Thickers at Big Lots: For Me, Not So Much…

Well, THIS post has been going for a week at 2PEAS, about all the lucky ladies finding THICKERS letter stickers at Big Lots for only $2 a pack (they are usually $4-5). I finally made it to my new Big Lots (I wrote about when it first came to town HERE) and….remember the Soup Naz! on Seinfeld?….”No Thickers for you!” Nope, my Big Lots had none.

Rats. Double triple rats.

As one who likes to take lemons and make scrapbook lemonade, I found a few other things and did not leave Big Lots empty-handed. Here is what I found:


Some AC foam shapes, an 8.5×11 cardstock pack in pretty, muted colors, All Dressed Up adhesive ribbons by DCWV, and 2 packs of tropical colored mini brads. Also, 2 black/1 purple DCWV alphas. I got a pack of the black alphas on my last trip and have since used them on 2 projects so I got me so mo’….

Here’s what comes in the American Crafts foam shapes:


Not bad for a grand total of $14, eh? That includes a binder (not shown) that I needed for work.


But I’m still bummed about the Thickers….Hey, have you been a lucky Big Lots shopper? Tell us which Thicker packs (or anything else) you got!

Cropper Hopper to Organize Mike’s $1 Stamps

Okay, part 2 of getting organized with the Cropper Hopper goodies I recently bought at Tuesday Morning. Here is what I started with…a bunch of Michael’s $1 acrylic stamps in baggies, kinda sorted by Series, in a 12×12 Iris drawer. NOT a good arrangement. Again, every time I opened the drawer, it got jammed up. As anal as I was about keeping the sets together when I first started “collecting” them, now I don’t care and would rather have them sorted by topic.


And how easy was that? I cut index cards down a bit to act as dividers. Nothing fancy, just wrote ’em in by hand. I cut the tops off of each stamp package to allow for easy use. I had originally planned to take them out of the package altogether but when I tried that, the stamps alone were so little, it seemed like they sunk way far down in the drawer. Man, I was SO ready to throw more packaging away, LOL!


Here’s what it looks like with the drawer closed. Nice. Compact. Dust free. Love it. I’m hoping I’ll use them more now that they are so nicely organized.


That drawer is pretty packed though, so now the question is, “Do I buy more storage drawers…or quit buying Mike’s stamps?”

If you know anything about me, you know the answer to that question…{wink}

Layout Using Bo Bunny “Abbey Road”

Is this gorgeous, or what? This layout is by my online buddy, CHRISTINE HERTEL aka Chrispea.

Chris talks about the layout HERE. She used the new Bo Bunny line called “ABBEY ROAD which is SO on my wish list! I mean it was before, but it REALLY is now….because I will be scraplifting this layout in a major way. I love that color combination of green, blue, and brown, especially how she brought out the shades with the Thickers and Doodlebug letters. Those Bo Bunny swirl stickers are to die for!

Thanks for the inspiration, Chris!

Threading Waters Punch: Another Great Tutorial

Back in the Day, I posted THIS tutorial I found that shows you how to “go around the corner” with the famous Fiskars THREADING WATER punch.

Now, thanks to SCRAPSCENE, I found THIS great tutorial for another way to use your Threading Waters punch. It’s on Crystal aka Scrapper Mom’s BLOG. She has some other great tutorials on there…go check it, ladies!

Here is


where she used the trim made with her TW punch.

The technique Crystal shares in her tutorial is how she made the red strip. I love how it replicates the yellow sun rays, which look to be made from Doodlebug strips. And, hey! I spy some Fancy Pants SUMMER SOIREE in that layout, don’t I? See, I like this girl. Excellent taste, LOL!

Enjoy Crystal’s gorgeous layout and her cool tutorial. Cheers!

Organization of Card Making Supplies

In THIS post, I showed you the new Cropper Hopper storage I got. I decided to use the binder storage to get my cardmaking supplies in one place and out of the Iris drawers I had them in. The problem with the drawers was mainly that the blank envelopes and cards would get jammed when I opened and closed the drawers. Also, nothing stacked in there very nicely and it shifted around, not staying very organized. So here is a photo of what I started with – 2 Iris drawers of cards, envelopes, rub-on books, stamped images, etc.


Actually, I realized when I was all done (or thought I was!), that there was another Iris drawer so it's not pictured here but the finished product has THREE drawers worth of stuff, yay!

Here is how one side ended up, with most of the blank cards and envelopes in the 4 pockets. I like how they have closing tabs so they don't get all yucky or dusty.


Here is how the entire opened binder looked when I was done.


Here is just the right side, with larger cards/envelopes, card sentiment stickers, etc. To make it work for my stuff, I had to cut out some of the dividers. The top section started out with 12 small sections and I cut out 6 of them to create a space large enough for my items. In the bottom section, I cut out the 2 vertical dividers (it originally had 3 sections) to accommodate my larger cards and envies. I just snipped them out with scissors right along the crease, careful to not make holes.


Here's the trash pile when I was done, from taking everything out of it's cellophane packages, ribbon off spools, etc. To me, that is room SAVED, baby!


I hope you enjoyed my card making stash makeover. Have you done something similar?

And stayed tuned...tomorrow will be my Mike's stamps storage revamp!

Scrap Friends Are The Best Friends

Oh NO she di-int!!! I received a package yesterday from my girl Leea aka luvzenkm2. You will not believe what she sent me! OMG. I’m totally floored.

First, some background: I’ve (online) known Leea for, what, a few years now? We met on CKMB and she also posts on AMR Message Board (though not often enough…hint, hint, Leea…). We read each other’s blogs but have never met in real life. Come to think of it, I haven’t met any MB’ers in real life (wutuppp???). She joined the same Journaling Spot Swap that I blogged about HERE. Anyway, so Leea has always been such a total sweetheart to me and I love her kindness and humor. For example, her tag line on her AMR siggie is “Illinios, where our governors make our license plates themselves.” You must check out her BLOG. She has a huge love for animals and nature, and is a talented digi-scrapper (check out her layouts in THIS post, for one!). Here is another favorite of mine:

So, anyway, on THIS post the other day about my love for Fancy Pants “Summer Soiree” and how I got 2 parts of the line but couldn’t afford my favorite thing, the Notebook Journal…

…she left this comment:

4 | Leea
Isn’t someones Birthday coming maybe that person will get it for their birthday ;-)

First of all, out of all the people she knows online, I thought it was so sweet she remembered I have a birthday this month {or took the time to look it up at AMR}. I laughed at the comment, thinking she meant that maybe my DH would see my post and get it for me or something. {Ahem, DH is not ALLOWED to read my blog, just for the record. “He let’s me buy all the scrapbook supplies I can hide,” remember? LOL}

A few days later, I got a PM from Leea at AMR saying that I should watch UPS tracking number such-and-such very closely. A called her a little minx and she would tell me no more. But I had a sneaking suspicion she was sending me a little birthday giftie. I knew it wouldn’t be the FP Notebook Journal because that baby costs $9 plus whatever shipping…WAY too generous! Well, you want to hear GENEROUS???

Here are photos of what I received from Miss Leea….


I was totally floored! Here is a list of all the goodies from the CHERRY ON TOP invoice (btw, they’re having a big sale this weekend but I don’t like to enable people so….). Look at her message at the bottom (sorry, it’s a bit blurry but I think you can read it:


I still can NOT believe all the cute stuff she sent! And all my favorite things like the MM wedding stuff that I wrote about HERE, Thickers that I wrote about HERE, and the journaling spots which she knows I can’t resist! And Bazzill swatches? I’ve always wanted some, yeah!

I think that is the truest, sweetest kind of friend who takes the time to find out what you love and they know will make you happy. Speaking of which, I absolutely will be sending Leea a return gift (I’m overdue in this respect anyway). But what do you send to a digi-girl? I will have to research that or maybe you guys can leave me some suggestions? Hmmm….Well, all I have left to say is….


New at Michaels

Part 2 of my Big City Shopping day, and now we proceed to Michaels. It must’ve been ANNA GRIFFIN day, because just like TUESDAY MORNING, Mike’s had some new Anna stuff. The line is called “Darcey” and the colors are bright and look better in person than they do in my blurry iPhone photo.


I love this scalloped acrylic album! It has 5 pages and 2 binder rings. I didn’t get one because, as you can see from the signage in the first photo, all the “Designer Corner” stuff was on sale for 25% off. I’ll wait for a 50% coupon and get this album for 10 buckeroonies.


These chipboard letters are cute, too. I use a lot of bright colors AND black, so these may be a future purchase (with coupon, of course…).


This is a new line by PRIMA. It’s a departure from their usual pretty-pretty stuff. The skulls and guitars – I don’t know if you can tell from the photo – are made from tiny bling. Very cute! I think this line is very cool but I don’t have anything I would use it on.


Here is the Making Memories “Black Tie” line that I talked about HERE.


And this was my favorite of the new stuff: The “Vacation” line by Me and My Big Ideas (aka MAMBI). I’m a sucker for bright, tropical colors for all those upcoming summer layouts. We have a swimming pool so I end up doing lots of layouts with turquoise being the main color. This line will be a perfect fit.


This was interesting…a new line by K&Co…darnit, I can’t remember the name of the designer, maybe someone can help me out or I’ll try to find it online. Anyway, the focus seems to be “green” with those tote bags and recycled packaging, similar to the K&CO/Amy Butler “Lotus” line they recently carried. Not my style, but cute.

ETA 5/21/09: Thanks to a comment left by ALESK…’s Carolyn Gavin. Thank you! Love my girls who comment! *U Rawk*


Closer look at MAMBI travel and summer stuff…


Cute new EK SUCCESS punches! Flowers and fruit…so summery.


Here are some photos from after I got home. On top are the MAMBI journal spots and “Vacation” title I got…yum! (Both for 25% off). The Making Memories “Well Worn Tags” were sold as a pack at Tuesday Morning. Normally, they would’ve cost about $12 ($4 each), but I got all three for $4. That’s, like, 66% off, am I right? What a steal…


This is the coupon (20% off entire purchase from 9 to 1 on Memorial Day), and June coupon book they put in my bag at checkout. Kewl.


Just an example – the discounts from the first page. Good stuff, yeah?


My favorite purchase of the day, a scallop square Giga Punch. I used my 50% off coupon and got it for around $9. Schwing!


So that’s the haps at Michaels these days, and my fun purchases. At Mike’s, what have you gotten lately or what are you planning to buy?

Cropper Hopper Organization at Tuesday Morning

Made my monthly trip to The Big City and here is what I found at Tuesday Morning…

There were a lot of ANNA GRIFFIN packs – huge ones with 12×12 paper and tons of embellies to mini album kits.


Here were some fun EK SUCCESS punches that were very tempting (but I resisted…can you?). These ones are a pacifier, arrow, and speech bubble. There were a few other shapes, too.


For me, this is where I hit the motherlode….CROPPER HOPPER STORAGE !!! I had always wanting these when they first came out because I love vertical bookshelf storage for my scrappy stuff. I own stock in CH VERTICAL PAPER HOLDERS, ya know. But these items were out of my budget (because I am super cheap, yeah).


But I picked up the 2-drawer/4-pocket binder ($8.99) which I plan to use to organize my card-making supplies. I don’t have a ton but right now they’re in some Iris drawers and not very well organized. The 3×3 embellishment drawer ($2.99) will be the perfect way to organize my Mike’s stamps finally! I’m really excited about that one. They’ve also been stacked in an Iris drawer…til now, LOL!

Here you can see the retail prices, and what a great deal Tuesday Morning has on them…


Here is what the inside of the pocket binder looks like.


When I get some schtuff inside my new storage, I’ll post pics and see what you think. Have you found any good deals at TM lately?

PS: Stay tuned for the next episode of Shopaholic Obsession….er, I mean….Scrapbook Obsession….when I’ll show you what’s new at Mike’s and what I picked up there….

Getting Back Into the Memory Works Game

I’m going to write a longer post about this later but it’s midnight and I can’t sleep so thought I’d just write up the short version. I’ve been mulling it over for the last week or so (listen to me, like it’s some huge-amic decision that will affect the free world!)…and I’ve decided to kind of reactivate myself as a Memory Works Consultant. I’ve been with the company for about 2 years, I think, and was having a lot of MW fun until last fall when I had to take a chill with it. But I’ve decided to make a comeback, LOL!

I cashed in an old $15 product credit and bought 5 copies of the new Memory Works Catalog, which came today. I’ve been looking through it tonight and making a mental list of all the scrap I dream of buying. With the same order, I got a couple things from ‘Summer Soiree’ by Fancy Pants that I desired way back HERE. I got the “Exclusive Kit” THEME SET

…and the RUB-ONS.

I so very much wanted the NOTEBOOK JOURNAL

…but couldn’t afford it at this particular juncture. Oh God, I am such a freak for cute little journaling notebooks like that. I want, I want, I want! (Don’t I sound like that annoying girl in Willie Wonka?)

I just mass e-mailed all my old customers and crop friends to let them know I’m back in action, and to offer a free catalog to the first 5 who get back to me. I already heard back from my friend “D”, who I’m sure is up Facebooking. I know the economy royally sucks right now, so I’m not expecting to do the amount of business that I used to. But I’m brainstorming ideas and hoping to have at least a little success.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s on my mind late on a Friday night…Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

New Thickers by American Crafts

Are you a Thickers addict like I am? Yes, you say?!!? Then you will be happy to know that there are some new releases coming, that might look a little………THIS!


According to my source SLAPSCRAPPY at 2peas, they are fonts you may already know and love but the colors are new and they are GLITTER. Now here’s the only kinda bad part….and you need to put on your Big Girl Panties for this one, okay? Um, they don’t ship until June 1. Which is almost 2 whole weeks awaaaaayyyyy (said in my best Jan Brady whiney voice). But we are scrappers, we are strong, we CAN and we WILL be patient, will we not? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If seeing THESE new glitter Thickers has made you fall in love with all glitter Thickers in the universe, go look HERE for the ones that are already out, along with some layout ideas.

And HERE is a link to all things Thicker….Thickerish….Thickery….crap, you know what I mean!

Any thoughts on these new releases? Any must haves?

Cathy Zielske from Simple Scrapbooks Will Be at AMR!

Yep, as the “advertising director” (LOL) at ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED, I am proud to say that I arranged for famous scrapper, author, and blogger CATHY ZIELSKE to come visit us at AMR. She is going to be the guest at our weekly SCRAP CHAT HOUR, which is a designated hour when we all meet up online. Each week is a different topic – today it’s journaling – and you can ask questions, post challenges, or just talk NSBR. An AMR member named ABBY puts her {heart} and soul into SCH, and truly makes it a fun time. If you’re already an AMR member, I expect to see you there (what am I going to do if you’re not? um, send the Scrap Police to pound on your door, of course!). If you’re not a member of AMR but would like to join the chat, just sign up HERE and tell the owner, STACEY, that I referred you. She personally approves new members to keep the spammers out. Hope to see you there! I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of questions for Cathy Z…

Making Memories “Black Tie” at Michaels

Thank you to BENITA, such a sweet Pea, who posted the above photo on THIS thread. She pointed out that the black and white flowers are Primas, not Making Memories; however, they were a perfect match so there ya’ go!

On the thread, it was discussed that this looks like the Making Memories line called “Wedding” (which is sold at 2PEAS ONLINE STORE, and HERE is a look at it on the Making Memories site), but it IS a different line, perhaps a Michaels exclusive? HERE is a link to with some Black Tie items, so methinks that’s what is going on in the hizzy.

I love black and white scrapbook lines. They are not only for weddings, anniversaries, proms, etc. but so versatile to use on on other types of layouts. I like to do heritage layouts in these colors. I didn’t really care for Mike’s last black and white line called “Sabrina”.


The pink is what threw me off. I mean, it was cute and all, I just couldn’t use it really (no offense meant to Christy’s adorable layout; I love it!). If you like Sabrina, it’s on Michael’s clearance rack now, btw. Peace out.

A Scrappy Mother’s Day? Um, No…

Well, seeing as how it was Mother’s Day today – and I am a mother – silly me, I assumed that I’d be able to do something I wanted to do and get my scrap on at some point. I mean, wouldn’t you think?

Here is what happened instead:

– DH had to work. Shizzle. Bad sign.
– I told the kids the night before that they could serve me cereal in bed; I ended up making them French toast. I opened cool gifts from them and got in a really good Mommy Love session of hugs and kisses. I saved the gift from DH to open later when he’s home.
– After breakfast, I went back to lounge in bed and fell asleep reading the new Creating Keepsakes I bought lastnight at Target.

– Upon waking, I was informed that “we” were going to play Clue.
– After an exhausting game in which Colonel Mustard was found to be the culprit, the players were famished so I played short order cook and made multiple lunches, then washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.
– Wouldn’t you know? After lunch, it was so hot, I was recruited to watch the kids swim. The water was too cold for me (kids are freaks, aren’t they?), so I hosed off all the patio furniture for the beginning of swimming season and got everything arranged and Windexed to within an inch of it’s life. I also babysat the puppy the entire time, who was quite disturbed that “his people” were jumping in this huge blue tub of water. He wasn’t clear on the whole concept and alternated between yelping, barking, licking wet people, and attacking defenseless towels.
– After sending everyone off to the showers, throwing beach towels in the dryer, feeding and watering the pup, and hanging up swimsuits to dry, I finally got in some Mother’s Day Relaxation….by doing 5 loads of laundry and cleaning the house.
– I then made tacos, cleaned the kitchen once again, and made sandwiches for school tomorrow. Washed out and refilled sports bottles, called my mom, and put a slipcover on hubby’s recliner to surprise him when he gets home.
– Before I knew it, it was reading and tuck in time. I watched Desperate Housewives and a recorded episode of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, e-mailed CATHY ZIELSKE (I know!), caught up on my message board reading and posting, wrote an entry for my transcription blog, tweeted a bit on TWITTER, and wrote out this blog entry.

Oh yeah, I was gonna’ scrap today, wasn’t I? Gah!

Hope you had better luck than me, and enjoyed some scrappy time this weekend. Tell me about your Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mom or not…

Memory Makers Magazine to Cease Publication

We’re getting quite used to this, aren’t we, scrappers? But it doesn’t make taking the news any easier. According to SCRAPBOOK UPDATE, a very reliable source in my experience:
Memory Makers Magazine To Shut Down

Scrapbook Update has received from a reliable source a copy of a statement by F+W Media president Sara Domville announcing that Memory Makers Magazine will cease publication after the magazine’s Sept/Oct 2009 issue. Domville indicates the economy and other factors are to blame:

The passion and dedication of the Memory Makers staff and contributors needs to be noted and commended, but in light of severe advertising cut backs, economic conditions, and lack of new consumers coming to the hobby, we cannot continue to publish the magazine on- or offline profitably. Unfortunately, this closure means the departure of several of our colleagues.

Please allow me to publicly thank Executive Editor Beth Williams, Managing Editor Katie Hilbert, and Advertising Representative Karen Crisp for their vision, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts on behalf of the magazine and the Company. Each has agreed to stay on through the transition expected to be complete by end of June. Please join me in wishing them well in their future endeavors.

The statement also notes that the magazine’s closure will not affect the operations of the company’s book publishing or Great American Scrapbook Convention operations.

The reference to the company considering an online version of the magazine is not a surprise to anyone who saw the survey that the magazine did earlier this spring (which was noted on Scrapbook Update) in which it questioned customers extensively about their willingness to pay for a digital version of the magazine.

The closure of Memory Makers unfortunately a shock to those who’ve been watching closely the state of the scrapbook magazines. As I wrote on Scrapbook Update a month ago in the same article that discussed Memory Makers’ digital survey:

Memory Makers is arguably in the weakest position of the “mass market” scrapbooking magazines at the moment. Their advertising content percentage has been the smallest of any of the surviving scrapbook magazines (Creating Keepsakes, PaperCrafts and Scrapbooks Etc.) in the past several issues. The 2008 USPS circulation statements showed them having the smallest circulation of the 4 mass-market magazines. They need some help, like many magazines across all areas of publishing.

Memory Makers’ last few issues have only contained between 15-19% paid ad content. The last (May/June) issue was boosted back to a healthy 40% by the inclusion of a large section advertising the company’s own book club, but obviously that is only a temporary measure and not a viable continuing operational model.

To compare, most of the scrapbook magazines in their healthier years contained about 40% paid ad content. Simple Scrapbooks and Digital Scrapbooking were shut down when their ad content had sunk to neighborhood of 20%. So at 15%, Memory Makers has arguably been on life support for awhile.

Scrapbook Update will continue to do research on this story and report more information when it becomes available.

HERE is a thread from the MEMORY MAKERS message board discussing the news. I’m so sad for these ladies who will miss their favorite magazine along with the friends they have made on the message board hosted by the magazine (which one assumes will also eventually cease). That’s all I could find as of now, late on the evening the above article was published. There is no reference on the Memory Makes site or blogs to the ending of publication.

MM is one of several scrapbooking magazines I have read as long as I’ve been scrapping. Obviously, I will very much miss them. I think THE STAPLE was the sign that they had jumped the shark, and the end was near. Just sad, sad news…We will miss you, MM!

To cheer you up a bit, here is what the next issue looks like….on newsstands May 26, 2009.

NSD Crop Challenge @ AMR

Last weekend, the AMR MESSAGE BOARD had a member-hosted online crop. This was the only challenge I had time to participate in, by JULIE aka scrappin{jewlz}. Here is what the challenge was, as posted by Julie:

I have been doing some photography challenges, and have been inspired to look for new and interesting things to photograph. So I thought I would do a photo challenge. For this challenge you need to take (yes, NEW pictures) a photo of something that matches the description. You may post only one photo per section. Players will receive 1 point for each photo. The most creative photo for each description will receive a bonus point. The player with the most points will win a prize. In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly. To clarify, photos need to be taken since the challenge was posted. You will have until Wednesday at midnight PST to post your photos.

And here was my entry….

1. Something that makes you laugh

My dork dog Landry always makes me LAUGH. He is so happy and crazy with energy.


2. Something pink

My favorite hoodie, a PINK one that says “Blessed not Lucky.” My mom got it for me because she said she knows that’s how I feel about my life…and she’s right!

3. Something soft

My favorite blanket that I read my book with at night on the couch. It is the SOFTEST thing I have ever felt.


4. Favorite activity other than papercrafting (ie no stamping, scrapping, cardmaking, atcs, altered stuff)

I guess you can tell by the fact my bookshelf is so heavy that it’s bowed, that other than scrapbooking, my favorite activity is reading…


5. Your desk RIGHT NOW.

The usual state of my DESK – multiple projects going at once – 80th birthday mini album, Basic Grey 2009 calendar, and getting ready to do yearbook layout for the Father/Daughter dance


6. Favorite music

My favorite MUSIC right now is anything that finds for me…I’m discovering so many new artists and the old ones I’ve always loved.


7. Something outside

The view from my backyard – I love sitting OUTSIDE, looking and daydreaming…


That was a fun challenge to do and it made me take photos of things I normally wouldn’t have. Some may seem like boring or unremarkable things, but they ARE part of my everyday life at this point and that is worth capturing, don’t you think?

Another OMG! Moment on my Blog…TROY DUNN!

In case you didn’t see it in the comments on my last post, Troy “The Locator” Dunn HIMSELF left a comment:

Hey AmericanMom! I was just told by a staffer to check out your blog- you made me laugh today, thanks for the kind words. You really must raise your standards for ‘hottie’ above me! LOL
I’m thrilled we could shed a little light on the scrapbook universe as I am a fan of it too! My wife scrapbooks for all of our 7 children, but doesn’t have as much time as she would like, so she sometimes engages the talents of other scrapbook divas to help.
Actually, there is a LOT of scrapbooking that goes on behind the scenes of The Locator show, more than I would have ever imagined! It seems that most people we reunite give scrapbooks as gifts to the reunitee or vice-versa. Maybe one of these days, some big scrapbook company will hire me as a spokesperson and then we will show it more in the show! :-)
Keep up your fun blog and may I say a huge hello to all of your fellow scrapbook divas out there!!!
Thanks for the kind words and please keep watching! (It’s hard to get and keep family-friendly tv shows on the air, so let your voices be heard!)
God bless you all,
Troy Dunn
“The Locator”

Is that totally cool or what? I’m going to write him back to thank him for taking the time to write. PSA: Watch THE LOCATOR!! He’s right, it’s so hard to keep family-friendly shows on the air. This is one that I watch with my kids. The message is always uplifting and it shows the power and importance of family which, as scrapbookers, I know many of us are very supportive of. It’s on WeTV…..just plug it into your Tivo/DVR and watch it, pretty please. Season Two just started and they replay all the Season One episodes. You will love the show, I promise :)

PS: Yes, Troy, you are a hottie. Family men / good husbands / involved dads are hot!

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