What is Your Photo Back-Up System? And GURRRLLL You’d Better Have One!

THIS is a great article from the CREATING KEEPSAKES MAGAZINE blog that talks about how one scrapbooker backs up her photos. In a nutshell:

– Hard drive
– External drive
– CDs
– Scan old/new photos to online backup source

My method is slightly different:

– Hard drive
– External drive
– SD cards

Since I switched to a digital camera many years ago, I’ve always kept the photos on the original SD card they were taken on. While the card is still being used in the camera, I periodically go through and delete unwanted photos. So when the card is full, it’s full of good stuff, the keepers. I eject the card, write the beginning and ending dates in permanent marker on the card, and store it in a firesafe box with our important papers.

The advantages of the SD cards as a storage method are that they are cheap, easy to find images on later, and super small and easy to store. I’m no techie but I also assume that, since they are a later technology than CDs, that I will have the ability to “read” them longer than I would using CDs. One question I have but have never researched is the longevity – anyone know? I think the archival CDS have a super-long retention time so maybe that would convince me to also CD backup if I find out the SD cards won’t retain my images for years to come.

Another thing I do different than the article is that I use iPhoto so there’s no need to do any fancy folder system when I download photos onto my hard drive. It does all that work for me ~ what a timesaver!

What is your method for backing up your photos?

Michaels: 2 Great Coupons This Week!

40% Off Entire Purchase plus 40% Off Open Stock Scrapbook Paper 08/26 through 09/01/12. Make sure to check your ad or e-mail!

I haven’t had much luck finding anything there lately but maybe they’ll have received something new, since I’ve stayed away for about a month. If not, I’ll just get more yummy jar candles and more kraft cardstock. I bought the Recollections brand last time they had 5 for $1 and it’s excellent quality.

What are you getting with your coupons?

Scrapbook Article: “In high-tech world, scrapbooking draws women together for social, hands-on craft”

Check out THIS great article from a newspaper in Austin, Texas.

I enjoyed reading a nice long article that was complimentary to our hobby instead of trashing or making fun of it. The writer, whether a scrapbooker or not, did a great job with the proper terms and explaining what the social side of scrapbooking is like.

What did you think of the article?

Scrapbooking in the Media: Famous Rocker is Proposed to … Scrapbook Style!

Check out THIS article about the creative way that rock-gurrrlll Avril Levigne was proposed to!

avril levigne

Scrapbook proposal for Avril
BANG SHOWBIZ, The West Australian
August 25, 2012, 12:55 pm

Chad Kroeger proposed to Avril Lavigne by adding a page to her scrapbook.

The Nickleback singer and the ’Sk8r Boi’ hitmaker became engaged after a whirlwind romance this year, and he asked his fellow Canadian to marry him by writing it down.

Alison Eastwood, editor-in-chief of HELLO! Canada, said: “It happened in their recording studio. She was scrapbooking and he added a page to the scrapbook, and the page said: ’Will you marry me?’ ”

The pair’s romance began when he started working with her on her new album in February, and he has revealed he is the “luckiest person alive” to be with Avril – who has previously romanced Brody Jenner and Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley.

He said: “I knew I was falling for her. It was incredibly powerful and something I’ll never forget … I feel like the luckiest person alive because I get to be with my best friend every day!”

Avril added her new love makes her laugh constantly and is impressed by how much he meets her needs.
She said: “He makes me laugh every day. He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive.”

Isn’t that sweet? She has a man who supports her scrapbooking from the beginning. I’d say he’s a keeper!

Online Scrapbook Classes: Instructors for “True Scrap 4” Have Been Announced!

And I think you’re going to be as excited as I am. There’s a buncha’ good ones!

I just found about about the True Scrap events recently {do ya’ every feel like … “Well, where the heck have *I* been?!?!” That would be me}. I had already missed True Scrap 1 and 2 but was able to take some a la carte TS3 classes this summer and WOWZA. Very impressive. Very fun. Very cool.

HERE is my review of my favorite class which was presented by Shimelle Laine. At some time after the live True Scrap events are done, the individual classes become available for separate purchase. This is a great way to check them out and see if they’re for you … which they will be, I promise.

But now I want the interactive, 2-day, hundreds of scrappers converging online at once, entire amazing experience. I’m going to sign up for “True Scrap 4” and get the whole bomb diggity. Fo’ sho’.

And, yay, it’s getting closer!!! October 19-20, 2012. CLICK HERE TO SEE A QUICK FUN VIDEO ABOUT “TRUE SCRAP 4” !! You can also sign up there for advanced notices, discounts, etc.

Every True Scrap event has a theme and this time it’s super heroes. It’s so cute how she put little masks on all the instructors. And in a Full Circle Scrapbook Moment, it reminds me of the super fun Glitter Girl series that Shimelle does.

True Scrap 4: It’s already in my day planner. The work decks will be cleared and no other plans made. A little mini vacation, some “me time” if you will. {And you KNOW I will!}

As the True Scrap site says:

Not sure what this whole True Scrap thing is? Well, it’s the galaxy’s ONLY live, virtual scrapbooking event! Produced by yours truly, it encompasses two days and almost 20 hours of non-stop scrapbooking and paper crafting fun. Classes, make-and-takes, goodie bags, a PJ party… all from the comfort of your own home, all with 300 or so of your best scrappy buddies!

So check it out. The instructors looks great. I’m getting so excited and will be posting more about “TRUE SCRAP 4” so stay tuned!

Which of the instructors would you MOST love to take a class with (because they are all great)?

Scrapbooking Statistics: Check Out This Video!


And because I’m never all pink unicorns and blowin’ sunshine up yo’ azz, come see what the Peas have to say about it (and I agree with, especially Shimelle, whom I adore!).

Ah, it was fun to reminisce about brighter days … and the video style and music made me smile. Here’s hoping at least a percentage of it is still true :) Great job, Eric!

Memory Works: ECHO PARK Documented, Tailored, Chillingsworth Manor, and This & That Christmas

The new products from CHA keep rolling in! Now available on my WEBSITE are items from:

Echo Park “Documented”

echo park documented

Echo Park “Tailored”

echo park tailored

Echo Park “Chillingsworth Manor”

echo park chillingsworth manor

Echo Park “This & That Christmas”

echo park this and that christmas

And that’s just a tease of these 4 lines … plenty more where that came from!

You can see our Memory Works catalog pages for Echo Park HERE – it’s a .pdf with color photos so it may take a while to load.

Orders can be placed HERE and will ship directly to you from our Utah home office within 1-2 business days. I accept Paypal or we can arrange for payment by personal check. Questions? E-me,baby! scrapbookobsession(at)gmail(dot)com

Have a great day!

Memory Works: August “Memory Works Express” Kit with Simple Stories “Take a Hike”

memory works express take a hike

Our monthly kit, MEMORY WORKS EXPRESS, is now available for sale “a la carte” for a flat price, no joining required. I thought I would mention it because it contains 2 things that are very popular right now: Simple Stories TAKE A HIKE and wood veneer shapes. Aren’t those little wooden camera shapes by STUDIO CALICO flippin’ cute?

wood veneer cameras studio calico

Here is a list of what you get in the kit:

Patterned Paper
{1} 12×12 Happy Trails – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Back to Nature – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Happy Camper– Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Adventure – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 4×6 Journal Cards – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 6×4 Vertical Journaling Cards – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Brown Wood/Map – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Orange Stripe/Ledger – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Green Dot/Prints– Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Yellow Chevron/Grid – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Navy/Icons – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Bingo Cards/Chevron – Take a Hike (Simple Stories)

{1} 12×12 Take a Hike Fundamental Stickers (Simple Stories)
{1} 12×12 Take a Hike Expressions Stickers (Simple Stories)
{1} Chipboard Acorn Coaster Book (Maya Road)
{3} Wood Twigs – Assorted Styles (Maya Road)
{4} Green Leaf Trinket Pins (Maya Road)
{5} Wood Veneer Cameras (Studio Calico)
{1} River Felt Layered Details (American Crafts)
{10} Campy Buttons – Assorted Sizes & Styles (MemoryWorks)
{1} ½ Yard Orange Dot Ribbon (Creative Impressions)
{1} ½ Yard Brown Dot Ribbon (Creative Impressions)
{1} ½ Yard Green Dot Ribbon (Creative Impressions)

The price is $36.00 plus tax and shipping. It’s shipped straight from our Utah home office to you within 1-2 business days. When you buy a la carte, it’s a little more expensive than the monthly Memory Works Express price ($29.95) but there is no joining, no commitment. Well, there’s no commitment for MWE either but you do have to proactively cancel if you no longer want to receive them.

Do you have some camping, park, or outdoor photos from this summer that would work well with it? We didn’t go camping this summer but I have stacks of photos from past trips that I need to do! And I love the look of the Simple Stories “Take a Hike” line.

You can get this awesome kit HERE.

On the Next “Survivor” Season in September … A Scrapbooker!

How’s that for alliteration?!?! Or is it assonance? I always get those two mixed up.

But being a scrapbooker isn’t her claim to fame. Being on “The Facts of Life” is. Do you know who the mystery contestant is?

Yep, Lisa Whelchel! {There’s a funny scrapbooking story about her right HERE}.

Lisa Whelchel: Who I loved and wanted to BE when she was on The New Mickey Mouse Club. Well, it was NEW in the 70s anyway!

When I used to watch her as Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life,” she could be a snot but I would’ve killed for her hair.

Yeah, unfortunately, I’m THAT old :( If you’re not, I don’t want to hear about it. Srsly. No “what’s the New/Old Mickey Mouse Club?” or “who is Blair Warner?” If you ask me that, I will kick you.

So anywaaaaayyysss … HERE is an article about it and a video of Lisa. She is still stinkin’ adorable.

Lisa Whelchel, best known for her role as Blair Warner on the ’80s television show “The Facts of Life,” headlines the cast of “Survivor: Philippines,” which premieres Wednesday, September 19 on CBS. The former teen actress will join 17 other castaways, including retired MLB player Jeff Kent and three returning players (to be revealed Wednesday), to compete for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

“I’m a huge, huge fan and have been from Season 1. I haven’t missed an episode. I love the game and was born to play it,” Whelchel shared with Yahoo! TV while on location during filming. “I never wanted to do reality TV, but this doesn’t feel like reality TV. This feels like having an adventure that I’ve always wanted to have. Even if this weren’t filmed, I would want to do it. It just happened that it’s filmed and put on television and I use to be on television.”

When “The Facts of Life” ended in 1988, Whelchel married a pastor and has been a stay-at-home mom homeschooling her three children. After sending her youngest off to college, the devout Christian “went on a vision quest” to figure out what she wanted to do with her life after focusing all her energy on raising her children. With encouragement from a friend, Whelchel tweeted a video to host Jeff Probst proclaiming her desire to be a contestant on the show.

“Lisa is somebody that a lot of people will recognize from many years on television on ‘The Facts of Life.’ I think that’s going to appeal to a lot of people,” Probst told us. “But what made her really appealing to us from a casting point of view is she wanted to do ‘Survivor.’ She’s a superfan. She really knows the show, so it was great when we first met her. It was kind of a no-brainer to say ‘yes,’ and now to see her out here on a beach doing this is very exciting. I hope she lasts long enough so that she gets a real shot at playing this game that she loves.”

Despite her being a celebrity (of the 14 other contestants we spoke to, only one recognized the 49-year-old “Facts of Life” alum), both Whelchel and Probst agree that her greatest challenge in the game will be her age. “Lisa’s biggest obstacle is going to be her age, and it’s not like she’s that old, but she’s old for ‘Survivor.’ I don’t think Lisa’s celebrity will get in her way nearly as much as her age. If she can find a way to get the monkey off her back of people saying, ‘She’s the older woman, she’s not going to be good in challenges,’ She’ll be OK. How you do that, you’ve got to form a great alliance — strong and with the right people,” advises Probst. And being a “Survivor” fanatic, Whelchel plans on doing just that. “I will have to pay attention to where’s the majority alliance,” she shared. “It would be stupid to get on the minority alliance.”

Check out the following video in which Whelchel opens up to Yahoo! TV about her audition process, how she prepared herself mentally and physically for the game, and what she bought on eBay to give her a leg up in outlasting, outwitting, and outplaying her fellow castaways.

I am really rooting for her to win, and I haven’t even seen who the other players are yet. Well, except one: JEFF KENT, former 2nd baseman for the LA Dodgers – who I’ve seen play in person. I love me some MLB, too.

jeff kent

I will be hoping he comes in second :)


Do you watch “Survivor”? What do you think of Lisa being on there – will she Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast?

ETA 08/21/12: In researching (i.e., Googling … but “researching” sounds so much brainier, no?) Lisa Whelchel, I came across THIS post on THE BLOGGESS.COM. For the love of all that is holy, ONLY … I repeat, ONLY … click on that link if you 1. have a very broad sense of humor and B. enjoy profanity if used effectively. The Blogess, she ain’t for sissies. And I hope you aren’t drinking coffee while reading her blog. There. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy!

Local Scrapbook Stores: A Controversial Question

While perusing the interwebs for scrapbooking news – as I often do because it’s a CAPITAL way to avoid housework – I came across THIS blog post about a local scrapbook store in Minnesota that is closing.

Thanks for the Memories VIP!

Submitted by Kathy on Tue, 2012-08-14 03:25.
Big Change at VIP…
Thanks for the Memories!

V.I.P. Scrapbook will be closing its doors on September 1st. We know everyone will be wondering why we have made this decision and to be honest, it is for a variety of reasons. The current staff has had a great 3 years building our store to where it is today. We are proud of how our store looks, the new product we have continued to get in and most importantly, the relationships we have built with many customers.

It is not a secret that many, many independent scrapbook stores have been closing. In today’s economy as well as the online sites and chain stores, the independent stores have a very difficult time competing. We would just like to remind everyone that if you value the individual attention, free advice, and personal service you can find in many independent stores, then we must all remember to help support them, whether it is a scrapbooking store or a small town grocery store…

When one door closes, another one opens… we, all the staff, are ready to start new chapters in our lives. Some of us have come to places in our lives where we are excited to pursue new opportunities. On behalf of all of us here at VIP, we would like to truly thank our customers that have supported us in a variety of ways. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

The part that sticks out to me is this:

We would just like to remind everyone that if you value the individual attention, free advice, and personal service you can find in many independent stores, then we must all remember to help support them, whether it is a scrapbooking store or a small town grocery store…

I have seen or heard about statements like this in many a “goodbye” or “holy crap, I’m about to close and I need your help to save me!” posts and letters from local scrapbook stores around the country. I wonder what scrapbookers think about this kind of message being directed to them?

The feedback I’ve heard in the past has been really mixed. Some scrappers feel like it’s not their responsibility to keep LSS’s in business and others feel an obligation to them in varying degrees.

*Random LSS photo found online :)

Here are my feelings about it: As someone who lost 7 local scrapbook stores within a few years and has been relegated to shopping at Michael’s, Tuesday Morning, and one craft store 40 minutes from home, I do feel an obligation to support LSS’s. I don’t think scrapbookers SHOULD have to support their LSS financially by shopping there regularly, but I think they DO have to support them if they want them to stay open.

When times were good in the scrapbooking industry, I think manufacturers did very very well for themselves. But I don’t think LSS owners were ever getting rich, even in the best of times. {I’m sure there were exceptions but none of my 7 store owners were driving Lexi* and drinking martinis in St. Tropez}.
*That’s the plural for Lexus, right??

So when we were hit with the worst of times, LSS owners really struggled. Like I heard an owner say once, “I have to sell a LOT of sheets of scrapbook paper just to pay the light bill.” Then figure in rent, personnel costs, insurance, other utilities, minimum product orders, etc.

The markup on scrapbook products is typically about 50%. So for each $1 sheet of scrapbook paper sold, the owner is profiting only 50 cents. For those $4.99 Thickers you bought, they made a whopping $2.50. So, yeah, they gotta’ sell a lot of product to be viable. LSS’s don’t typically sell many big ticket items like electronic die cutters, larger tools, etc. {we get those for cheaper at big box stores with sales and coupons, right?}. They don’t tend to make a big profit on classes and crops. Those are “break even” events whose main purpose is to draw customers into the store, hoping they’ll buy product while there.

So tangent alert! I did it again (sheepish smile). But my point … and I do have one … is that I personally DO feel an obligation to support the local scrapbook store for almost purely selfish reasons: I want them to succeed so they stick around and I don’t have to keep schlepping to Michaels with my flippin’ coupon and spending it on Herma tab refills because I can’t find anything from this decade, much less the most recent CHA. Or walking into TJ Maxx with my fingers crossed that they have some 2-year-old Dear Lizzy stickers I missed the first time around. Ya feel me?

Two small LSS’s have opened within an hour of me recently. As soon as I heard about each store, I rushed over to support them! Well, okay, I rushed over to see what scrapbook swag they had and to sniff massive amounts of paper at once, but you know what I mean. Sheesh.

They are smaller stores, which I think is a smart way to start, and I will do my best to choose them over the big box stores as where to spend my scrapbooking budget. To me, it’s like picking up litter or letting the one-item gal go in front of me at the supermarket check-out: One person CAN make a difference in her own little way. If a lot of other “one persons” join in, we’re golden, people!

I would love to hear what you think – and please don’t hesitate to disagree. I can completely see both sides of this issue and would love to hear it all.

Memory Works: Simple Stories Catalog Pages – Pretty Cool!


It’s a .pdf file of the Memory Works catalog pages for all the Simple Stories lines!

Take a Hike
Harvest Lane
Handmade Holiday
Summer Fresh

It can take a while to load because it’s full of colors and graphics. But it’s worth the wait, fer shure.

So after you fall in love with all of it (wink, wink), please come HERE to order!

Memory Works: New Simple Stories is in DA HOUSE!! Take a Hike, Harvest Lane, and Handmade Holiday

YAYYY!! The long-awaited and much-anticipated new lines from Simple Stories are here!!! I’ve been so anxious for these to come in, because they were certainly the talk of the town after the last CHA show. I’ve seen Handmade Holiday and Take a Hike in person and they are gorgeous! {I’m sure Harvest Lane is as well}.

You can see all the new lines HERE and order them right now HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions: scrapbookobsession(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can easily place your order from my Memory Works WEBSITE. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice (or you can arrange to pay by check). Once payment has cleared, your items will ship directly to you from our Utah home office within 1-2 business days. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

Also, now is a great time to check out my website because Memory Works is having a sale!

Out with the old…in with the new!

It’s that time again… to say good-bye to some of our old favorites as we say hello to our brand new product line up for Fall and Winter of 2012!

**Starting Wednesday, August 15, 2012 all items that will not be carried over into the next catalog will be discounted up to an additional 25% off**

This is good news for you! This is a great time for fantastic savings on some of your favorites from Bo Bunny, BasicGrey and My Minds Eye to Bella Blvd, Echo Park and even older Simple Stories collections.

And if you’re a MEMORY WORKS CONSULTANT like me, you get your usual 20% off PLUS the additional 25% from the warehouse sale. I’m no math major, but that sounds like a lot to me!!

So now would be a great time to sign up to be a consultant. Please check out my WEBSITE and see all the great products we carry, including SIMPLE STORIES, Basic Grey, My Minds Eye, Echo Park, and many more.

Just e-mail me and I can send you a worksheet that explains the 2 types of Memory Works Consultants. Both have very low sign-up fees, low or no minimums, and great flexibility with how you choose to run your business – from a hobbyist just buying for themselves to big business mogul :)

Memory Works: Harvest Lane, Handmade Holiday, Take a Hike, and Sn@p by Simple Stories Are On the Way!

I checked with the home office at MEMORY WORKS to see when we consultants will have access to these lines and can start taking orders. Here is what I found out:

First week of August – Simple Stories Harvest Lane, Handmade Holiday, and Take a Hike
{any day now … eee!!!}

First week of October – Simple Stories Sn@p line

********* I am taking pre-orders on the “Sn@p” line *********** Please see the bottom of this post

In case you haven’t already been drooling over these 4 new lines, here they are :)
{ETA: Sorry, this post got too long so I only showed ya’ “3” new lines below. I’m going to do a separate post about Sn@p!}


handmade holiday

The last 2 items are new to Simple Stories! We’ve added the Sn@p cards to *just* the Handmade Holiday line. The 3×4 tablet will retail for $3.99 and the 4×6 tablet for $4.99. This will make “Handmade Holiday” especially perfect to use for your DECEMBER DAILY projects, yeah? Keep the tablets handy in your purse, on your nightstand, or your scrap table and easily record your memories as you go. No pre-cutting required!



Regarding prices for these 3 new Simple Stories lines ~ Handmade Holiday, Harvest Lane, and Take a Hike: If you are reading this blog post BEFORE the 3 new lines are released, please check out the SUMMER FRESH line to see what they’ll be. Prices will remain the same.

All images and layouts (not mine; I wish!) are courtesy of the SIMPLE STORIES BLOG.

If you would like to order any Simple Stories products, I would be happy to help! Just find them HERE on my website and place your order online. I will send you a Paypal invoice and your order will be processed upon receipt. It will be shipped directly to your US address from our home office in Utah within 1-2 business days.

As of this blog post, the 3 new lines are not yet available on my website. As soon as they become available (open, open, open!!), I will do a blog post. If you’re as anxious as I am, please sign up to receive my e-mails and you’ll be the first to know {okay, technically, the second …} when I have the lines available for order.

Don’t forget, we always carry the We R Memory Keepers (WRMK) 12×12 albums and divided page protectors that Simple Stories is designed to work with, including the hard-to-find Multi Pack of page protectors. Find ’em all HERE.

Questions? E-me!! scrapbookobsession(at)gmail(dot)com :)

PS: If you would like to pre-order Simple Stories “Sn@p” products, which will ship in early October, please see THIS blog post for details.

What Do Journey Fans and Scrapbookers Have in Common?

They both make cool signs!

My favorite version ever of the “Keep Calm and …” posters that have been so popular:


I saw Journey in concert for about the 10th time recently and saw someone wearing that on a t-shirt. I almost tackled her to find out where she got it. Luckily I only had 1 Red Bull on board at that point so I restrained myself ;)

And to keep this post scrapbook-related, here is my second favorite one:


I love how the crown is made of scissors. So clevah!!

What is your favorite version of the “Keep Calm and …” signs?

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