True Scrap 4 Class Review: “Hybrid Techniques” by Jennifer Wilson

I’m continuing to review “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes, which were originally part of the huge 2-day “True Scrap 4” event in October 2012. I purchased the whole event and, although I was unable to attend “live” because I was out of town that weekend, I have really enjoyed watching the classes since then.

On the True Scrap 4 replays, you can either choose to watch just the instructional video itself or a recording of the live event = class video + ongoing chat of participants, intro by True Scrap hostess Lain Ehmann, and a Q&A with the class instructor afterward.

The next class up for review is one of my favorites: “Hybrid Techniques” by Jennifer Wilson.

It’s kind of funny that this ended up being a favorite because (if I’m being totally honest … and you know I always am, sista’) it was one of the classes I was least looking forward to. I’m such a staunch paper-only scapper who swears that I will never go digital. So even the word “hybrid” kind of turns off my interested button.


I was wrrr . . . I was wrr-rrr . . . I was not exactly right. {10 points if you know what I’m quoting!}. Well, here. Let me just show you.

I was WRONG. Okay?!?!? I was wrong. This was a great class and I think it should be one of your FIRST choices of True Scrap 4 classes to take. If you’re a VERY beginning computer-digital-hybrid scrapper like me, that is. I would not recommend it for experienced hybrid or digi-scrappers because I suspect that you already know how to do these techniques.

– How to print on a journaling card (in Word)
– How to add text to photos (in Photoshop)
– How to use Word Art (in Photoshop)
– How to print photos in any size you want (in Photoshop)
– How to print digital scrapbook supplies (two ways: DIY stickers in Word or photo-quality embellishments in Photoshop)

But these things were new to me! So if you don’t know how to do these things either, I would highly recommend this class. Jennifer has a nice, soothing, patient way of walking you through things. She shows you click by click these basic things and also how to play around with them a bit.

How to print photos in any size is great for you Instagrammers – she shows how to easily print those photos at home or send to a photo printer and a way to make sure the edges don’t get cut off. The DIY stickers ideas was a big hit among the class participants.

I think *my* most-used techniques will be the first two – printing on a journaling card and adding text to photos. I’ve been wanting to learn these things for so long, but my pledge to do Project Life in 2013 really had me wanting to learn how.

The whole Photoshop thing . . . well, I’m skerred of it. Didn’t wanna’ own it. Didn’t wanna’ learn it. Didn’t wanna’ pay a lot for it. Didn’t wanna’ go anywhere near that Devil of Digital Scrapbooking. But, well, to do most of the techniques in Jennifer’s “Hybrid Techniques” class, I’ll have to. The good news is that she provides a link where you can do the free trial of Photoshop Elements 11 (that’s the cheaper version anyway, and all a scrapbooker would need).

I’m waiting until I have some time to sit down and play with these techniques but I do plan to try the free trial. When I do, I’ve got a GREAT cheat sheet provided as part of the class – saved and bookmarked! Also – as with all True Scrap classes – I have lifetime access so I can go back and watch the video again as many times as I need to. And knowing me, it will take lots of times :)

While I’m raving about Jennifer Wilson, I thought I’d mention something else she’s doing that I’m very excited about for the new year. It’s a program she’s running on her own site, Simple Scrapper (which I’m a member of), and it’s called “Focus.”

And to introduce you to the class and see what it’s about before you pay for it, she’s offering 2 free sessions: Monday 01-07-12 @ 8:30 pm CST and Wednesday 01-09-13 at 1pm CST (2 different times to accommodate different schedules and time zones). Just pick which one works best for you. You get an e-mail confirmation and will get a reminder when it gets closer.

The purpose of this training is to share some of my best tips for simple scrapbooking and introduce the new Focus program. I hear so many talk about not enough time and getting behind etc. This year-long program will help scrapbookers hone in on what is most important and learn new skills to be more effective and efficient.

Do you want to:

Feel more relaxed every day?
Learn ways to scrapbook faster?
Finish the projects you start?
Find more time for scrapbooking?

I’d love to teach you some of my time-tested approaches for simplicity in a free training event. I want to show you exactly how to focus on what matters most in 2013 and have the best year ever! There are two dates and times, to best fit your busy schedule.

This is a perfect match-up for my other pledge for 2013: to get more scrapping done. But I need help. Obviously. I need someone to hold my hand. So I’m signed up to attend the session on 01-09-13 . . . if you sign up as well, please say “hi!”. If you click on the graphic, it will take you to the right place :)

And here’s where you go to take Jennifer’s (or any of the other great) “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes.

Hope you had a scrapalicious Christmas!!

Online Scrapbook Classes: True Scrap 4 – Last Chance for $9.95 Each!

Hey there – First of all, I wanted to apologize for not posting the rest of my True Scrap 4 class reviews in time for today’s deadline for a cheaper price (see below). But the craziness of the Christmas season took over . . . then I had a sick kiddo . . . then I got strep throat :(

I’m going to continue reviewing the classes as I feel better, but I wanted to remind you that after midnight PST tonight (12-25-12), the price increases by $3 per class. Even at $12.95, they’re a great deal though.

If you’d like to sign up or just learn more about the whole thang: “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes

Merry Christmas to all the scrapbook obsessed !!!

True Scrap 4 Class Review: “The Art of Layering” by Nichol Magouirk

As I posted HERE, I’m very excited that “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes are finally on sale.

I was especially excited (but somewhat apprehensive, honestly) to take this class: “THE ART OF LAYERING” by Nichol Magouirk (scroll down til you find it). I’m a pretty simple scrapper and layering? Yeah, not a talent I naturally posses. When I’ve tried to do layering before, my layout ends up looking like a red hot mess.

I’ve never taken a class by Nichol but I’ve always heard great things about her classes offered at Two Peas. I figured if anyone could teach me layering, Nichol could, LOL! So here is what’s included in the class, along with my random thoughts about it:

– A 38-minute video, which is on the longer side for a True Scrap class.

– Beautiful, long, and detailed handout with color photos, instructions, and supply lists.

– Great techniques Nichol uses to make her amazing layered layouts.

– I learned a great new way to computer journal on stickers (super happy about that one), a cool new way to use border stickers, and about the art of “tucking.”

– She made me want to buy a TINY ATTACHER by Tim Holtz.

– Nichol uses a lot of the embellishments I already have, adding them on to the page in ways I wouldn’t think of on my own – but I’ll be coming back to this video again and again to remind myself how to use what I have.

– As a bonus – because it’s a video – I finally learned how to properly say “Magouirk” . . . hee hee.

I have to say that one technique/layout was a bit too much for me. One attendee in Chat called it Extreme Diecutting. But if you’re into Silhouette, shadows, etc., you will LOVE it.

You know how scrapbook classes are so different, and different things appeal to different scrappers? This is not a class I would normally have taken. I’m a simple scrapper for a reason {well, other than the fact that I have as much design talent in my whole body as people like Nichol have in the tip of her pinky finger} . . . it’s because FOR ME it’s about the photos and journaling.

For others, it’s about making each page a work of art that stretches your talents and gives you a massive creative outlet. I’ll be honest and say that this class would be more geared toward the latter, if you intend to copy Nichol’s layouts or style very closely.

That said, I think it’s worth taking even for simple scrappers like me. I can take her overall concepts and pieces of her ideas to improve my own layouts, relax a little, and have more fun. Oh, and use product! ‘Cuz I’m a scrapbook product hoarder and lawdy knows I need to use up some product (so I can . . . . erm . . . shop some more).

I have mad respect for people who can scrapbook with layers and make layouts that are so gorgeous, I would want to frame them. It’s like a scrapbook isn’t good enough :) So overall, I do recommend you take Nichol’s class, “The Art of Layering.” She is an amazingly talented gal and now I see what all the fuss was about.

As much as I love Nichol now, and her amazing scrapbooking advice and techniques, even she is not going to get me machine stitching on my pages . . . not even with the cutest teal-colored Hello Kitty sewing machine ever! {There is a link to where you can buy one for yourself}.

Gosh, I look back at her layouts on the class handout and I’m just amazed at her talent. What an inspiring scrapbooker! Color me a Nichol Magouirk fan from now on :)

So if I’ve convinced you to take Nichol’s class, you can buy “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes here.

If you have taken or do take Nichol’s class,please leave a comment and let me know what YOU thought about it! I’m sure readers would love all perspectives as they decide whether or not to take this class.

Don’t forget: Buy True Scrap 4 individual classes by 12/25/12 and save $3 per class {$9.95 instead of $12.95}.

True Scrap 4 Class Review: “Stretch Your Sketch” by Gretchen Schmidt

As I posted HERE, I’m very excited that “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes are finally on sale. I know some of you have been waiting since the live full TS4 event back in October.

Here is a review of the first TS4 class I took: “Stretch Your Sketch” by Gretchen Schmidt {scroll down til you find it}

First of all, the gurl can throw down a rap. Early in the class video, she says that sketches can “get you back on the scrapbook track”. Hollaback Girl!!

She made a whole mini album using variations on 1 sketch and 1 very cute line of scrapbook paper. Super cool.

You leave class with a .pdf handout that includes:
notes from the class
5 sketches used in the class
6 bonus sketches
links to sketch resources
ideas for storing sketches
supply list for all 5 projects

These have live links!

Gretchen has a fun personality, pleasing voice, and strikes a great balance between professional and friendly. In the chat, you can tell she has a good sense of humor about herself.

Not only did I learn ways to get more use out of sketches, I unexpectedly learned some new design ideas as well. I’m not going to tell you what they are . . . you have to take the class, LOL! But they involve washi tape among other things.

One sketch used EIGHT photos, most of which looked close to 4×6/6×4. That one is right up my alley … I’m always try to cram as many photos onto a page as I can {apparently I’m incapable of that darn “only choose the bestest photos to scrap!” technique ‘cuz I scrap ’em all}. Regarding this particular layout, many attendees commented that it would be great to use for Disney layouts. I concur.

Lain even adds a link to a freebie that has to do with sketches.

One downside to not attending True Scrap 4 live is that you have to watch other people win prizes and internally pretend you’re so freakin’ happy for them :P

Like all True Scrap classes, “Stretch Your Sketch” was 1 hour total including the chat with Lain Ehmann (TS hostess) and Gretchen Schmidt (intructor) before and after the intructional video.

If you buy this or any TS4 class, you can either choose to watch just the video or you can watch the video with the chat playing at the same time.

I have to say I totally {heart} Gretchen now – not only because of this class – but because she plugged SIMPLE STORIES “SN@P!” big time {which I sell as a MEMORY WORKS consultant; you can see the entire line HERE because I know you’re curious now, hee}. She talks about how it’s perfect to use for Project Life. Again, I concur. I’m using “Sn@p!” for my first real attempt at Project Life which starts for me on 1-1-13.

So overall a really good experience with this class and I recommend it. If you do (or already did) take Gretchen’s class, I’d love to hear what YOU thought of it. Dissenting opinions always welcomed!

Also, if there are any HERE you would like reviewed first, let me know and I’ll try to get to them first!

Online Scrapbook Classes: “True Scrap 4” Classes Available for Individual Purchase as of 12-17-12!!

Back in October 2012, I talked about how excited I was to take part in my first live “True Scrap” online scrapbooking event.  I posted about HERE, HERE, and HERE.  And HERE is what started my love affair with True Scrap . . . an individual class I took from True Scrap 3 by Shimelle Laine called “The Perfect Collection” . . . still hands down the most useful scrapbook class I’ve ever taken.

… so I get a tad obsessive.  Jeez.  Didya’ notice the name of my blog by chance?

Anyway, that experience did not go as planned sadly.  I ended up having to be out of town that weekend.  I’d already registered for the event, of course, but figured at least I could watch the classes “live” from my iPhone while we were driving or I had down time on the trip.

Howevah!  That didn’t work either.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t watch on my iPhone either.  Shooks.  So I was out of luck.  When I got home from the trip, real life took over . . . as it has a tendency to do . . . and I kind of skimmed through some classes but didn’t really “take” them, iykwim.  I never wrote the class reviews I promised either (bad baaad blogger!!).

But with the fact that “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes are now – as of today 12/17/12 – available for individual purchase, it has spurred me to finally sit down and take the classes.  I’ll be providing reviews in the coming days to hopefully help you in deciding if you’d like to take any of the classes.

There is one reason to NOT wait for my reviews and just sign up already:  The regular price on these classes is $12.95, but from 12/17-12/25, purchasers can save $3 a class and only pay $9.95 per class!! Merry Christmas to you, am I right!?!

That is a great deal any way you slice it.  So sign up now.  Signs up later.  Whatevs.  Just sign up.

Here are some things to know about “TRUE SCRAP 4” individual classes

1.  They are a total of 1 hour long, including before and after chat sessions with Lain (True Scrap organizer) and the instructors.  Here are the 15 instructors, at least several that I’m sure you’ll recognize:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Erin Bassett
Monica Bradford
Kelli Crowe
Laura Denison
Jennifer Gallacher
Nic Howard
Noell Hyman
Katrina Kennedy
Nichol Magouirk
Gretchen Schmidt
Katrina Simeck
Jessica Sprague
Heidi Swapp
Jennifer Wilson

2.  When you sign up through any of my links, you’ll receive a pretty quick e-mail straight from Lain with a link to your class(es).

3.  You have the option to just watch the class video, or to watch it as if you were there “live” with all of the before and after audio and the chat to accompany it.

4.  There is also a link to the chat transcript, and oftentimes a class handout (less note-taking, yee haw!) with links and other helpful things; this varies from class to class and not all classes have handouts.

So I’ve taken my first class and am off to finish writing my review of it – stay tuned!

Okay, What Are Your Scrapbook Confessions?

LYNN GAHARY from PEBBLES INC posted a fun THREAD over at Two Peas asking for our Scrapbook Confessions. You know, those things related to scrapbooking that you’re ever-so-embarrassed to admit.

* From Designer Vinyl on Etsy

Well, as of now the thread is at 2 pages so I think we’re a guilty bunch who wants to ease our burdens a bit, LOL! I only posted one confession myself but I could relate with many … many of them. How about you?

* From Weekly Scrapper by Scrapbook Expo

Also, you gotta’ check out THIS from Angela Daniels’ blog. I’ll bet you see yourself in some of those sneaky postcards too, eh? I know I do.

Sooooo … what are YOUR scrapbook confessions? Come on. I promise I won’t tell.

Scrapbook Shopping: $99 Cricut Package from Costco

As part of their “24 Deals of Christmas” promo, Costco has a Cricut Mini bundle on sale through 12/19/12.

HERE is a link. Here is what you get:

Bundle includes the Cricut Mini® machine, a Cricut® Tool Kit, and the Teresa Collins – Sampler and Cricut Mini® Sampler digital images.
Also comes with 500 free images through the Cricut Craft Room® design software, including 4 full fonts, 50 phrases, and over 150 layered images
Cricut® Tool Kit includes a bone folder, a hook, a knife, a ruler, scissors, a scoop, and a scraper
Cuts from ¼” up to 11 ½” on paper, cardstock, thin chipboard, vinyl, stencil material, and other materials
Welcome Packet includes four sheets of cardstock to complete your first project in minutes, plus easy step-by-step instructions for over 40 projects
Small and lightweight for space savings
Compatible with Mac® and Windows® operating systems (computer and high-speed internet connection required)

Only $99.99 with free shipping through 12/19/12.

I’m somewhat tempted. I have a first-generation Cricut (Old School … hollah!). I think they call it the Baby Bug. I don’t use it all that much but I sometimes do, especially at scrapbook retreats where I can set it up for an entire weekend and use the heck out of it.

I’ve resisted the computer-dependence part of an electronic die-cutter which I know has me way behind the times. But when I think about a Silhouette Cameo, the cost, having to sell all my Cricut stuff because the carts, Jukebox, and tools will be useless … well, then I change the subject and move on.

Anyhow, I’m thinking about the Cricut Mini now. That video was very helpful. It’s small enough I could keep it hooked up on my desk. I can use my existing cartridges plus Cricut Craft Room. I’d get a tool kit. It’s cheap. And it will work with my Mac.

Decisions, decisions!

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