A Troy Dunn Teaser….You Know, “The Locator”…

I spoke with Troy Dunn from The Locator (WeTV) on a conference call this morning with some other bloggers! LOOOOONNNNNGGGG blog post coming up, probably tonight. We dished scrapbooking and photos, and he has a proposal for scrapbooking companies. Yes, I’m a tease! You’ll have to come back and read all about it….

ETA: Well, change of plans. I ended up at a last-minute 4-H meeting tonight which took 3 hours. And this is a busy weekend, so I’ll work on the article (it’ll be a long one) and post it Tuesday after Labor Day. Hopefully, you’ll be in the mood to grab a cuppa Joe and snuggle in for a good long read.

PS: My scrap buddy JULIE from the AMR board sent me some scrap goodies for winning her challenge at our last online crop. One of the items was a desktop weekly calendar that has this saying on it (although its a retro chick instead of a retro dude):

I adore this! Truer words were never spoken. I mean, decaffeinated coffee??? What’s the point?

Memory Works: Pink Paislee “Amber Road” in Stock!

If you’ve been waiting for the Amber Road line from PINK PAISLEE to become available, I’ve got great news for you….I can get you summa’ that! I’m a consultant for MEMORY WORKS scrapbooking and we now carry this line. And here ’tis….

Theme Set $5.50
4 sheets of double-sided patterned paper
1 sheet of shaped paper
1 sheet of double-sided postcards
{This is all the papers in the line; you won’t be missing any…}

Order it HERE

Border Line clear stickers $3.00
Apx. 12″ in length

Order them HERE

Brads $4.00
12 count, measure 5/8″

Order them HERE

Patches $3.50
(3) lightweight canvas tags
Each patch measures approximately 3.5″ x 5.5.” Patches can be applied using brads, eyelets, stitching, or any adhesive.

Order them HERE

Press Ons $4.00
1 sheet of rub-ons (4.25″ x 8.25″)

Order the rub-ons HERE

Punch Outs $2.50
(18) die cut shapes/tags

Order them HERE

Impressions clear stamps $5.00
(7) acrylic stamps
Measures 4″x4″

Order them HERE

Cardstock alphabet, Pear $2.00

Order this alpha HERE

I can’t believe the clear stamps are only 5 bucks! And look at all the alphas you get for only $2. That “pear” looks like a very versatile color, too. My faves from this line: The shaped paper, the gorgeous brads, the clear border stickers, and all those die cut shapes. But it’s all so pretty. I like that it’s a non-traditional look at Fall and Thanksgiving scrapbooking…not your typical oranges, yellows, and browns but instead subtle reds, greens, and creams. You could even use much of this line for Christmas…the pieces that aren’t theme-specific. Cool! I LOVE double-duty! And that old-fashioned look is so appealing and different.

This is my favorite part of this line…the paper and embellies featuring this cool apple blossom tree…

So, if you’d like to place an order, click on one of the above links, which take you straight to the item on my own Memory Works WEBSITE. More instructions are HERE.

If you have any questions about placing a Memory Works order with me, please don’t hesitate to ask. We carry lots of other great products ~ not just Pink Paislee :) All the products rolling in from CHA are amazing. So far, we’ve got (click on each name to shop or browse):

BO BUNNY – Delilah, Kitchen Spice, Flutter Butter, Boo Crew, Tis the Season, and St. Nick (I blogged about all of it HERE)

COSMO CRICKET – Earth Love, The Boyfriend, and Jolly by Golly

DREAM STREET – Nature’s Poetry, Sam, and Urban Ink

JENNI BOWLIN – Town Square, Front Porch, Calendar Cards, Bingo Cards, Mini Bingo Cards, Chipboard Buttons, and Memo Books

MY MINDS EYE – Abby Road, Boo to You, Colorful Christmas

PEBBLES, INC. – Lil Buddy, Lil Miss, Skipping Along, So Tweet, Chips glittered chipboard, ribbon sets, Ribbon Iron, and Candy Dots

SCRAP WITHIN REACH – Paper Boy, Carnival Ride, Industrial Park, and Afternoon Tea

THREE BUGS in a RUG – To the Rescue, Spread Your Wings, Simple Pleasures, and Let It Snow.


Coming Soon: New Basic Grey, Doodlebug, Fancy Pants, and Sassafrass! I’ll let you know when it’s in stock :)

How to Order Memory Works from My Site & How to Become a Consultant

If you’d like to place an order, here is my own Memory Works WEBSITE. Click on “New Customer? Start here” and register as a customer, put your item(s) in your shopping cart, and submit your order. I’ll get an e-mail right way that your order is pending, and I’ll contact you regarding your payment preference. If it’s Paypal, I’ll e-mail ya an invoice and as soon as you pay it, your order is submitted for processing. If you prefer to pay by check, once it’s received and cleared on my end, your order is submitted for processing. From there, Memory Works fills your order and mails it within 1 business day (yes, 1!). It’s shipped directly to you lickety split!

If you have questions about becoming a Memory Works Consultant, please click on I’M A MEMORY WORKS CONSULTANT here or above right, and I’ll get you whatever kinda 411 you need. You can do anything from buying things for yourself at discount to selling only to your friends to become a Mega Rock Star Consultant, hosting parties and crops to your hearts content. Me, I’m kinda between options 2 and 3, LOL!. I sell to myself, I sell to friends, and I host a crop once in a while. I earn a little extra money so I can spend on scrappy stuff without feeling guilty for impacting the family budget. And I can’t believe I’m earning money selling something I love so much….scrap stuff! It’s a win-win, baby! So, yeah, give me a shout at the e-mail listed and I’ll tell you anything you need to know.

** If you do end up signing up as a consultant, PLEEEEEZ enter another consultant’s ID number when you do. That consultant receives a $10 to 15 product credit for referring you, allowing them to invest in products for their business. I’m not saying it has to be MY consultant number…although I’d love it if it was…but seriously, enter the number of a friends or whoever helped you decide to do Memory Works. It’s a shame to let such a substantial product credit go to waste, don’t you think?

“The History of Scrapbooking” as told by the layout…

Just wanted to share this amazing layout I saw on 2peas by FlowerFlora from Athens, Greece.

I’m just stunned by this layout. The intricacy, the historical fact, the sheer artistry. Anyone who thinks it’s “just scrapbooking” should look at this piece. Personally, I think it belongs in a museum….

This amazing artist’s 2peas gallery is HERE. You can see close-ups of everything, and read all the journaling. HERE is her blog…it’s all written in Greek, which is fun to look at in itself, not to mention her body of work! Like her “Life is a Tree,” for example…

Did I mention she does STUNNING work????

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