CreativeLIVE, Project Life, and Mini Albums

If you watched CreativeLIVE like I did and fell in love with all those Project Life mini albums … like I did … and now you have to buy 1 or 7 . . . like I do . . . Well, there are a ton of them right HEREon Amazon.

I’m thinking about this one because I want to do THIS with it and it will match the materials exactly:

And several of these to do a series of family weddings – wouldn’t that be cool!

{Sorry if the pics are really big on your screen. The PL store is being worked on right now and the Amazon images are huge}.

I’m also thinking of getting one – don’t know which color yet, maybe Rain or Cinnamon – to showcase the 80 best photos from my Mediterranean cruise – Italy, Spain, N. Africa, Malta, etc. in 2006. You know, the one where I’ve scrapped about 20 layouts but most of the amazing photos are still sitting in a box and I never look that them? That one.

Unfortunately, Michaels doesn’t carry these nor do other big box stores that I’m aware of (please correct me if you’ve seen them!) so we can’t use our 40% off coupons :(

But here’s a little good news:

Plus PRIMEmembers get free shipping and it will be here tomorrow :) Or non-Prime, there is free shipping over $35. Oh DARN! You have to get 2 mini albums. Darn it all to heck ;)

I’ll bet these albums are SUPER popular after CreativeLIVE, don’t you think? She showed so many great examples and really got our wheels turning. I love how they’re so compact, even the ones she showed that were full – they didn’t fan out or anything.

A set number of pages {20 pages hold 80 photos + 80 cards} usually makes me kind of skeeved out but I figure I’ll just spread the photos I have throughout the album first, then go back and fill in with journaling and design cards.

Anyhoo . . . just wanted to share where you can get the Project Life mini albums. A lot of scrappers are asking on the forums. What colors are you getting and what will you use them for?

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