Memory Works: Simple Stories “Awesome, “Fabulous”, and “Documented” Available NOW!!!

Okay, so Bad News, Good News …

The Bad News is that I got busy and didn’t ever get organized to take pre-orders on the new SIMPLE STORIES releases from CHA like I said I would. {“BAD CONSULTANT!! Twenty lashes with a deco ruler and no late night scrapping for you!”}

But the Good News is that those lines are … JUST RELEASED AND AVAILABLE NOW!!
Woot, woot!


simple stories awesome


simple stories fabulous



simple stories documented

If you want to help a sista’ out and order it from me, HERE is where ya’ do it. It’s easy … just like any other online shopping. You put stuff in your cart, submit the order, I send you a Paypal invoice (or will take checks), and once payment is cleared, it ships straight to you from our Utah home office within 1-2 business days (although when they get busy with new releases, it can sometimes take an extra day).

See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Simple Stories vs. Cosmo Cricket: Copycat or Coincidence?

On THIS POST about a new Memory Works line ~ Simple Stories “Fabulous” ~ a commenter stated this:

The paper “Sweet” is a total ripoff if not close to an exact copy of a Cosmo Cricket paper from Odds N Ends, Eclectic.

So let’s compare the two papers and see what ya’ll think.

COSMO CRICKET Odds & Ends** “Eclectic” paper

cosmo cricket odds and ends eclectic

SIMPLE STORIES Fabulous “Sweet” paper {Sorry, I can’t isolate just the “Sweet” paper; please scroll down a bit}.

memory works simple stories fabulous sweet

Here are my observations:

~ Both papers do have a similar overall design with with a circular doily-type pattern.

~ Both make use of softer or “shabby” color schemes.

~ Both are multi-colored, as opposed to one solid color (I’m referring just to the “A” sides)

~ Eclectic has 2 sizes of the “doilies” while Sweet uses multiple sizes (I count 6)

~ Eclectic is in a very set pattern while Sweet is more random.

Obviously, I’m biased because I’m a 5-year consultant with MEMORY WORKS who produces the Simple Stories lines. So my opinion doesn’t matter much … but I’ll give it to ya’ anyway ;)

I do think the 2 papers are alike and I can see why the similarity caught the commenter’s eye. If I had first seen the Cosmo Cricket paper and then saw the Simple Stories paper, I probably would’ve thought “Wow, ‘Sweet’ reminds me of a paper I’ve seen before.”

But overall I don’t see Sweet as a “ripoff” or “exact copy” of Eclectic. They are definitely similar … no denying that. But I don’t know how you would use a circular, doily-type design and not have it look similar to Eclectic. There are only so many ways you can arrange circles on a 12×12 canvas.

The colors are different enough to give a different overall feel; from Eclectic I get “shabby, vintage, warm” and from Sweet I get “girly, Spring, happy.” Besides, DOILIES ARE KINDA’ HOT right now ;)

So … what do you think: Copycat or coincidence?

**P.S.: I do find it pretty funny that the Cosmo Cricket line that Eclectic comes from is called “Odds N Ends” … because that’s very similar to the name of a NEW SIMPLE STORIES LINE … which is “Odds & Ends”. :) :)

simple stories odds n ends

I’m sure it’s just another coincidence ;)

Photo Booth and Scrapbook Services Rentals

Check out THIS article from ABOUT.COM called “Scrapbooking Trend Watch: Photo Booth and Scrapbook Services Rentals” and see what you think of this new thang.

I’ve seen ads on my local Craiglist jobs page looking to hire attendants for these portable photo booths. And they still have photo booths at our county fair each year. So I knew photo booths were still out there ~ that they are loads of fun and produce such “unique” photos, LOL. But I didn’t know until I read the above-linked article that scrapbooking had been incorporated into the mix.

Just to give you an idea of the modern take on photo booths, here are some examples of photo booth rental companies: The Portable Photo Booth, CapturePod, and My Portable Photo Booth.

portable photo booth

I think it sounds pretty clever and fun. I wish this set-up had been around when I got married. It’s another fun thing to add to the par-tay and at the end of the night, you end up with a scrapbook of photos and journaling from your beloved guests. And YOU the scrapper didn’t even have to do all the work ~ hollah!

An exciting thing about this trend is that it provides yet another way for scrapbookers to turn their hobby (aka obsession) into a business. If you love people, attending fun events, and scrapbooking, you should contact your local photo booth rental companies and see if they’d like to partner with you or hire you as a supplement to their parties. It would be a win-win. I think if potential customers knew that not only would they get the photo booth at their event AND would get a scrapbook to take home, these companies would book even more events.

Man, now I want to be invited to an event where there’s a photo booth and scrapbooking, LOL! All the sample pictures on the websites make it look like so much fun. Have you been to an event with one of these portable photo booths and if so, did they have the scrapbook option? If there was a photo booth at a wedding or party you attended, would you go in, act goofy, and have your photo taken? What do you think of this whole concept?

New Scrapbook Novel Launch Party … and some GREAT prizes!

Okay, this is a two-fer. Not only are you going to learn about a new scrapbook novel that’s coming out, but you’re going to enter for some amazing scrappy prizes.


You can thank me later =)

{Which, if you win, should take the form of sharing some of that booty, eh? Fer shizzle.}

PS: Make that a three-fer. Courtney is posting giveaways all week. Just keep checking HER BLOG. Good luck!

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #5

HERE is the prompt from Kellie.


1. Steve Perry – I just want to talk to him. I won’t even make him sing.

2. James Frey – I would like to give him a hug and tell him I’m sorry for how Oprah treated him. That was just all kinds of wrongness, and was the beginning of the end of my worshipping her.

3. Melissa McCarthy – Did you see my LAST LIST?

4. Jorge Cruise – His BELLY FAT CURE books have changed the way I view nutrition, and he seems like a bouncy, uplifting person.

5. Andrea Bocelli – I *would* make him sing for me.

6. Kyle Chandler – No worries, I would bring my husband. It would all be on the up and up! Sheesh.

7. Whoever invented martinis.

8. Whoever invented Starbucks.

9. Whoever invented Old Navy sweatpants. WHAT!?!? These are life-changers, people! I need to thank somebody!

10. My online scrapbookie friend Abby. We’ve “talked” for years but live on opposite sides of the country. I would love to meet her in person. And we will someday.

So where’s your list? Leave a linkee below if you like :)

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #4

Wow, how surprising, I’ve fallen behind (eye roll). It’s just so very shocking because I’m normally known for my astonishing promptness (not). So better late than never … here is my latest list for “52 LISTS IN 52 WEEKS” inspired by a prompt from KELLIE.


1. Grey’s Anatomy – This is my “you’d better leave mom alone or I’ll … well SOMETHING really bad and threatening” show every Thursday night … except when they show reruns which is annoyingly often. If I ever met McDreamy in person, I just know I would run my hands through his lovely hair. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

2. Real Housewives of Everywhere – This is my guiltiest pleasure. I have watched every episode, every season, every city. {Gah, that’s actually depressing when you add up all those hours I could’ve been doing something useful with my life}. But like any reality train wreck show, I watch to see lives that are so different than mine and behavior that is SO far from any that I would participate in. In other words, them bee-yotches is crazy … and I love it!

3. Napoleon Dynamite – I love this animated version of one of my favorite movies. They have all the original characters doing the voices. There are many shout outs to fans of the movie. Off-beat, quirky humor that makes me snorkle.

4. House Hunters International – It’s like a house hunting show and a travel show all in one. Instead of seeing the nice pretty version of foreign countries, you get to see inside the homes of people who live there, what is “normal” for their culture, how much real estate costs overseas, etc. I’m fascinated by things like washing machines in the kitchen and showers with no doors.

5. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette – Another show I’ve watched every episode of since the beginning except that I’m boycotting this season of The Bachelor because I can’t believe they picked this guy, Ben. But they will reel me back in with The Bachelorette because I just read in People magazine that it’s going to be Emily. I can’t wait to see how that goes!

6. Chef Roble’ and Company – He’s cute, smart, and an insane chef. He books off-the-wall events like a vegan kosher Thai party or a doggie wedding. His sister/partner is a hot mess and his staff is funny and cool. It makes me smile.

7. The New Girl – I started watching it for Zooey … but I fell in love with it because of Schmidt. He is one of the best comedic characters to come along in a while. I love the dynamic of all the friends and Zooey is just sweeter than honey bee.

8. Mike & Molly – I laugh out loud numerous times per episode. Mike’s mom is a freakin’ crackup and Melissa McCarthy can deliver a funny line better than any female on TV right now. She even makes carrying laundry up the stairs hilarious. She is my BFF … she just doesn’t know it yet.

9. Switched at Birth – One my family enjoys together. I love how they cover the issues of dealing with the switch, and also the deaf characters. The teens in the show get themselves into bad situations and unlike some other teen shows, they show that there are bad consequences to the mistakes.

10. American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance – I’m combining these because they are similar “talent” shows and air at different times of the year. I enjoy seeing what amazingly talented young people are out there. The way they can sing and dance really moves me. I’m so happy when my favorites move on and heartbroken when they get sent home. It’s like I adopt them for a little while in my heart. {Speaking of which, did you hear Danny Gokey just got married!?!? He’s the one whose first wife died like 3 weeks before he auditioned. I’m so happy for him!} {See what I mean? I get attached, lol}.

So there is my list. Where’s yours?

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