A Scrappy Mother’s Day? Um, No…

Well, seeing as how it was Mother’s Day today – and I am a mother – silly me, I assumed that I’d be able to do something I wanted to do and get my scrap on at some point. I mean, wouldn’t you think?

Here is what happened instead:

– DH had to work. Shizzle. Bad sign.
– I told the kids the night before that they could serve me cereal in bed; I ended up making them French toast. I opened cool gifts from them and got in a really good Mommy Love session of hugs and kisses. I saved the gift from DH to open later when he’s home.
– After breakfast, I went back to lounge in bed and fell asleep reading the new Creating Keepsakes I bought lastnight at Target.

– Upon waking, I was informed that “we” were going to play Clue.
– After an exhausting game in which Colonel Mustard was found to be the culprit, the players were famished so I played short order cook and made multiple lunches, then washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.
– Wouldn’t you know? After lunch, it was so hot, I was recruited to watch the kids swim. The water was too cold for me (kids are freaks, aren’t they?), so I hosed off all the patio furniture for the beginning of swimming season and got everything arranged and Windexed to within an inch of it’s life. I also babysat the puppy the entire time, who was quite disturbed that “his people” were jumping in this huge blue tub of water. He wasn’t clear on the whole concept and alternated between yelping, barking, licking wet people, and attacking defenseless towels.
– After sending everyone off to the showers, throwing beach towels in the dryer, feeding and watering the pup, and hanging up swimsuits to dry, I finally got in some Mother’s Day Relaxation….by doing 5 loads of laundry and cleaning the house.
– I then made tacos, cleaned the kitchen once again, and made sandwiches for school tomorrow. Washed out and refilled sports bottles, called my mom, and put a slipcover on hubby’s recliner to surprise him when he gets home.
– Before I knew it, it was reading and tuck in time. I watched Desperate Housewives and a recorded episode of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, e-mailed CATHY ZIELSKE (I know!), caught up on my message board reading and posting, wrote an entry for my transcription blog, tweeted a bit on TWITTER, and wrote out this blog entry.

Oh yeah, I was gonna’ scrap today, wasn’t I? Gah!

Hope you had better luck than me, and enjoyed some scrappy time this weekend. Tell me about your Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mom or not…

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