Online Scrapbook Shopping: Not Getting What You Paid For?

About a month ago, I placed an order for some scrapbook supplies from an online shop. I had bought from them before and had a great experience. The prices are good, they get the new releases quite quickly, and sometimes carry things that I can’t get with my consultant discount from MEMORY WORKS. Super cool, right?

So I ordered a bunch of things from the October Afternoon “9 TO 5” LINE including 12×12 papers, Mini Market stickers, 2 rolls of washi tape, etc. I also purchased a set of SUMMER FRESH 6×8 insert pages {MW was out of stock at the time}.

summer fresh mix and match album

My shipment arrived in a timely manner and I was scrap happy, although I was so busy with work and family stuff at the time, I barely had time to glance at it all much less sniff all the paper …. erm, verify that I got everything I ordered.


So fast forward to last weekend. I was straightening up my desk, putting away a bunch of scrap crap … errr … scrappy goodness, and I came across the package with my order. Finally! Time to sniff my papers! I mean, LOOK at all my goodies. For shits and giggles, I looked at the packing sheet and compared it to what I received.

Lo and behold, something didn’t match up. Instead of the LABEL STICKERS that I ordered …

october afternoon 9 to 5 label stickers

… I received WORD STICKERS:

october afternoon 9 to 5 word stickers

And instead of 1 set of JOURNAL CARDS

october afternoon 9 to 5 journal cards

october afternoon 9 to 5 journal cards

… I received 2 sets.


Don’t get me wrong: Those Word Stickers are sure cute. But, you know, um … that’s not what I paid for. Not what I chose. For one thing, I won’t even use those book tab thingee stickers. And I wanted the journaling space provided by the, uh, ya know, label stickers that I ordered.

Then again, why am I complaining? Not only did they replace the Label stickers with the comparably-priced Word Stickers, but I got a “free” pack of Journal Cards too. So doesn’t that more than make up for everything?

I’m not going to make an issue of it. One could say if I cared so much, why would I take over a month to figure out the discrepancy? And is it really worth the time/energy it takes to call or write the company, return or exchange or wait for the Label Stickers (which I assume they were out of) to come in, etc.? Nope, not worth it to me.

But this is the second time this has happened to me in about the last year (and I’d say I order something online about twice a month, if you include my monthly SUPER SKETCH CLUB kit). The other time it was from one of the huge online vendors. In that case, they really screwed me. An item I ordered was “out of stock” (funny how it was IN stock when I placed my order) so not only did they just ship it to me without the item (you know, the one I was REALLY looking forward to and the main reason I placed the order in the first place?).

But by deleting that item, it took me below the “$50 and free shipping” threshhold. So I received only my secondary item AND got charged for full shipping which was not an amount I would’ve agreed to pay for shipping. Grrr! I e-mailed them to express my pissed-off-edness but didn’t pursue it beyond that. I did learn not to order from them again unless I’m willing to risk this little cancellation and replacement dance they do.

And now I don’t trust this second vendor and will question ordering from them again. Wouldn’t it have been better for their sake if they had taken the time to write or call me and say, “Hey, we’re out of this, can we give you that, or would you rather have a Paypal refund?” And then I would continue my loyalty to them as a very happy customer. Now, not so much.

So this has me wondering how common a practice this is in the scrapbook industry. What’s been your experience with online shopping? Have you had items you ordered and paid for – substituted, canceled, or otherwise arrive not as you expected? Did you make an issue of it or just let it ride?

Would love to hear your experiences … Please leave the company name out of it if you can/thanks!

Online Scrapbook Classes: True Scrap 3 Individual Classes – Special Release Prices Now thru July 7

YAY! LAIN EHMANN from LAYOUT A DAY has just announced that “True Scrap 3” classes are now available for individual purchase. HUZZA HUZZA!

If you haven’t heard about True Scrap 3, uh, where have you BEEN?!?! Juuuust kidding ;) TS3 is a set of online classes with great instructors and speakers you may have heard of like SHIMELLE LAINE, BECKY HIGGINS, NOELL HYMAN (from the PAPERCLIPPING.COM scrapbooking podcasts … love her!), and many more.

Back in the day {aka April 2012 … but that was AGES ago when you’re waiting for something, jeez!}, you had to purchase the entire TRUE SCRAP 3 EVENT and the cost was $147.

Sure, it’s a stupendous value for the money {uh, hello? 15 instructors and 5 virtual make-n-takes!}. But I for one can’t afford to lay out (ha ha, get it? layout???) that kind of dough these days. So I’ve been patiently waiting for this announcement: Now you can buy the classes “a la carte” – for you non-Frenchies, that means “with a separate price for each item on the menu”.

For me, that translates in English to: “Hollah! Now I can afford it!” I know I’ll definitely be buying the Shimelle Laine class called “The Perfect Collection: Using your favorite collection pack to the very last scrap.” ‘Cuz lawdy knows I got a zillion collection packs here to use up. How about you? Can I get an “Amen!”

Stay tuned for more talk about True Scrap 3 Individual Classes. I will post more soon. For now, you can click here to view more details and maybe buy some classes, eh?

Sign up soon, before you get distracted by the UPS man bringing you more scrap pretties, LOL! The price for each class is set at $9.99 — for a limited time. On 7/7 the price will increase to $12.95 per class.

Come back and let me know what you signed up for. Maybe we’ll have the same classes – we can share a locker and pass notes during class ;)

New Scrapbook Vendor: Farmhouse Paper Company

There’s a new scrabpook vendor in town and their name is FARMHOUSE PAPER COMPANY

Here is what they have to say over at TWO PEAS IN A BUCKET. If mah Peas are correct, this company is from the people behind THE BUTTON FARM CLUB.

The Button Farm Club is known for their mini album kits. If you’re not familiar – here are past BUTTON FARM KITS and a pic of their June 2012 kit:

button farm club mini album kit

Not what I expected to see from a company called “Button Farm” but okay. Very cute, huh? {And I’m going to tell you a little secret here … an embarrassing secret … I’ve never checked out this club before because I have a pathological hatred of … BUTTONS! Oh, ick! I hate even SAYING that word. Ick, ick, ick! No offense to The BLANK Farm Club or all of you who love … those things. /embarrassing confession over}.

The tie between Farmhouse Paper Company and The Button Farm Club is confirmed in the description of the March 2012 TBFC kit:

Turning the pages of March’s Button Farm kit, featuring the beautiful new Be Amazing Line from My Mind’s Eye, will give you a case of “Spring Fever” . Starting with FarmHouse Paper Company’s new 6×6 Kraft Album, we adorn-it with brads, buttons, ribbons, and flowers to create a “Springy” keepsake.

See? Mah Peas are always right! {Well, except the other day when they tried to tell me that Willow Smith, age 11, got her tongue pierced. But that’s a story for another day}. Also, in the About section of TBFC, it says this:

The BUTTON FARM CLUB is a Artistic Collaboration Between and The Button Farm.

So to save ya’ some Googling {although who doesn’t like some Googling?? it makes me giggle … hee} … here is the site for SCRAP-MART.COM. I see that both companies are from Oklahoma.

In researching Farmhouse Paper Company, I found this fun tidbit: They requisitioned their logo design back in November 2011 from 99 DESIGNS. I say they picked the right one, don’t you?

You can get a peek at one of their lines, “Fair Skies”, in The Button Farm class description for CKU-BUFFALO 2012.

button farm fair skies farmhouse paper company

Here is part of the description:

The Button Farm is excited to help introduce Farmhouse Paper Company to the paper craft industry and we will spend this entire class playing with their first new release – Fair Skies. This paper line features classic country colors and patterns with an unexpected twist. The images of hot air balloons, clouds and sun will whisk you away to a happy place. The Farmhouse album we will use contains a creative combination of chipboard pages and envelope pages and we will embellish away with Farmhouse goodness!!

I’m no detective {I just play one on TV} but it sounds like the “paper company” will sell more than paper. Mini albums and embellishments are also mentioned. And I always love me a good travel line so I’ll be looking forward to seeing their offerings at CHA SUMMER 2012.

You can sign up for e-mail updates from FARMHOUSE PAPER COMPANY. The long contact form is misleading. You ONLY need to fill in your e-mail address, not all that other shizzle.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this new company arriving in Scrapbook Land?

ETA 06/26/12: MICHELLE GRANGER just posted to the Two Peas thread and provided two sneak peeks!

Hey there everyone! Farmhouse Paper Company will be debuting at CHA Summer with Papers, Albums and Embellishments..I will be working with the company and teaching some classes and have a sneak peak of some embellishments that will be available…. Enjoy and look for more sneak peaks to come!

I’m really likin’ what I’m seein’ … those chipboard embellishments are darling!

farmhouse paper company sneak peek

farmhouse paper company sneak peek

Scrapbook Shopping: Products for 4th of July

Right now, Two Peas in a Bucket has 130 Patriotic products in the 4th of July product category. Check it out HERE.

two peas in a bucket fourth of july items

My 3 favorite items:

“Seeing Stars” from the WRMK Red, White and Blue collection – such a cool starburst and I love the polka dots on the B side

WRMK red white and blue

“Summertime Fun” from the WRMK Red, White and Blue collection – love the red old-fashioned airplane … and the polka dots on the B side ;)

WRMK red white and blue

Denim “Let Freedom Ring” glitter foam Thickers by AMERICAN CRAFTS

blue thickers

I was gonna’ pick these cutesie pie little pinwheels {WRMK Red, White and Blue} for my Top 3 but they’re sold out … not surprising!

wrmk red white and blue pinwheels

Anything Fourth of July-ish catching your eye over at 2 Peas?

Pinterest: How Has It Affected Your Scrapbooking?

I came across this article “Why Pinterest Has NOT Reimagined Scrapbooking” and found it so interesting.

pinterest logo

I left my opinion in the comments (copied here):

I’m a purely paper scrapper and don’t have a Pinterest account (although images from my blog are often linked there and I look at the backlinks). But I’m a scrapbook blogger and see that many of us are on Pinterest. I don’t think it’s become “the new scrapbooking” for most (if any) scrapbookers. I do think it’s a way that many of them keep loads of inspiration in one place … lots and lots of eye candy and ideas. I also see scrapbookers using it to keep scrapbook organizational ideas (we scrappers can have lots of “stuff” and keeping it organized is half the fun, LOL).

One of the so-called downsides I see to Pinterest is the time-suck it’s become and I hear from many that it has cut into their actual scrapbooking time. The internet in general is full of free inspiration and it’s easy to get sucked in for hours … time that MAY have been spent at the scrap table in the past. Collecting inspiration, for some, may be replacing actually creating.

But there are other online influences – like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and message boards – that have had the same effect. Have these mediums impacted the world of scrapbooking? Sure have. Have they made scrapbooking go away to any great extent? No, I don’t think so. It seems there have been recent declines in our hobby but I attribute them to other things, like the economy, the digital camera impact, changing trends, and over-saturation of the market in the early 2000’s.

One thing I wonder about Pinterest: Has it created new scrapbookers? The scrapbookers’ Pinterest boards I’ve looked at seem to also have pins for homeschooling, organization, “mommy blogs”, home decor, fashion, quilting, etc. So perhaps it’s led homeschoolers, organizational gurus, fashionistas, etc. to try scrapbooking once they see it around Pinterest? Hmmm…

Thanks for the article. Thought-provoking and well-written!

facebook logo

I keep hearing Facebook Timeline and Pinterest being called “the new scrapbook.” I guess for those who never scrapbooked before, sure. Now they create a digital “scrapbook” on Pinterest or Facebook. But for actual scrapbookers, I’m not seeing it. Are you? Maybe I’m totally off base.

What do you think? Has Pinterest “reimagined” (whatever the flock that means) scrapbooking for you? Has it affected your scrapbooking in any way, good or bad? Are you scrapping more with the inspiration, or less with the Time Suck that is Pinterest?

Scrapbook Room: Katie Tate

Check out the awesome scrapbook space of Katie Tate as posted to the create: blog HERE.

If I could build my perfect desk – with all the white cubes and huge workspace – that would be it. I love her cheerful rug, huge space, and how she says it’s often the center of “real life” activity.

What’s your favorite part of Katie’s space?

Changes @ Scrapbook Obsession Blog ;)

I wanted to let you know about some changes that will be going on around here in Scrapbook Obsession Land. To put in plainly:

– I am now allowing advertising and affiliate links on the Scrapbook Obsession Blog

If you’re just a Bullet Point Girl, you’re good. You can go read all your other blogs now. You’ve got the gist of it … bwahahaha! If you’re like me and have to know all the deets of new things and changes, then please get comfy and stick around for a little bit. Well, okay, a lotta’ bit … it’s LONG.

Let’s begin with some history. I started this blog (back before it was self-hosted, the address was in January 2007. I can’t believe it but that’s almost 5 1/2 years ago! On the ABOUT ME page, here is the explanation ~ written years ago and it still holds true ~ about why I love having this blog:

I am obsessed with scrapbooking and I know you are too! I think about it, talk about it, and do it any chance I get. I love to shop as much as I love to crop. My blog has: product reviews, show reviews, scrapbook organization, my shopping finds, and just general scrapbook topics. There are so many scrap blogs out there where the author journals about their life and shares their pages. I wanted my blog to be a little different. Hope you enjoy!

I started and have continued this blog all these years because I’m – you guessed it – scrapbook obsessed! I still love everything scrapbooking, talking about it, thinking about it, and writing about it. What has changed in recent years is, as you know, the economy. I’ve gone through some work changes over that time as well, from part-time to full-time to freelancing, from working from home to working in an office with a commute, etc.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those lucky mommy bloggers who doesn’t have to work and can devote all the time I want to writing (even though I’d love to be, and am SO envious of those in that position). Disclaimer: Please don’t think I’m saying that being a full-time SAHM is easy ‘cuz I’m most certainly not. I run a home, cherish a marriage, raise kids, volunteer, AND work full-time. I know how hard it is, believe me! So basically it comes down to writing the blog or housework. I decided to let the housework go.

I’m also not one of those lucky ones with enough expendable income to pay others to design my blog and make it all purdy and interactive and slammin’ awesome. Sometimes when I make a little dough from my MEMORY WORKS consultant gig, I’ll put a little bit towards the maintenance or updating of this blog (e.g., paying for my own domain, buying premium themes, purchasing spam protection, etc.).

If you’re a longtime reader, you know that I’ve been posting a lot less than I used to. It’s not that I don’t want to write … I do! I still keep up with the industry, I know what new products are coming out, I hear the scrapbook gossip, and I have opinions, gurlll! I *want* to be able to write and share and laugh with you about it all.

But let’s get real: In this economy, the “fluff” parts of life have to take a back seat to the “real” parts a lot of the time. If I have a choice between booking a transcribing job or writing a blog post, guess which one I have to pick? I don’t like doing quickie posts for the most part, so I need at least an hour or two to sit down and do research, write a post, edit/download photos, include links, etc. Although in the interest of posting more often, I’m going to have to get over my long-post-itis and write shorter posts sometimes … hope ya’ don’t mind.

Anyway, writing a scrapbook blog takes longer than you’d think :) It’s a time commitment, for sure. {Okay, here’s a depressing thought: If I added up all the time I’ve spent over the last 5 years writing these 879 posts, I could’ve been running a Fortune 500 company by now – ha!}

As I’ve looked for ways to make money working from home (which I feel I’ve been called to do), I’ve been learning a lot about this idea of “monetizing your blog,”, which in my case would be making small amounts of money if you click on a scrapbook-related ad on my site or even more if you then make a purchase.

Anyway, it just seems like a logical next step for me. I’ve spent over 5 years writing for free – gratis – nada. I’ve linked up hundreds of companies and exposed customers to their products. I’ve enabled and help sell their items anyway (with not one word of thanks from any of them, btw). So if I can continue to write about the hobby-love of my life {{SCRAPBOOKING}} and make a little bit of money doing it, why shouldn’t I? And if it’s a successful thing, then scrapbook blogging just bumped up in my list of priorities right? I mean, if I can spend an hour blogging and it ends up having a better financial return than, say, an hour of cutting coupons than it’s a win-win, right?

And that’s all I’m hoping for – a few dollars here and there. I don’t have any delusions that I’ll get rich from this (even though I see so many bloggers of ALL kinds doing just that and it makes me SOOOO jealous! Srsly, there are people making 6 and 7 figures from this shizzle. LOL). But if putting some (what I hope are) not-annoying ads on this well-established blog can generate a little bit of income, I’m going to give it a try. I may fall flat on my face but I’m always one who likes to TRY so at least I can say I did, ya’ know?

Here’s what I need from you: Let me know what you think about the changes as they come along and be BRUTALLY honest, okay? {Okay, here is where I get mushy…}. In the 5+ years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been amazed, touched, and humbled that people like you actually take time out of your busy day to read it. I’m so very grateful for the support you’ve always given me by way of a Comment, a hit, a laugh, a link, a subscription – I love it all!

I’ve “met” so many wonderful scrapbookers because of this blog and I don’t want that to EVER stop. So one of my main goals with these changes is to *not* alienate you, piss you off, drive you away, make you hate me, or make you laugh at me (well, okay, feel free to laugh at me as you always have).

Here’s my fear: As this “monetizing your blog” trend has slowly made it’s way through Scrapbook World*, I’ve heard the comments on scrapbook message boards that go like this: “I used to love that blog and read it every day but now it just seems like one big ad” and “That used to be a wonderful blog but I’m tired of them always trying to sell me something.”

*Here are some examples of monetized scrapbook blogs that I personally read (not to bag on them, just to illustrate what I’m talking about): BECKY HIGGINS, ALI EDWARDS, HEIDI SWAPP, and LAIN EHMANN.

So bottom line: If these changes end up with me losing readers and friends, than they are so outta’ here. I’m not willing to trade a little dough for the friendship, loyalty, and fellowship you’ve given me for almost 5 years and I hope will continue to. So. Not. Worth it.

But if you do end up liking the changes {or at least not minding them awfully much}, then I will be in scrapblog heaven. My hope is that I pick products, classes, etc. that you actually want to hear about. I hope you find them helpful or at least provide some scrappy eye candy.

So stay in touch with me. Give me your feedback. Laugh at me, not with me, I don’t care :) If at any point, you’re throwing up your hands and walking away from me for good, leave me a nasty parting comment so I know what’s up in the hizzy. You can also e-mail me any ol’ time: scrapbookobsession(at)gmail(dot)com. If you don’t tell me, how will I know, ya’ know? I’m not a frickin’ mind reader.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the dripping sarcasm will continue ;)

I’m not gonna’ turn all corporate and proper on you. I’m going to continue being my brutally honest self and tell you what I really think about things. For instance, I could’ve just starting sneaking in affiliate links without explanation … but I gotta’ be real witchoo. My comments will be honest – good or bad. Always have, always will. That’s probably the totally wrong thing to do from a business perspective but whatever. Screw ’em.

And I won’t sell you down the river. I’ll be posting a Disclaimer and/or Affiliate page that explains all this, but basically I won’t lie just to sell something. If I think something’s crap, I’ll still tell you. And if I think it’s the best thing since sliced … erm, patterned paper … I’ll tell you that, too.

So that’s what’s going on as of now. There may be other changes – mostly to format, I hope, because honestly I don’t like the way this blog looks right now. But me learning how to fix things the way I want them is painfully slow … like watching Stickles dry. If you come to visit my blog and it looks all wonky, please forgive :) I’m about as talented a blog designer as Lady Gaga is shy. There WILL be hiccups and goofy shizzle. {For instance, I’ve been playing with the clickable 2peas links in my right sidebar recently to make sure they work}. But I’ll do my best to fix things and welcome (like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!) input and criticism.

Sooooo … clear as mud? GREAT! Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think!

Scrapbooking Podcast: Paperclipping Roundtable with Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian

No. Flippin’. Way. I just found this on one of my favorite sites, SCRAPBOOK UPDATE. They have made it soooo super easy to share the Paperclipping podcasts right from your own blog. Took a few tries but even computer-stoopid me figured it out. Woot woot!! And here you goooo…. give a listen to STACY JULIAN and ALI EDWARDS discuss- among other random scrappy things – the book, “IMAGINE: HOW CREATIVITY WORKS“.

And while you’re visiting Scrapbook Update, make sure to check out their CHA SUMMER 2012 SNEAK PEAKS page. They are one of my favorite resources for CHA sneaks. ‘Cuz I need to know as soon as scrappily possible which things to start drooling over, right?

I’ve been absent from the blog for awhile but I’m hoping this weekend to post a bunch and get ‘er rollin’ again. One thing I’m going to do is add a category for “Links to CHA Sneaks” that will be over there —> on the right so look out for it, mmm kay?

ETA 06/22/12: Okay, I added the links but they’re up top instead, under “CHA Sneak Peeks”.

Sooo … Should I Get This Scrapbook Tee or What?

I mean, it’s like they made it just for me, LOL!

If you’re interested, TWO CHICKS DESIGNS has a lot of scrapbooking tees on sale right now for $8.99. What’s your favorite tee they carry? Link it in Comments below or just describe it :)

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