to find it, but no luck. A family walked by, saw us digging around and reading the instructions, and said, “Are you guys letterboxing?” I’m like, “WTF??? EVERYone knew about this but me???” I swear. Anyhow, Strike #2. Our next endeavor took us traipsing through a misty golf course, hiking through a field, only to discover we’d parked in the wrong “lot with the Dogs on Leash sign.” Asked some directions, began climbing a rocky trail, got passed by a goth couple and their pit bull (given my recent experience with Pits, you know I nutted up big time!), huffed and puffed my fat a** all the way to the top, was jealous of the 4 ladies having a sunset wine and cheese picnic at the top, found the geo land marker, dug around under a boulder, and….no letterbox! We were bummed, but wait, lift your head up silly! The view was 360 degrees of AB-solutely Breathtaking. It was too foggy to see the ocean, but the landscape around there was beautiful and, with the sun going down, everything was golden. Wow, that’s what it’s all about, ya know?

However, back to Letterboxing Reality, that was Strike #3. We hiked back down the hill to our car, then it was on to the marina, past the cafe, up the wooden steps, then the stone steps, look for the geo-whatever marker, take 18 paces at 105 degrees, find a loaf sized rock under a lichen-covered boulder leaning against a eucalyptus tree. After checking every ding-dang tree at the top of that hill, we ended up finding it back near the first tree we looked at (yeah, figures). The loaf-sized rock had been moved but we found the letterbox anyway – whoo hoo, we got to leave another message and savor the feelings of Sweet Success (Success #2, that is). By then, we were starvin’, Marvin. We found a cool seafood place to eat at 8:30, gobbled our dinner, grabbed Momma a coffee for the drive home, and let’s just say I was the only one awake by the time our car drove in the driveway. So, if you haven’t tried Letterboxing, I highly, highly, highly recommend it. At one point, one of my kids looked at me with a huge smile on their face and said, “THANK YOU! Thank you, mom, for bringing us letterboxing!” They’ve been bugging me all day to print out some more and asking, “When can we go again??” And you bet I’m scrappin’ these memories…

HSN Scrapbooking and a Mega 3 Birds Special

Hey, whadyaknow? I’m back. Well, I’ll try to be back and see how it goes. If you read THIS post, you know I lost my buddy Dallas a week ago Friday. I have to say, times like this make ya understand clinical depression. I’ve been lethargic and spacey and severely sad. I’ve slept a lot to try and avoid the sadness. I’ve been “flat” and weepy and angry and you name it. It’s one thing to lose a pet you’ve loved and snuggled for 11 years, but to lose him the way we did, it’s just too much to deal with sometimes. I appreciate SO much the well wishes I’ve received here on the blog, and from my sistas on CKMB and AMR. I’ve found out what a strength “all these ladies I don’t even know” truly are. So, time to dip a toe back in the water, and write a quick post. About what else? Scrapbook shopping…

It’s time for some HSN Scrapbooking {and forgive me for not giving you the proper “heads up”}. Here’s the sked:

Tuesday 7-8-08
12am, 1am, 5am, 8am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 9pm
*These times are EST; adjust for your time zone

The 2peas girls are talking about the TODAY’s SPECIAL HERE – too much of a good thing, perhaps? CKMB’ers are chatting about HSN too…HERE. And HERE the question is, “Is she preggers, or just wearing an unfortunate blouse?”

Here’s the Today’s Special in all it’s glory:

3 Birds Exscrapaganza All-in-One Craft Kit Item: 319-918

Storage box
48 sheets of printed pattern paper 12×12
24 sheets of solid cardstock with linen-textured paper 12×12
Mini goodie box
1,799 cardstock stickers
330 chipboard shapes (many with glitter)
343 chipboard die-cuts (many with glitter)
24 buttons
24 jumbo brads
51 glittered felt die-cut

What do you think of that megalopolis of a scrapbook kit?

Taking a Break…

As you animal lovers know, having a dog is sometimes pretty close to having a child. Well, I lost my beloved dog, Dallas, this morning. He was killed by 2 dogs that live next door, aggressive ones that we’ve complained about to Animal Control since the family moved in last summer. I’m beyond devastated. We called Dallie “our firstborn” because he was our spoiled rotten baby before we had kids. He was just a love, sweet and smart and fun. Well, I’ll be signing off for a bit, don’t know when I’ll feel like writing again. Here’s a layout I posted before…about Dallas. Please say a prayer for my baby.


The Cycle of Life: Purge…Then SPEND!

Just thought I’d share a Challenge I posted over on the All Moments Remembered MESSAGE BOARD. If you’re not already a member over there, you should come join us…I’m dangling a little RAK and maybe a SPECIAL RAK in front of you. Here, scrapper, scrapper….come to mama! Seriously though, we have a blast over there. Everyone is so nice, so supportive, so helpful and not a snarky tone ever to be heard. It’s refreshing and I know you would like it.

{Note: For all the AMR pimping I do, you’d think I was a paid sponsor or something. But really, truly I’m not. I just believe in sharing good things with you…that’s my only motivation. I pinky swear…}

Okay, here’s a short version of the challenge….to see the whole thing, go HERE.

Let’s get rid of all the scrap stuff that, while still in excellent shape, we’ll never use. It’s just taking up space and clogging our creativity. Don’t you feel the Urge to Purge?!?

Here’s the challenge: Sell your unwanted scrapbooking, stamping and/or papercrafting supplies. You can use any means you like, whether to friends and family, having your own garage sale, or listing it somewhere like Craigslist or E-bay.

Report back in this thread what you sold. Then use some or all of that cash to GO SHOPPING at the AMR STORE!! Once I verify with Stacey that you indeed spent at least $25 of your profits at AMR, I’ll send you a little RAK for playing.

To earn a RAK:

1. You must spend at least $25 retail at AMR (that’s the price BEFORE tax and shipping).
2. You have until FRIDAY, 8-8-08 to spend.
3. There will be a SPECIAL RAK for the person who spends the largest dollar amount (retail) with Stacey!!!

Thanks for playing I can’t wait to hear about what you sell, and what you get to buy at All Moments Remembered!!

Then I posted some tips for selling your scrap stuff on CRAIGSLIST. My bud Jingle (Jennifer aka Queen of Chat) posted some wonderful E-BAY tips. Hope you come join our challenge!

ITSO Scrapbook Storage @ Target

Thanks to a post by VERONICA/Miss Onigur at CKMB, I found this cool new storage line that is at or will be coming soon to a Target near you…and it looks perfect for scrapbooking storage. Can I hear a WHOO HOO?!?

It’s called ITSO and here’s a pic of the storage cube, which measures 14.75 x 14.75 x 14.75″ and costs $26 for a set of 2.

Here’s a LINK to what they called Craft Room and there are 5 items there, including these Storage Drawers (2) which cost $50 for both.

It says it’s made of “sturdy plastic” so I’m wondering if this system can hold up to all the heavy papers, punches and other scrap crap we tend to load it up with. Oh darn, guess I’ll have to buy a cube to find out, LOL!

If you want to take a look at the entire ITSO line at Target, HERE is the link. After cruising around their offerings a bit, here are a couple more of my favorite items…not just for scrapbooking storage, but for anywhere in the home.

Small Fabric Bin, $12 for a 2-pack

Cube with 2 Drawers, Maple for $40

What do you think of ITSO??

A Review: Cricut Solutions Shape Storage Binder

EMILIE AHERN {one of my fave bloggers and I adore her blog music} posted a review of the new CRICUT SOLUTIONS SHAPE STORAGE BINDER over HERE on the Craft Critique blog.

I really appreciate that she did, as I’m now convinced I DON’T need to spend my money on one. What do you think? Will you or have you? Love to hear some more reviews…

While you’re over at CRAFT CRITIQUE, I hope you’ll look around. It’s a wonderful blog if you need to find a review of a craft product. For instance, I enjoyed reading the review of one of my latest obsessions, STICKLES (which I buy, of course, at ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED). Also, I found THIS review of the new flocking system by Doodlebug Designs. The company I’m a consultant for, MEMORY WORKS, recently started to carry this product and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! The review at Craft Critique just got me more excited :) So go take a browser over there at CC…good stuff.

Speaking of AMR, Stacey is adding a lot of new products recently. All that overdue CHA stuff must finally be hitting her doorstep, LOL! Check out these cool JOURNALING TICKETS by her boyfriend Timmy (aka TIM HOLTZ). I just love ’em, and lots of other new stuff at AMR so go check out the store! Stacey BLOGS about the new stuff as she adds it, and you just aren’t going to find better or sweeter customer service anywhere. If you order from Stacey, you’re a forever friend and will be treated like gold…

What’s @ Mike’s These Days…and a Coupon Too

HERE is the latest Mike’s coupon, good for 40% off any item (except Cricut) through June 28, 2008.

And speaking of Michaels, I wandered through there the other day and took some photos with my iPhone. Come on a tour with me, won’t you?

Ladies, it is a momentous day in scrapbooking history. My Mike’s got their first ever sets of acrylic stamps. Well, I mean large sets, not just the little dollar sets. These are pretty rockin’. I’ve heard others talking about them on CKMB and such but never thought I’d see them in my lifetime, but there they were. And $4.99 seems like a good price…

These are on my list…oh, the journaling possibilities!

And these too…wouldn’t they be fun to stamp in any different color, and then use Stickles in the dots??

One of my favorite words ever is in this pack…can you guess what it is?

These epoxy alphas with some bling were new; they come in black or silver. There were other sets that were patterned and brighter colors too. I’d never seen this brand at Mike’s before…wow, they’re living dangerously over there, aren’t they?

Next was a row and a half of new bling. Oh, what to choose, what to choose??

The border punches are multiplying but, nope, not a one of the ever popular FISKARS THREADING WATER PUNCH.

All kindza new Prima flower goodness…

I saw this bottle and immediately thought….”beach layouts”. The colors are so soft and ocean-y. I’ll be back with a coupon for these, oh yeah.

Still not a big Martha Stewart fan, but I thought these gift tags would make cool journaling spots.

My Mike’s still had plenty of Skittles, and on Clearance no less! They were in two different sections of the store so if you’re looking for some in your Mike’s, you might need to make the rounds of the entire store.

I went looking for “uh” foam sheet or three {cuz I’ve heard several places lately ~ including HERE ~ it makes your stamping sharper if you put some under your work}. but didn’t want to shell out 8 bucks when I only needed a few. Hmmmm…maybe I could sell them on E-Bay for a dollar a sheet, LOL. Nah….

Well, about the time I took my second photo of Skittles, store employees started giving me the stink eye. Did they think I was some kind of Skittle Spy? I dunno but the iPhone went back in my purse. I checked the mags and the dollar bins, with nothing new. You probably won’t believe me but I left the store empty-handed. Yes, I really really did! Um, no cash, no coupon, no want hubby to see another Mike’s charge on the debit card. Like any good member of the Scrapbook Obsessed, I took photos and made mental notes, all in preparation for future trips to Michaels.

Our tour is now over. You may return your seats to the upright position and please exit to the left over the wing. Thank you for flying Scrapbook Obsession…

OMG!!! Studio G Series 12 Stamps Just Fo’ Me!!

My Best Scrap Pal in the World” Gay sent to them to me for a belated birthday prezzie! I’m SO excited!! I’ve been wanting these MONTH stamps but my stupid Mike’s hasn’t carried them so far. Maybe we’ll get them in 2011 but I don’t want to wait that long, so thanks Gay! You totally rawk, girlie!

Oh, in case you were wonderin’ (yeah, I KNOW you were….), there are 4 more sets in this series: 3 sets of alphas and a random flowery one. Personally, I didn’t want those 4 other sets; don’t think I would use the alphas and I’ve heard they’re so small, they don’t stick to the acrylic block uh-TALL. And I have enough random flowery Studio G stamps already. I mean, if someone were standing on the street corner handing them out with a free Starbucks and a free large fries from McDonalds, I’d TAKE them, but here’s a pic of the complete Series 12 for those who would like to collect them all:

Okay, here’s the rest of my goodies from my Best Scrap Pal Ever…

She gots me sum MAMBI rub-ons and Soft Spoken with a Family/Faith theme, as we have vowed to both work on our Faithbooks. Along that line, Gay shared with me her favorite Bible study author, Beth Moore. Then some yummy brown Stickles, clear skittles, and a beautiful handmade card. I SO don’t have cardmaking talent, so I really appreciate it in those who do. It’s just so, so pretty.

THANK YOU SCRAP PAL!! Luv ya!! Mwuh, mwuh!! Watchie your mail for a lil thank ya…

A Father’s Day Challenge

A HUGE “thank you” to grammy-b/Bren on the AMR MESSAGE BOARD for hosting the FATHER’s DAY CHALLENGE. I was very scared to scrap about my dad, who died almost 15 years ago. Thanks to the challenge, and encouragement I received from my AMR friends {who truly ARE my friends!}, I did it.

WARNING: If extremely personal journaling makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this, LOL!

ETA: I see that when I enlarged the photo, it made it too blurry to read so here’s the journaling:


It’s Father’s Day 2008…almost a full 15 years since you passed away in July 1993. I’ve been scrapbooking for 7 years and yet this is the first time I’ve scrapped anything about you, such a huge part of my life. I finally did it because I was “challenged” to. And because it was time. Tears are streaming down my face as I scan this old photo to use on my layout, and as I write this journaling. This is SO hard! THIS is why I haven’t done this before. I don’t want to feel this pain. I want to go on with my happy life. And all I can think and feel as I remember you is…WHY AREN’T YOU HERE??

This photo of us at my wedding hangs on the hallway wall outside my bedroom door. I see you every single day, in the photo and in my mind. Sometimes, when no one is looking,I place a kiss on my finger, reach up and touch it to your mouth. When you died, I heard from others that “time heals.” I thought this would get easier. I thought, after 15 years without you, it wouldn’t still be so painful, hurt so much. But everyone lied. It does not get easier. In most ways it gets harder.

When I graduated from college after 13 years of part-time school/full-time jobs, you were not in the audience with your quiet smile. When I had my children, you were not there to touch a newborn’s cheek. When I’ve struggled through illnesses and hard times, you weren’t here to hug me, wipe my tears, and tell me I am the best and I’ll be okay. When my kids have done things that made me so proud I wanted to burst, you were not here to burst with me.

After you died, and some other things happened in my life, I became a Christian. That’s helped make sense of some things. That’s helped provide comfort and perspective. My relationship with Jesus Christ has helped me see things in a new light, and I know you are okay. But the fact is, you as a physical being, you as the Daddy that can hug and hold and speak in words that reach my ears…YOU are not here. There is nothing that will ever make that easy or fair or less painful. So, 15 years after you died, I just wanted you to know that I still love you and miss you with all of my heart, all of my soul.

And I wish you were here.

At first, I thought I’d just post it over at AMR because those girls make me feel so secure. I know they won’t take it lightly, won’t criticize or see the imperfections. But then I figured, what the hey, let’s post it to the blog too. Scrappers are nice people and it’s OKAY to share parts of yourself, right? So thanks for looking and maybe I can Pay It Forward by inspiring YOU to scrap about something you’ve been avoiding because it’s too painful…

My Scrappy Weekend…

Sorry I’m just getting to’s Friday, for Gosh Sakes. But I wanted to tell you about my scrappy weekend. Last Saturday, I held a one-day crop at a local hotel. There were 10 ladies and myself and we scrapped from 10am to 10pm. I was ready to go til midnight but everyone started packing up around 9:30. I think with summer here and the kids out of school, all us moms are just exhausted. Cuz I’ve NEVER had everyone leave a crop before the last dying breath of time, LOL.

Anyway, it’s 10pm, almost everyone is gone except one sweet friend and her teenage daughter who came to scrap with her. They are the cutest pair…just scrapping and bickering and laughing and encouraging each other whole time. They seem to think with the same brain, kwim? I kept telling them they sounded more like sisters than mom and daughter. Anyways, they helped me pack up the last of my ‘for sale’ stuff and the food and drinks, and I was going to stay there by myself with just my own crop stuff. I’m figuring, everyone at home is in bed so who cares if I’m home at 10:30 or 1am, yaknow? I had my scrap crap spread out on a big table all to myself, there was no laundry room or kitchen or kids or phone ringing…why not take advantage of the sitchee-ation and SCRAP! Besides, I was so hopped up on Starbucks and Diet Coke, I mean, why waste a good buzz?

I finally convinced my friend and her daughter to go on home, I’d be fine, it was a safe hotel in a safe area and I could pack the rest of my things and be fine getting home. THEN! We start hearing all this commotion in the lobby of the hotel, which is just down the hall from the event room we were in. Turns out a wedding reception had just broken up and all the drunk, er, um…HAPPY people were arriving back at the hotel. Groups of people are lingering in the lobby, walking up and down past the crop room, stumbling, being loud and obnoxious. My friend is then like, “You’re not staying here. Let’s pack up your stuff.” Shizzle! I was so bummed. As we’re packing, this little cutie patootie young guy (he’s about 23 or so) comes in, looks around, says, “Wuz thish?” and my friend tells him, “Scrapbooking,” and he says, “Oh, am I in wrong plashe? Cuz I jush love shcrap-booking.” It was all we could do not to bust out laughing right there! Talk about ROFLMAO! Anyhow, so ended my dream of a few hours of quiet, non-interrupted scrapbooking time…

On Sunday, I slept in, unpacked the car, got my scrap area back to some semblance of organized, and then decided to do what any decent scrapbook consultant would…I went shopping with my profits from the previous day. I mean, duh, isn’t that why I do it? So we can shop without guilt! First went to Tuesday Morning and that was a bust. They had nothing worth standing in line for, LOL. Next was the Dollar Tree and I found these:

One lone pack of Fake Thickers. And some adhesive back-ups. Not bad, only 3 bucks. Then on to Michaels with my 50% off coupon in hand. I found this:

I’m addicted to those Prima flowers with the text printed on them. It’s so nice to find something that’s unique and different at Michaels for once. There went the 50% coupon. All those little bitty sticker packs were $1 each and I’ll use them for crop goody bags. I got duplicates of the ones I wanted for myself, all the flowers :) The AHOY title sticker from Just Jinger was only $2 on Clearance. I’d been eyeing that for awhile for my cruise pages, so I’m glad it was on sale. Brads, eyelets and snaps were on sale @ 3 for $5 so I stocked up on those. What a great price; they’re normally $3 each I think, so that’s $18 worth of brads for 10 bucks {see how good I am at the justifying things? I’m not SPENDING money, I’m SAVING money!}. I mean, we all need brads right? They’re a scrapping staple, like adhesive and cardstock. Whaddya mean, no?

Okay, moving on to Beverlys which is like my version of an LSS; it’s a local chain craft store with about 4 aisles of scrap stuff and it’s got some pretty cool stuff. Check out my loot from Bev’s:

Abacus, by Reminisce. For last day of school pages:

My Guy/Wisdom, by KI Memories. To cut up for all the cool phrases and quotes:

Green, by Deja Views. This one’s so stinkin pretty, I won’t be able to use it. I want to just frame it as is, and hang it on the wall. The photo doesn’t do it justice. There are pretty, delicate little butterflies and flowers, the color is gorgeous and the cut out edges are too die for.

Honeycomb and Yellow Circles, by Sandylion. I don’t know what I’ll use these for, they just reached out to me. I got 2 sheets of the more subtle pattern for the background and can cut up the sheet with all the circles. Maybe for a funky boy skateboarding page or something. You like, or is it too weird?

Around the Corner, by Kelly Panacci for Sandylion. Love, love, LOVE! So bright and colorful and happy! Who CARES what I use it on, it’ll be fun!

For Rome photos of The Forum, etc. It’s 7 Gypsies…whooda thought?

Tropical Stripes by Stemma. Again, no idea how I’ll use it, but the colors are my faves ~blue and green~ and it’s got a shiny texture to the darker teal flower part. You just have to see this paper in person to appreciate it.

Sweet! Some WeRMemory Keepers chipboard stickers to go with some of this line I already have. It’s called White Out, and I scrapped some county fair and Rascal Flatts photos with the paper at my crop. I was just needing the finishing touch and found these. Got ’em for 40% off with a coupon.

As for the K&Co. journaling boxes…I am powerless to stop buying these. So pretty, so versatile, so useful. I’m journaling box challenged so these make it easy peasy for me. Beverlys had this entire new line of K&Co, called Sea Glass, and it’s all just gorgeous. So instead of saying something like, “Wow, Erika, you really filled your cart, didn’t you!,” admire my restraint in that all of the Sea Glass line stayed at the store except these cute little guys.

So lots of scrappy goodness there, and most of the paper was 2 for $1 except the 2 fancy sheets; the school paper and the KI were 20 cents on Clearance.

Finally, to finish my spree and general Heavenly day, I went to Barnes and Noble. One of my favorite rituals is this: Skim the New Release hardcovers and pick which books I’ll buy when they hit Costco in paperback (LOL); skim the New Release paperbacks, maybe buy one or two; skim the craft books section and look in vain for something on scrapbooking that I haven’t already read; skim the mystery section for a new Laura Childs scrapbooking mystery; and finally hit the magazine section and then get a Starbucks. As you can see, I hit B&N on the perfect day cuz lookie what I came home with, and you’re gonna be jealous if you’re a scrap mag ho like me…

{Actually, the CTMH cattie came from a friend at my crop but it was easier to take em all in one pic}. Every night, I’ve been curling up with my mags after the house is quiet. I perused them lazily today by the pool with a sun tea while the kids swam. I looked at one while waiting for an appointment the other day. I just lurve my scrap mags. And I have to give some props this time…they were really good. I’ll try to do a review in a future post cuz there’s some good stuff.

Okay, that post took so long to write, the ice melted in my drink! If you’re still here, thanks for reading! Peace out.

Sheesh, The Things I Do 4 My Scrap Friends…

This one’s for you, EILEEN. When a fellow scrapper and JOURNEY fan asks, I try to deliver. Check it out over there to the right –> I finally figured out how to add an About Me page with an avatar. Small, unobtrusive, there if you need it but easy to ignore if ya don’t…kinda like me in real life…’cept the small part.

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