Blog Milestone, a Survey, and a RAK

492,348…that’s how many hits my blog has as of right now. Less than 8,000 hits to 500,000! Super cool. To celebrate this milestone for my blog, I’d like to offer a RAK of some scrapbook supplies. Nothing hugely fancy. I’m not sponsored by Making Memories or any of the big wigs….just little ol’ me, LOL! But who doesn’t want free stuff?!?!

Here’s how to play:

1. Leave as many comments ANYWHERE on this blog as you like, and each comment gives you 1 chance towards winning…. 20 comments = 20 chances, and so on…I have made 567 posts, so there are lots to choose from!

2. These comments must be left between now and when my blog rolls 500,000 hits…therefore, the deadline is unpredictable but I wouldn’t hesitate!

3. When time is up, I’ll put all your comment entries into and let it pick the winner!

4. This is open to USA and Canada readers only. So sorry, but I can’t afford to ship overseas :(

Here’s a Commenting opportunity ~ If you would please answer a few questions to help me make this a better blog:
1. How did you find my blog? Linked from another blog/site, Google search for ________?, etc.
2. Is my blog in your reader, do you have me linked on your blog, or how do you get here when you visit?
3. What topics have I not covered that you would like to see, or what topics most interest you?

Okay, looking forward to your comments and good luck in winning that RAK!! Here’s to 500 grand!

ETA: Don’t forget to include some way for me to reach you. When you log your comment, make sure your e-mail addie is correct and/or that you include a link to your blog. If I pick you and have no way to contact you, I’ll only give 24 hours grace for you to contact me before picking another winner :)

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