New Thickers by American Crafts

Are you a Thickers addict like I am? Yes, you say?!!? Then you will be happy to know that there are some new releases coming, that might look a little………THIS!


According to my source SLAPSCRAPPY at 2peas, they are fonts you may already know and love but the colors are new and they are GLITTER. Now here’s the only kinda bad part….and you need to put on your Big Girl Panties for this one, okay? Um, they don’t ship until June 1. Which is almost 2 whole weeks awaaaaayyyyy (said in my best Jan Brady whiney voice). But we are scrappers, we are strong, we CAN and we WILL be patient, will we not? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If seeing THESE new glitter Thickers has made you fall in love with all glitter Thickers in the universe, go look HERE for the ones that are already out, along with some layout ideas.

And HERE is a link to all things Thicker….Thickerish….Thickery….crap, you know what I mean!

Any thoughts on these new releases? Any must haves?

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