LOAD213: Layout a Day Starts Today!

Even though it’s only 10pm my time on 01-31-13, on the East Coast it’s past midnight. So the official start to my month-long adventure with LOAD has begun and I got my first prompt!

{If you’re wondering what LOAD is, please READ THIS}.

I’m not really sure how to blog about LOAD. It’s a paid class and I want the creator Lain to make a living. She puts a LOT of work into this. Today for instance we received an 8-minute video with a 3-page transcript and a very thought-provoking prompt. Not to mention all the other stuff that goes into LOAD.

So I don’t want to share the specific prompt, do I? {I don’t know that I’ll be sharing my layouts online anyway so that’s not a concern}. I’ll have to see how other LOAD’ers are handling blogging about the class content.

But I will say this: The first prompt is amazing! One that really makes you think, makes you take the first step out of that box you may be in. If it keeps up like this, I can tell ya’ I’m going to LOVE me some LOAD!

PS: You can still join LOAD yourself, ya know? RIGHT HERE. At this point, you won’t even have missed anything :)

Warehouse Sale: Heidi Swapp 2013

Looks like HEIDI SWAPP has decided to join in the popular scrapbook warehouse sale bonanza.

HERE are all the details.

Alas, I won’t be ordering one . . . don’t have $50 at the moment . . . too bad. I’ve really liked her recent stuff although the only thing I own is her VINTAGE CHIC line . . .

and some of the lovely epoxy title stickers.

What do you think? Will you buy the box?

Scrapbook Shopping: I’m a Sucker for a Clearance Sale!

Man, those enablers over on the Two Peas message board! They so innocently post “75% off My Minds Eye ‘All is Bright’ in the store right now!”

And stupid me, I follow the link . . . and see that super pretty All is Bright line that I wanted when it came out but didn’t get. And still want.

Resistance. Is. Futile.





So I caved and bought most of the line. Here is my order:

Chevron 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
Merry 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
Linen 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
Joy 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
Noel Banner 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
Bright 12X12 All Is Bright Paper (My Minds Eye) $0.22
All Is Bright 12X12 Chipboard Accessories (My Minds Eye) $1.24
All Is Bright 6X6 Paper Pad (My Minds Eye) $1.49
All Is Bright 12X12 Sticker Accessories Sheet (My Minds Eye) $0.74
All Is Bright Decorative Brads (My Minds Eye) $1.49
All Is Bright 12X12 Paper & Accessories Kit (My Minds Eye) $2.74
All Is Bright 4X6 Accessories Pad (My Minds Eye) $1.24
True Love 12X12 Kiss Me Paper (Bella Blvd.) $0.99 2 $1.98
A Studio G Valentine’s Item $0.00 1 $0.00
Product Sub-Total: $12.24
Shipping: $9.80
Sales Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $22.04

{Sorry it doesn’t line up all pretty}

But you can see what a difference 75% off makes, jeez! A $10.99 paper and sticker pack for $2.74? I’m in like Flynn, baby!

So, yeah, it’s January and I’m set for Christmas cards 2013, LOL. And about 30 layouts.

Huge clearance sale including “ALL IS BRIGHT” by My Minds Eye at Two Peas in a Bucket

If you want to see just the “All is Bright” stuff, click on the 75% off link in the left sidebar.

And did you notice I’m getting a free Valentine’s item? That’s another promo they have doing right now. You only have to spend $1 on any Valentine’s item and you get the free gift. So, yeah, they got me there, too. You tell me “free” and I’m the first in line ;) Yes, please!

True Love

True Love “Kiss Me” 12×12 paper by Bella Blvd.

Valentine’s promotion – free gift

I haven’t scrapbook-shopped online for quite a while. That felt good :)

Layout a Day … LOAD213 … “Scraphappier” … Who’s With Me!?!?

Only 8 more days . . . only 20 spots left . . . time to sign up!

 photo scraphappierslide_zps3d70245b.jpg

What is LOAD? Yeah, I’ve been hearing about “load” for years and never really paid attention, honestly. I knew it stood for Layout a Day and that you complete 28 layouts in a month. But that’s about where my knowledge stopped.

Eventually, through other classes I took with the creator Lain Ehmann – most notably TRUE SCRAP 4 – I learned more about what LOAD/Layout a Day really is, how it works, and how amazing it is. And now I’M JACKED, PEOPLE!!! I can’t wait for February to get here!

I thought I’d tell YOU about LOAD213 (the 213 stands for February 2013) and see if you’d like to join me :)

So here we go . . . directly from Lain:


Here’s What’s In Store in February:

28 days of brand-new video prompts and lessons, guaranteed to bust you out of any scrapbooking rut, bring a smile to your face, and make your hair shine!

Exclusive message board for LOAD members only where you can connect and chat with the coolest scrappers on the Web!

Private gallery for our members where you share your daily creations, win prizes, and strut your stuff!

Insiders-only interview with Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of The Happiness Project. Listen as she shares her secrets on living a happier life (and why scrapbookers have a jumpstart on the ordinary people)

Random surPRIZES, Hugh sightings, and fun for all!

To Preserve the Intimate and Personal Atmosphere of This Event,
Participation Is Capped!

PRIZES!?!?! Did she say PRIZES? I’m so there.

If you want to learn even more, check out THIS QUICK VIDEO by Lain. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

I’ve already joined the gallery and message board. The other attendees are posting and prepping. Again, the excitement is infectious.

When you read the reviews and endorsements HERE from past “LOAD’ers” (ha), it really makes you want to take part. {Scroll down a bit to see them}. I mean, in reality . . . I work full-time, have kids, activities, bizzy bizzy life. Am I really going to complete an ACTUAL layout a day? I don’t know. I’m realistic and thinking not.

But like one of the reviews said, the daily prompt is a quick and motivating way to start your day. Go create your layout right then and there. See what you can accomplish, right? I figure even if I get only 10 layouts done (hmm . . . there are 8 weekend days in there and maybe I’ll get lucky on 2 weekdays, lol), that’s 10 more than I probably would’ve done otherwise.

And PROJECT LIFE layouts COUNT! So I’m golden there :) Those of you who can get 28 layouts down, my hat’s off to you. I’m sure you’ll inspire me and maybe I actually CAN do it. Who knows?

Also I’m a sucker for forums and galleries. I totally {heart} talking to other scrappers day-to-day in a community of support. Everyone’s in the same boat and, from what I already know about Lain’s SCRAPHAPPY* community that I also belong to, it is truly “the nicest group of scrapbookers on the internet.”

*By the way, because I’m a member of SCRAPHAPPY.org, I didn’t even have to pay for LOAD – members attend all LOAD’s for freeeeee!!! That was one of the things that sold me to join in the first place.

So check out all the information about LOAD and think about joining us. But don’t think too long. Lain caps enrollment and the last I heard, there were only 20 spots left. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about LOAD, please post below in Comments :)

Project Life: How I Use My Epson Picturemate to Print Photos

So I decided to take on Project Life again in 2013 (I tried it once in 2009 … epic FAIL). So far, it’s really cutting into my blogging time, LOL! But, no, that’s good right? I’m scrapbooking again – woot! At home, not just at a retreat or crop . . . which is a miracle for me these days.

I’ll be posting this year about my adventures with Project Life so I hope you like hearing about it :)

One thing that’s crucial to making Project Life work for me in the long-term is it has to be SIMPLE. S-I-M-P-L-E. And fast. I’m plate-spinning here, people! (You know, like a circus act). Trying to keep everything going at once and not letting anything drop – family, work, blogging, scrapbooking, friends, volunteering, et al.

If Project Life is going to work for me, I need a fast and easy way to print photos. Sending them out to be developed or waiting in line for the photo machine at Target ain’t gonna’ work for me. I need to print at home. Yeah, it’s a tad more expensive but totally worth it.

I also didn’t want to bring software into the mix. I know there are programs such as iPhoto, Photosheet (not compatible with us Mac’ers unfortunately), and Photoshop. But does it sound like I have time to learn a new photo program much less do editing and all that crap?!?! Hell to thuh no. I barely have time to tear my washi before I pull it off the roll, sista!

So I keep it simple (see above). I print the photos straight from my camera card, no editing. I mean, this is Project REAL Life for me. It’s Day 14 and I’m actually caught up through Day 12. I owe most of that to my Epson Picturemate printer.

*photo from dphotojournal.com

I have an older model; it’s a Picturemate Dash (PM 260). I finally figured out again how to print multiple smaller photos onto one 4×6 sheet. Thank you Project Life for motivating me, LOL!

You may already know how to do this but in case anyone doesn’t, I thought I’d share the instructions I typed out to keep by the printer (for the next time I forget how to do this or my mind is spinning so fast I can’t access any available brain cells):

Epson Picturemate Dash PM 260
How to print multiple photos on 1 sheet

1. Insert memory card into printer
2. When all photos have loaded, use arrows to find 1st photo you want
3. When it’s highlighted, make sure it says Total 1, then press OK
4. Highlight 2nd photo and press OK
5. Menu
6. Print Settings
7. Layout
8. Jumbo Wallet (or see other choices below)
9. Print – which will give you a preview to make sure it’s how you want
10. Print again – photo will print

Layout choices:
Jumbo Wallet = (2) 3×4 with no border; can do 2 different photos (great for Project Life!)
50×70 = (2) 2 x 2 ¾; can do 2 different photos
Wallet = (2) 2×3; can do 2 different photos
Mini Wallet = (4) 1 ¼ x 1 ¾; can do up to 4 different photos
US Passport = (2) 2×2; same photo only
Layout-3×3 = (1) 3×3 photo
*Portait Packages and US Passport = only prints multiple copies of same photo

There are MANY more layout choices. I just noted the ones I’m likely to use. I love having all these layouts to choose from because Simple Stories “Sna@p!” is coming out with some new page protector configurations . . . including tons of new 3×4 options!! I’m using the “Sn@p!” line as the basis of my Project Life 2013 so this is very anticipated :)

MW SS snap box 1

I like that I don’t have to use a computer program to print multiple photos onto one 4×6. I just pop my SD card out of my camera and into the Picturemate and print away! I don’t know if these instructions work for other models or newer models of the Epson Picturemate. But even if they don’t work specifically, at least you can see that this CAN be done! In 10 easy steps :)

Just find the manual for your printer online and look for the section about photo layout. Then you will be happyyyyy like meeee!!!

Scrapbook Novel: “Cropped to Death” by Christina Freeburn

Wanted to let you know about yet another scrapbook mystery novel, called “CROPPED TO DEATH.” It’s by an author I’ve never heard of: Christina Freeburn.

She’s a Renaissance woman . . . former JAG officer AND a scrapbooker! Schweet. Lookie, she’s even wearing a scrapbooking t-shirt.

Here’s a description from the above website:

Former US Army JAG specialist, Faith Hunter, returns to her West Virginia home to work in her grandmothers’ scrapbooking store determined to lead an unassuming life after her adventure abroad turned disaster. But her quiet life unravels when her friend is charged with murder, and Faith inadvertently supplied the evidence. So Faith decides to cut through the scrap and piece together what really happened. With a sexy prosecutor, a determined homicide detective, a handful of sticky suspects and a crop contest gone bad, Faith quickly realizes if she’s not careful, she’ll be the next one cropped.

Sounds fun, yeah? I’ll be reading this one soon!

In other good news: The subtitle of this book is “Faith Hunter Scrap This #1” . . . which means this is the first in a series, yippee! Bring on the scrapbook novels. I can’t get enough of them :)

HERE is the link to the Kindle version on Amazon. It’s at 99 cents as of today (01-04-13). According to the AUTHOR ON TWITTER, that price is good through 01-13-13. So snatch it up quickly!

Once you read “Cropped to Death”, please come back and give a review.

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